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last updated: 1/11/18  12:41 am EST

Expire: January 30/31, 2018:
Reindeer Calf Cake Pop: W247-GV26-6F3C-QWC6
Reindeer Rocking Horse: W24D BN7C KNKM CXHJ
Christmas Gazebo: W24B TTT3 NUWL V5CJ
Golden Sparkle Egg Costume: W24V-VE56-VWJ5-Y3KN
Golden Sparkle Hat: W244-F3LU-KT2P-N3AL
Golden Sparkle Egg Feet : W24D C37B JT3B P2RE

Expire: February 28/March 1, 2018
2018 Winterfest Cookie Prize: W24J-9PHJ-K2VG-Z9QG
2017 Winterfest Cookie Prize: W24Q-9DL4-FHE4-YEML
2018 Winterfest Cookie Prize: W24S-P475-TS82-67DQ

Expire: March 31, 2018
S’More Sweater and Scarf: W247-LG27-M84P-9YN4

No expiration date:
Coloring Book Poster: W24Y-AMRJ-YX6D-D27S (not kinzpostable)
Dr. Quack’s Miracle Tonic: W24A-M5D9-VB3W-RDSL (not kinzpostable)
Dr. Quack’s Miracle Tonic: W24S-5H7K-VNHU-S2ZU (not kinzpostable)
Podkinz Host Chair: W24Q-PAF8-VGDC-6FZ8 (not kinzpostable)
Podkinz Recording Booth: W24Y-D7F5-XCCA-HXTG (not kinzpostable)


Expire December 31, 2017:
Pumpkin Surprise Truffles W24M E9CZ LASW PRZN
Friends Watching a Sunset Poster: W24B M5AQ VMES BF8Q
Zed Zippy Zum Shoes: W247 SEYV 93H3 CLWS
Zed Zippy Zum Costume: W244 EZ6U 4ASD TNVS
Zed Zippy Zum Hat: W249-LT74-6XGR-DJ8Q
Random Fall Dispenser Food: W24L-KUZP-WZM4-53VE
Golden Sparkle Turtle Dove Portrait: W249-LJSW-52V3-J9RW

Expire November 30:
Prickly Berry Candy: W24Z-S94Y-YEWT-PXMY
Haunted Castle Walls with Arches: W24J-PVG9-KWWC-WT4W (not kinzpostable)
Freaky Forest Item: W246 W8NH UD7P G4HY
Viking Princess Boots : W242 RKJK FM8G FX8U
Viking Princess Costume: W24Z 98GY N3BK YCNS
Viking Princess Helmet: W247 4NMZ AXF8 K42S

Dark Queen Heels: W24N-8B93-5WVV-DSS8
Dark Queen Crown: W24H-MF4R-LA3N-M4ZA
Dark Queen Costume: W24R-TAQL-X24L-F9MY

Expires October 31
Academy Laptop: W24V-89RE-GBG9-LPES
Kinzville Academy Plaque: W24L-JZCX-3GCS-XCQL
Textbook Tower: W24J-46EE-MNJQ-AM82
KVA Cheerleader Tank Top: W24T-8QTS-S9XY-GG5S
KVA Cheerleader Skirt: W242-GBKM-A7QR-FDKY
2017 Fall Fest Soda Prize: W24K-J2A2-HRHZ-CHPC
Apple Farmer’s Overalls: W242-4X7N-V2PG-9B9G
Apple Farmer’s Shoes: W24W-E3A4-GFZ2-MRK2
Apple Farmer’s Dress: W24N-AGC6-GESD-REAJ
Twinkling Fall Centerpiece: W24B-HWLY-ADR7-T636
Glowing Fall Lantern: W24E-SWF6-SJAT-DN5Y
Fire Log Basket: W24Q-N7LX-B8QU-3RRG
Basket of Leaves: W24W CDYG WFA6 837U
Country Quilt Chair: W24U TGP8 EJ8V MNFU
2016 Fall Fest Soda Prize W24D-FETZ-6MVW-TSSU
Countryside Creek Tile: W249-7DJG-V8J7-Z58N
Countryside Curved Creek Tile: W242-6975-UVPR-N396
2nd KVA Cheerleader Top: W24H-WF5T-LJ7Q-2E6J
2nd KVA Cheerleader Skirt: W24V-7W8D-Z3ME-MAPS
KVA Cheerleader Shoes and Pom Poms: W24B-LHRY-PBUC-SQPU

Expires September 30
Wacky Lemon Fizz: W24W-3F9W-QSVR-53AJ
Zangoz Orange Fizz: W246-JT9E-3QCK-KX94
WackyER Zingoz Baseball Cap: W24Q-4XXZ-A3EH-AAUN
WackyER Zingoz Baseball Shirt: W24U-GT5D-DC7G-5U8C
WackyER Zingoz Shoes: W24X-RXH3-RD5W-FZJ6
Camp Counselor Hat: W24J Z8EA WFLE C3SY
CampKinz Counselor Outfit: W24U-LCLA-WTPF-GD8A
CampKinz Counselor Shoes: W24B-GWAV-GT2L-L5TE
White Polarberry Pants: W24BG9EXQ3L7TPLY
Pickleberry Gift Basket: W24P-FNWL-WCE4-CTAG (not kinzpostable)
Sugarberry Gift Basket: W24K-JVK7-PCWC-7EWW (not kinzpostable)
Jumbleberry Gift Basket: W24J-48HJ-WHUP-DWHY (not kinzpostable)
Moonberry Gift Basket: W24W-GZNN-7LR2-G3AJ (not kinzpostable)

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  1. 1 shorty said,

    January 1, 2018 @ 11:39 am

    Thanks Boper for the updated community code list. Good luck everyone on getting the new Winterfest floaty prizes. I hope that everyone is enjoying New Year’s Day.

    Today the 12 month deluxe membership is 50% off with the promo code.

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