Webkinz Friends – Energy Tips

WF Energy “Management”

When you look at your messages in WF, scroll to the last page & accept the requests for specific items, leaving the “gifts” unmarked …

Click on the Inventory in your Webkinz Friends

This will show your Energy inventory (towards the right)

If the top section is not “full” with 25/25, then you can click on the Message Center shown here. In the example shown I have 17/25 in the energy inventory. I can then go to the message center and Accept a gift from 8 people to fill my energy inventory.
When you “use” the energy credits in your inventory, it transfers them to your in-game inventory shown above as 20/35 in the pictured example, so each time I “Use” an energy from inventory, it would add one to the in-game inventory. In the example shown above, if I use one energy in inventory it would make the in-game energy 21/35.

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