IE9 WW Issues – Technical Info

Special THANKS to MysticZon for sharing this with us!

From MysticZon:

Hello everyone. I am MysticZon, author of the post that appears on the front page of your site. Momskinz invited me over to help shed some light on the IE9 fiasco but, to that extent, I see she has already published my post from WI in its entirety (with my blessing), so there’s not much more to add.

However, I noticed that the links to my screenshots did not make it over in the copy/paste. In that regard, please allow me to reprint the “HOW TO REVERT TO INTERNET EXPLORER 8 WITHOUT UNINSTALLING INTERNET EXPLORER 9” part, hopefully complete with screenshots.

1. From the main page/home page log in screen at, click the LOG IN button.

2. Press F12. This will toggle a feature in IE9 known as Developer Tools. The following window pane will pop up on the bottom of your screen.

IE9's Developer Tools Window pane

IE9's Developer Tools Window pane

Note the red arrow and box I have outlined in red.

3. Click the button that says Browser Mode: IE9.
This little drop down menu will appear ~

Internet Explorer's various browser modes

Internet Explorer's various browser modes

4. Now select Internet Explorer 8.

5. Click the “X” in the upper right-hand corner to close the Developer Tools window pane. Pressing F12 again will also make the Developer Tools window pane close.

How to close IE's Developer Toolbar Window Pane

How to close IE's Developer Toolbar Window Pane

6. Now log in as you normally would.

IT IS SUPER IMPORTANT TO NOTE ~ That although you do not have to repeat steps 3-4 every time you want to log into another account, you will need to press F12 just before you log in to another account. I don’t know why this is the way it is, it’s just an extra step I found that is necessary or else the WW screen will revert back to IE9 and you’ll crash when you try to log in to another account. Note that this does not affect other IE browser tabs or windows you may have open. You can still surf or continue working in IE9, even if you open a completely new browser tab or window

Thank you for allowing me the privilege to post on your site and I sincerely hope those of you who used IE9 will try this “F12 work around.” I hope it will help you and your children enjoy WW once again, just as you did before Wednesday morning’s maintenance.

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