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January 1, 2018 at 12:00 am · Filed under Community Codes
By Boper911

Community Codes Page

last updated: 9/12/18

Expire: September 30, 2018
Random Wacky Bat Candy: w24f-LccL-hr74-vqq2 (from email)
Shark Fin Floaty: w24n-8qvn-23L9-cmeu (Podkinz 102)
Campkinz Backpack: w24f-4747-ah9d-v9sn
Campkinz Picnic Blanket: w247-mndb-jz58-vc86
Marine Biologist Tool Case: w24v-rzf6-7ddk-4kc8 (not sendable)
Rocky Rest Stop: w24e-jL47-73dw-rpta
Sunken Ocean Liner Flooring: w244–yzaq-7qby-pmac (not sendable)
WackyER Zingoz Hat: w24y-wc29-u36n-mpna (from email)

Expire October 31, 2018
Solar System Poster Code: w24g-tklh-2yqn-46au
Charming Cherry Sapling Code: w24m-um5c-6cy8-wfnn (not sendable)
Decorative Wheat Sheaf: w24z-ewkJ-s8z5-wdyw
Buffalo Cave Painting: w248-6tt6-6tcj-nny8
Deep Sea Porthole: w24k-edc9-knr4-ycns (from Podkinz 104)
2017 Fall Soda Prize: w24z-h5el-h6pb-em74 (from email)
Backyard Dig Site: w242-rjkm-szmw-a69y
Stone Age Outfit w24L-9ubc-yd82-pu58
9/1 email code w24z-h5el-h6pb-em74

Expire November 30, 2018
9/12 email code w24h-5sna-mvjz-bbf2
Big City Bus Stop w24r-efv6-hy6t-w2h6
2017 Fall Fest Soda w247-xvnz-mgfy-qnq4

No expiration date:
Coloring Book Poster: W24Y-AMRJ-YX6D-D27S (not kinzpostable)
Dr. Quack’s Miracle Tonic: W24A-M5D9-VB3W-RDSL (not kinzpostable)
Dr. Quack’s Miracle Tonic: W24S-5H7K-VNHU-S2ZU (not kinzpostable)
Podkinz Host Chair: W24Q-PAF8-VGDC-6FZ8 (not kinzpostable)
Podkinz Recording Booth: W24Y-D7F5-XCCA-HXTG (not kinzpostable)

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Count Down to Christmas 2017 Calendar, Ms. Birdy’s Gifts and Santa

December 13, 2017 at 10:00 am · Filed under Chit Chat, Community Codes
By tmt5 (wwid tmt5)

Click on the list to see it bigger or use Zingy’s link for printing. Great big thank you to LL for the gnome names. Useful for tracking them down in the dock.

Countdown to Christmas Calendar offers 12 adorable Wacky Christmas Gnomes. The Countdown Calendar offers a free code every day for 12 days!  Every day between December 14 and 25, enter the code in the Code Shop to get a different Wacky Christmas Gnome. But the code is valid for ONE DAY ONLY – until midnight EST – so don’t forget to log in every day to collect your gift. And the prizes are limited to 1 code per account.


Each code is valid for one day only and expires at midnight EST so be sure to claim it before then.

Please note: If you try to use a Code on a date it is not valid or use it more than once you may get locked out of the Code Shop for 24 hours.

Also December 14 to the 25th Countdown to Christmas. Visit Ms. Birdy in the Santakinz Club House Room. And don’t forget to ask Santa for your Christmas gift if you haven’t already while you are there.

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