Gymbo’s Back to School Contest

August 25, 2009 at 6:00 am · Filed under Chit Chat, Contests
By Gymboutiques

First of all I want to thank everyone who has participated either sponsoring/donating for contest or commenting to make the contests happen :) thank you all.

Now, here are some of the prizes for this contest:

Yes we are giving away Pet Codes!!! There’s a catch………Pay attention for the RULES: we will pick winners randomly. One person will win the actual Pet Code but will have to give up the PSI, the exclusive and the bonus prize. Someone else will receive the PSI as a prize.  Third person will get the exclusive. Fourth person will get whatever was in the bonus box (1000kc coin or rare/exclusive). THE GOAL IS TO SPREAD THE LOVE/KINDNESS!

* Comments must be at least FOUR words
* you must have your wwid by your name
* Must add Gymbokinz

CONTEST ENDS at 11:59pm / AND MUST REACH (to award all the prizes) 1200 comments!! 
1200 comments/4pet codes /4PSIs/4exclusives /4bonuses =  16winners ;) ummm odds are good here….winner just about every 75 comments….

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Winners of Emerald’s Contest!

August 25, 2009 at 5:59 am · Filed under Chit Chat
By Emeraldtyler

Good Job Everyone. Here are the winners. If you didn’t add Emeraldtyler, you do not get your prize. Since I asked to be added I should’ve been! Thanks for your cooperation.
Comment 17-Goo Goo Berry-KraftyMomOf2-SNET
Comment 74-3 Charm Candies-donderextra-SENT
Comment 97-Charm Fairy Shoes-crazywebkinzchic-DID NOT ADD EMERALDTYLER IN TIME, SORRY!
Comment 112-2 Charm Fairy T Shirts-Catlover-SENT
Comment 222-Apple Chair-KraftyMomOf2-SENT
Comment 349-Elephant Fountain-jd-SENT
Comment 387-Back Country Outhouse-KraftyMomOf2-SENT
Comment 409-Regal Banquet Table-littleleaf32-SENT
Comment 477-Conch Coffee Table, Glowing Depths Floor Lamp, Hydra Definition Television-Alisha-SENT
Comment 507-2 Coral Clambake Chairs, Coral Clambake Dining Table-KraftyMomOf2-SENDING TOMORROW
Comment 598-Depths of Demeter Dresser, Neptune’s Nap Bed-myprints-SENT
Comment 612-Royal Undersea Wallpaper, Poseidon’s Pedestal, Seafoam Sofa-momskinz-SENT
Comment 667-Shell Fin Side Table, Triton’s Throne, Toyster Treausure Box-crazywebkinzchic-DIDN’T ADD EMERALDTYLER IN TIME, SORRY
Comment 700-Kinzville Cuckoo Clock, Jellyfish Jewel Lamp-crazywebkinzchic-DID NOT ADD EMERALDTYLER IN TIME, SORRY!
I have decided not to put pressure on Gymbo…….Congrats to the winners and everyone have a fantastic day. I am sending today at 4 pm EST! Be ready!
~ET, Emerald, Emeraldtyler

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October Webkinz – Mud Hippo, Giraffe, Pink Cockatoo, Citrus Dragon, & Signature Timber Wolf

August 24, 2009 at 9:56 am · Filed under Chit Chat, What's NEW
By momskinz (WWID: momsownkinz)

From Webkinz Newz:
Stay tuned – there are four fabulous Webkinz pets and one super Signature pet being released this October.  We’ve got an exciting line-up for this October – you won’t be disappointed! There are three jungle pets, one fantastical, and one king of the forest.
Introducing… the Webkinz Mud Hippo!

The Webkinz Giraffe is finally on its way! This pet is one of the most requested by Webkinz World members, and we’re happy to oblige! You’ll fall in love with these soulful eyes — who can resist those long eyelashes? The Webkinz Giraffe will be available this October.

The second of our “jungle” themed pets, the Pink Cockatoo will be flying into stores this October.

This sunny, mythical creature will definitely brighten your day! The Citrus Dragon is cheerful and fun, and would love to be a part of your family! The Citrus Dragon will be available this October.


You’ll be over the moon when you adopt the Signature Timber Wolf! This king of the woodlands is soft, detailed and super cuddly! Look for the Signature Timber Wolf this October.

Wondering what these pets come with? Check Webkinz Newz during the second and third week of September to find out!

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Contest, Contest, and Oh Look, Another CONTEST! :)

August 23, 2009 at 6:04 pm · Filed under Chit Chat, Contests
By Emeraldtyler

Hey Everyone….I thought I might join this little contest fiesta…!!!
So I am havin a comment contest….

1. No Bad Words
2. Be Nice
3. Have Fun!
4. Add Emeraldtyler before the contest ends!!!

Ok, here are the prizes:
Goo Goo Berries
Magic Mire Charm Candies
Charm Fairy Shoes
Charm Fairy T Shirts
Elephant Fountain
Back Country Outhouse
Regal Banquet Dining Table (RARE)
Conch Coffee Table, Glowing Depths Floor lamp, Hydra Definition Television
2 Coral Clambake Dining Chairs, Coral Clambake Dining Table
Depths of DemeterDresser, Neptune’s Nap Bed
Royal Undersea Wallpaper, Poseidon’s pedestal, Seafoam Sofa
Shell Fin Side Table, Triton’s Throne, Toyster Treasure Box
Kinzville Cuckoo Clock (POTM), Jellyfish Jewel Lamp
PET CODE FROM GYMBO (if she wants to anyway)

Everyone enjoy and the contest ends at 750 comments, so get your spot in the comments quick…
~Emerald, ET, Emeraldtyler :)

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~!Contest!~ Winners

August 23, 2009 at 10:26 am · Filed under Chit Chat, Contests
By Aanp

The Winners~

Flip Flops~ TobyBunny (sent)
Bee Suit~ KinzGramAtHeart
Kids Cupboard~ Kraftymom
Rice Paper Divider~ littleleaf
Medieval Window~ Kraftymom
Yang Yin Blossom~ Crazywebkinzchic
Wcares Painting~ Kraftymom
Wcares Clock~ CrazyWebkinzChic
Legionnaire Shield~ alg
Cocker Spaniel Figurine~ alg
Seal Figurine~ alg
Heart’s  Desire Roses~ littleleaf
Best Of Beach Podium~ chococat
W Pond~ chococat
1,000 Kinzcash coin~ alg  (sending to myprints to send to you) 

Pet Code~ KinzGramAtHeart (please email Gymbo: )

Ok I’ll try to send them all today not sure if I can though.
email me at if I didn’t send you a prize you won.

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Back to School Contest Winners!

August 22, 2009 at 8:36 pm · Filed under Contests
By momskinz (WWID: momsownkinz)

From Mrs. Donderextra!

Winners were chosen randomly, but if someone had already won a prize I gave it to the next person on the list.  Each winner received their specific prize, new crayons to start school with, and an apple for the teacher!  LOL!   The grand prize winner was the person who got post number 1,300.  This was pre-chosen before the contest.

Comment        Name                  Prize

13                JrsDad                 Academy Cookies
114              Stacy                  Prepperoni Pizza
213              Chococat             Loose Leaf Sandwich       (Need to add donderextra)
329              Catlover               A+ Soda
413              Tobybunny           Academy P.E. Uniform Shirt    (tried to add you again.  see if you can confirm.  if not, I will send to Momskinz to send to you.
512              Momskinz             Charm Fairy Top
613              Krafty                  Magical Forest Top
711              Jd                       Bad Fairy T-Shirt
813             Gymbo                  Charm Fairy Leggings
924             Naki                     Charm Fairy Skirt
1013           Famous Fashion Queen       Charmed Boots
1019           Little Leaf              Good Fairy T-Shirt
1107           Kinzgram@heart      Booger’s Times Table, Academy Plaque, Bunny Hoody Bottoms
1145           Crazy Webkinz Chic     Student Desk, student chair, Charm Forest Pants
1185           Flowiing                 Teacher’s Desk, teacher’s chair, charm fairy skirt      (Need to add- I thought I had you there, but can’t find you!)
1300           JrsDad                  Academy Banner, Rocking Out Pants, and Robot Clock Exclusive….So you won’t be late for school!  LOL!

Congratulations to all of the winners!  Thanks again ‘donder’ for the contest!

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