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Kiwi Bird Medallions

April 1, 2019 at 9:30 am · Filed under Webkinz PSI/PSF, What's NEW
By momskinz (WWID: momsownkinz)

Log in every day from April 1 – 30 to look for floating Kiwi Bird Pet Medallions.

You can collect up to 4 each day — 5, if you’re Deluxe! Be sure to also log in on Webkinz Day (April 29) to get your Webkinz Day gift — it will include 25 Kiwi Bird Pet Medallions! Collect and redeem 100 Kiwi Bird Pet Medallions to adopt your very own fan-designed Kiwi Bird virtual pet! The Kiwi Bird comes with the Great Eggscape Hot Air Balloon PSI and Earth Oven Crayfish PSF.

Remember: adopting a Medallion pet does not extend your membership.

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Updates from TheSpoilerLurker

March 13, 2019 at 12:27 pm · Filed under Webkinz PSI/PSF, What's NEW
By momskinz (WWID: momsownkinz)

Morning Gymbonians, and HAPPY UPDATE WEDNESDAY!

Let’s start with PETS! Top row: Quokka Gift Box, Sand Dune Slide, Savory Greens Stir-Fry.
Bottom row: Sweet Spring Lamb Gift Box, Pastel Paradise Wardrobe, Spring Sprouts. The Sweet Spring Lamb ties into the next ?? Box theme, and more on that in a moment.

More pets! Top row: Gray Dire Wolf Gift Box, Dire Wolf Den, Epic Bone Broth.
Bottom row: Kiwi Bird Gift Box, Great Eggscape Hot Air Balloon, Earth Oven Crayfish. There is a whole promotion tied to the Kiwi Bird, and more on that in a moment.

And yet MORE pets! No names on these yet, so I have to make wild guesses, lol! Top row looks to tie in with the Twinkling Rainbow theme, and judging by the tail, it is a mouse. Middle row: I have absolutely no clue! You guys guess wildly for this one! :mrgreen: Bottom row appears to be some sort of Fairykinz pet. My youngest is guessing it is a raccoon by the tail.

The Quokka up close and personal:

The Sweet Spring Lamb up close and personal:

Now on to the theme with which the Sweet Spring Lamb coordinates! This is called the Pastel Paradise ?? Theme. Top row: Pastel Paradise ?? Box, Pastel Paradise Wallpaper, Pastel Paradise Flooring. Middle row: Pastel Paradise Bed, Pastel Paradise Music Box (NEEEEEEEEEED!!!!!1!!!), Pastel Paradise Nook. Bottom row: Pastel Paradise Chair, Pastel Paradise Side Table, Pastel Paradise Window.

The Gray Dire Wolf Pup up close and personal:

Now let’s go over the Kiwi Bird promotion! Top row: Kiwi Bird Pet Medallion, unnamed Kiwi Bird Medallion gift box, unnamed kiwi bird candy apple, unnamed kiwi bird balloons. Bottom row: unnamed kiwi bird hat, costume, and feet. There will be a kiwi bird clubhouse room, and I’m presuming that these prizes will make up the prize pool for clicking on the kiwi bird. (Don’t worry, the NPC for the kiwi bird clubhouse room will be in the Great Eggscape Hot Air Balloon, which means you won’t have to wait half a year for a pet to move so you can click it!)

Speaking of positively adorable costumes, let’s look at some more! We have the first glimpses of Easter stuff here! Top row: unnamed 2019 Milk Chocolate Egg, unnamed milk chocolate hat, costume, and feet. Bottom row: unnamed 2019 White Chocolate Egg, unnamed white chocolate hat, costume, and feet. I am loving the heck out of these costumes, and now I want them to make costumes out of all the eggs from the prior years. :mrgreen:

More easter! Top row: unnamed blue tulips, purple tulips, orange tulips, and mixed tulip bouquet. Bottom row: unnamed purple pansies (or should I say, “purple blossom” flowers? :roll: I despise political correctness!), unnamed “mixed blossom” flowers, unnamed “white blossom” flowers, unnamed “pink blossom” flowers. Ugh, I was gagging while typing that, lol!

Yet more Easter! This feels like estore to me. Top row: Spring Egg Willow, Spring Chocolate Eggs (this comes from the Spring Egg Willow), Spring Egg Shrub, Spring Basket Cottage. Bottom row: Spring Egg Mosaic Tile, Spring Egg Curtains, Spring Egg Planter, Spring Garden Cottage. One of the cottages might be the Grand Prize for white chocolate eggs this year, but I can’t be sure which one!

You sick of Easter yet? Tough! Here’s some more! :mrgreen: Top row: unnamed milk chocolate egg cottage, unnamed white chocolate egg cottage, unnamed egg basket. Bottom row: unnamed egg basket #2, Webkinz Day Year 14 Trophy, Webkinz Day Year 14 Cake. The Webkinz Day items are technically not yet named, but they always follow the same naming pattern, so that was fairly easy to guess. :mrgreen: No images of the gift box or print yet, sorry!

Moving on to estore things! Top row: Backyard Living Swing, Backyard Living Chair, Backyard Living Table, Natural Springs Spa. Bottom row: Backyard Living Hot Tub, Backyard Living Summerhouse, Backyard Living Sofa.

More estore! Yay, dispensers! Double yay, new patio plants! Top row: Fuzzy Lamb Cookie Dispenser, Fuzzy Lamb Sugar Cookie, Spring Chick Cookie Dispenser, Spring Chick Sugar Cookie. Bottom row: Dragonfruit Patio Plant (NEEEEEED!!!!) , Dragonfruit Salad, unnamed patio plant that appears to be beebalm (AKA bergamot), unnamed tea. I don’t care what they call it, I NEEEEED it!

More estore! For fans of pet lamps and balloons, it appears they’re branching out into an entire line of pet furniture! Top row: Crocodile Pet Lamp, Plush Lion Chair, Plush Rooster Chair. There is also a Plush Cow Chair in the system, but sorry, no image yet! Bottom row: Monkey Rug, Giraffe Rug, unnamed Sheep Rug.

Yet more estore! Top row: Growing Seeds Mystery Box – Series 2, Spring Plaid Wardrobe, Spring Plaid Bed, Spring Plaid Sofa. Bottom row: Bi-Wing Plane, Snowy Canyon, unnamed lamppost, unnamed sofa. The Growing Seeds Mystery Box – Series 2 is a mystery so far, but I can make some educated guesses! Remember those Macadamia Nut Tree Seeds I showed you so long ago? They still haven’t been released, and I have a feeling they will be in the Series 2 boxes. In the system, we also have listed “Date Palm Tree Seeds” and “Freshly Picked Dates”, but no images for them yet. I have a feeling they will be in the Series 2 boxes as well. There is also an entire theme that has yet to be released, the Berry Delight theme, and it is possible it might be in the Series 2 boxes, along with some other random estore-type items that have yet to be released. See below for images of these things.

Possible Series 2 items:

More possible Series 2 items:

Speaking of mysteries, now about some possible summer mystery clothing? Top row: unnamed Hawaiian wig (NEEEEEEEEEED!), unnamed Hawaiian print dress, unnamed pompom headband. Bottom row: unnamed pineapple shoes (NEEEEEEED!), unnamed 2019 Summer Clothing Mystery Bag, unnamed 2019 Summer Super Mystery Bag. (The mystery bags usually follow this naming convention, so it wasn’t hard to guess!)

More clothing. Possibly KinzStyle Outlet? None of this is named yet, sorry! And those sandals that are pictured last are recolored from the first Mother’s Day Gift Bag. Lazy!

Anyway, moving on to random newness! Top row: Island Painting, Souvenir Shell, Mesh Fedora, Island Torch. The first three items are new in Sheldon’s Shop (and if you need them, bepsy, just say the word!) and the torch is new on the Vacation Wheel. Bottom row: Forest Tiled Stove (WKN gift box prize for April, along with the Diamond Glasses), 2019 May WKN Gift Box, Emerald Glasses, unnamed table that I’m just going to assume is called the Forest Tiled Table. The glasses and table will be May’s unique peek-a-newz prizes.

More random newness! Top row: Mosaic Sauna (March’s Deluxe Day prize), May 2019 Deluxe Gift Box, unnamed dress that I’m just going to call the Spring Showers Dress, since it goes with this month’s Spring Showers Tiara. The dress is May’s Deluxe clothing item. Bottom row: Vacation Island Bed (April’s Deluxe Challenge prize), Waddell’s Icecap Adventure Trophy (Ahem. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!), unnamed Tulip Trouble Trophy (YAY! A game I actually LIKE to play!). Obviously, we’re gonna have us a Tulip Trouble Trophy challenge!

Yet more random newness. Top row: unnamed planter, tea tray, table, and tea cart. Bottom row: Unnamed sofa, Blue Lil Unicorn Rocking Horse, Pink Lil Unicorn Rocking Horse, Purple Lil Unicorn Rocking Horse. If you watched the latest Podkinz, you learned that these rocking horses will be prizes for an upcoming Lil Spring Unicorn challenge. Can’t wait! Regarding the unnamed items, I think these are the prizes for 2019’s Flower Collection Event, since the sofa matches the items for last year. Awesomeness!

Even more random newness! Top row: Lucky Leprechaun Wreath (this year’s St. Patrick’s Day gift), unnamed rainbow straight road tile and rainbow curved road tile. Bottom row: Kiwi NPC, unnamed fountain. The Kiwi NPC is what you will click in the aforementioned Kiwi Bird clubhouse room.

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January 16, 2019 at 4:53 pm · Filed under Webkinz PSI/PSF, What's NEW
By momskinz (WWID: momsownkinz)

Because TheSpoilerLurker ROCKS!!! Thanks good fairy!

Up first is PETS!

Dawn Dragon: Dawn Dragon Gift Box, Crystal Hollow, Flaming Smores Sundae

You and Me Puppy: You and Me Puppy Gift Box, You and Me Vanity, Sweet Pink Punch

Cougar Cub: Cougar Cub Gift Box, Quiet Cave, Sauced Meatballs

Golden Dalmatian: Golden Dalmatian, Solid Gold Hot Air Balloon, Pineapple Layer Cake

Speaking of the You and Me Puppy, he ties in with a new ?? Box Theme, the You and Me Theme. Top row: You and Me ?? Box, You and Me Daybed, You and Me Piano, You and Me Fireplace Divider. Middle row: You and Me Bathtub, You and Me Wallpaper, You and Me Flooring, You and Me Window. Bottom row: You and Me Rug, You and Me Chair, You and Me Lamp. Call me picky, but when I went to school back in the stone age, we were taught that it’s “you and I”, not “you and me”, so the poor grammar of this theme is grating on me.

Jason Mraz and Lady Gaga both agree with me, since they both have songs called “You and I”, lol!

Next up is a theme that is absolutely GORGEOUS and it will be mine, MINE, MIIIINNNEEE! *evil laugh* Sorry bout that, got a little hysterical there!

This is called the Cherry Blooms theme, and the pattern is taken from the Cherry Blooms dress that was in the KinzStyle Outlet about four years ago in the Spring line. GORGEOUS! <3 <3 <3 Top row: Cherry Blooms Bed, Cherry Blooms Sofa, Cherry Blooms Divider. Bottom row: Cherry Blooms Curtain, Cherry Blooms Rug, Cherry Blooms Wallpaper. MUST HAVE IT ALL!!!!

Up next is some random estore newness, some named and some not. Top row: Enchanting Green Rocker, Cow Rug, Lion Rug, Forest Tiled Counter. Bottom row: Spring Blooms Wallpaper, Spring Blooms Rug (it’s very hard to see, I know!), unnamed armchair and matching unnamed rug. The two pet rugs coordinate with the sort-of theme of pet lamps.

More estore newness. Top row: Up and Away Float (and if this isn’t the house from the movie “Up”, I will eat the proverbial hat!), unnamed rainbow cupcake cottage, unnamed bunny ears car, unnamed airplane. Bottom row: unnamed daisy planter, unnamed purple flower planter that appears to be a patio plant, because the unnamed food that follows it followed it in the system, another unnamed planter.

Anyway, moving on! Some random event stuff. Top row: Mayor Sophie Stockwell NPC (which is what she will look like in the park), Mayor Sophie Stockwell Gift Box, Mayor Sophie Stockwell Poster, Mayor Sophie Stockwell Plushy. Obviously this is what we get when we first visit Mayor Sophie in the park. Bottom row: Signature Moose NPC (which is the pet we must click in the Rescue Team clubhouse room), Rescue Team Certificate, unnamed Ms. Birdy Valentine Plushy that is most likely this year’s Valentine’s Day gift, and UGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!, unnamed Bananza Tropical Troubles Trophy. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Moving on to something less depressing! The last of the Valentine’s Day stuff and the first of the Easter stuff! Top row: Sweetheart Sink, Sweetheart Reading Chair, Rosy Cottage, Rose Bush Hedge. The Sweetheart prizes are most likely for the Valentine Collection Event. Bottom row: Valentine Divider, Bunny Bed, Bunny Wardrobe, Elegant Egg Carriage. The Bunny furniture matches the Bunny Chair wayyyyyy back from the Spring 2014 Super Mystery Bag. See the chair here:

More holiday stuff, this time for St. Patrick’s Day! Top row: Lucky Cupcake Dispenser, Lucky Cupcake, Lucky Candy House (recolored Candy House from the Build a Fairy Tale theme, lazy!), Watchful Perch. Bottom row: Unnamed candy tree (sorry about the image, the top of the tree is cut off in the system!), unnamed candy tree food, unnamed shamrock planter, unnamed tree cottage.

Some new clothing, which in all likelihood is spring mystery! Top row: Pretty Peach Dress, Pretty Peach Heels, Spring Flower Gown (NEED!), Spring Fower Heels (NEED!). Middle row: Double Bun Wig (if it were brown, it would be Princess Leia’s wig, lol!), Brilliant Balloon Crown, Brilliant Balloon Gown, Brilliant Balloon Shoes. Bottom row: Spring Flower Dress, Spring Lace Shoes.

More clothing, this being part of the Winter 2019 KinzStyle Outlet line. Top row: Sweet Winter Smock, Green A-Line Skirt, Cream Cableknit Sweater, Winter Plaid Pants. Bottom row: Sleek Winter Boots, Red Fun Fur Coat, Blue Zipper Coat.

And sadly, that is all the new images I have to show you today. Very sorry about this skimpy, shrimpy update! Moving on to WKN stuff…

From Mayor Dr. Quack—-oops, I mean, Mayor Sophie Stockwell. (sniff, sob, sniff! I miss Mayor Dr. Quack!)

*As promised during my campaign, the first-ever ! Log in to your Webkinz account on either web or mobile to receive this month’s prize: a 3 pack of 2017 Winterfest Cookies! You’re sure to get some cool prizes when you feed them to your pet!

* I am also holding my first-ever Meet the Mayor event at the Kinzville Park from February 2nd until February 8th! If you visit me each day, you’ll get a gift box with a random thank you prize inside! Hope to see you there! (see above for new prizes)

* PJ Collie has the 2019 Winter Clothing Line in stock at the KinzStyle Outlet! Keep your pet nice and warm in the latest fashions! To make room for the new line, the 2018 Summer Clothing Line has been retired for the season. (see above for images)

* Want even MORE pet clothing? Our 2019 Winter Shopping SPREE runs from January 17th until January 25th! Log in to or the Webkinz mobile app each day to receive a piece of clothing from a previous clothing line!

* We are also running a Wacky Weekend event from January 25th until January 27th! Watch for floating Wacky Lemon Ice Pops to appear on your screen. Click on one and it will go into your Dock. When you feed it to your pet, there’s a chance you’ll win a prize!

* Our next trophy challenge runs from January 25th until January 27th and this time, the game is Checkers! Play this popular game either against a friend or a host in the Tournament Arena. Once you win the required number of games, you’ll get the Crown Me Trophy Pedestal, along with the NEW Checkers Trophy!

* Saturday, January 19th is our next Deluxe Day! If you’re a Deluxe Member, you’ll be able to play lots of bonus events on the Today’s Activities schedule! And while you’re there, don’t forget to pick up your special prize: an Igloo Bed!

* If you’re a Deluxe Member, you know that you get a special bonus box each month. Inside is a box of random Pet Medallions, a box that lets you choose any item from the Cozy Condo theme, and a special piece of clothing that you can’t get anywhere else! The Deluxe clothing item for February 2019 is a Heart Circlet!

* A new monthly challenge arrives for Deluxe Members on February 1st! Complete all of the tasks and you’ll get a Sweetheart Side Table and a NEW Sweet Stained Glass Window!

* Our 2019 Valentine’s Collection Event returns throughout the month of February! Starting on February 1st, ask your friends for Valentines. You’ll collect prizes along the way, including this year’s grand prize: a Sweetheart Shower!

* Speaking of sweet collections, our Chocolate Stand event returns to the Kinzville Park on February 1st! The preview runs until February 6th. Then from February 7th until the 14th, you can collect chocolates from Cinnamon the Hamster in the Kinzville Park! Don’t forget to look for the special chocolate floating on Webkinz New during the same time. If you miss any, they can be collected using eStore Points until February 28th! (I showed you what the chocolates look like last month, but now they have names: Moonberry Blast Chocolate, Pumpkin Spice Chocolate (anyone else sick to death of everything being pumpkin spice?!?!), Royal Ruby Chocolate, Chewy Caramel Chocolate, Cookie Crunch Chocolate, Jumbleberry Jam Chocolate)

* Want to collect even MORE tasty chocolates? I know I do! Just visit the Cozy Condo Clubhouse room during the month of February and click on the Golden Dalmatian to receive a random daily chocolate from one of our previous chocolate collections!

* Want to host a fun Valentine’s Day themed party? Pick up a Valentine’s Day Party Pack at the WShop! They’re available through the month of February, and you can either host a party in your house, or get one with a party room already set up!

* Our technical wizards would also like everyone to know that we have fixed the issue with Pet Medallions, so you are now free to use any completed collections to adopt your medallion pets! (Whew, that’s a relief! The only way I will ever get a Stone Lion is to trade in all the other medallions. I’m up to 24 Stone Lion medallions…only 226 to go! *groan*)

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Cyber Monday

November 26, 2018 at 9:14 am · Filed under Estore, Webkinz PSI/PSF, What's NEW
By momskinz (WWID: momsownkinz)

Buy your points today! 50% off points code is WHATACYBERMONDAY

The Snowball Bunny & 2018 Stocking Gifts are now available in the eStore as well.

Snowball Bunny
PSI: Holiday Carriage Bed & PSF: Root Veggie Tart
The 2018 Merry Moonbeam Stocking has so many CUTE cottages!

The 2018 Sweet Snowman Stocking – if only I could choose a prize – that Green Elf Hat Cottage is worthy of a SQUEEEEEEEE!

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Snowy Retriever Puppy

November 24, 2018 at 5:03 pm · Filed under Collection/Community Events, Webkinz Giveaway, Webkinz PSI/PSF, What's NEW
By momskinz (WWID: momsownkinz)

The Snowy Retriever Puppy is a special edition Medallion pup available only this December.

There will be a special Snowy Retriever Puppy Medallion floaty clicky in Webkinz World throughout December! From December 1 to December 31, you can collect up to 4 Snowy Retriever Puppy Medallions per day — 5, if you’re Deluxe! You’ll need to collect 100 Medallions to adopt this adorable doggie — but don’t worry if you can’t make it on every day – we’ll be giving you 25 Snowy Retriever Puppy Medallions in your Christmas Gift!

Once you collect 100 Snowy Retriever Puppy Medallions, you can trade them in to adopt your very own Snowy Retriever Puppy! You can even keep collecting after you collect 100 until the end of the month to use for any pet medallions.

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11/21 Spoilers & Updates

November 21, 2018 at 12:00 am · Filed under Webkinz PSI/PSF, What's NEW
By momskinz (WWID: momsownkinz)


Morning Gymbonians, and HAPPY UPDATE WEDNESDAY!

Up first is PETS! Top row: Narwhal Gift Box, Narwhal Ice Sculpture, Flatfish Fritters. Middle row: Snowy Retriever Puppy Gift Box, Christmas Toy Trunk, 0oey Gooey Cinnamon Roll. Bottom row: Wooly Piglet Gift Box (Webkinz is spelling it this way, so don’t yell at me for misspelling “woolly”!), Snow Covered Bridge, Cheesy Pasta Bake.

Next is WKN stuff for December and January, and some more Be Merry theme. Top row: Mod Ebony Low Bed, Blue Zircon Mosaic Tile, unnamed dresser that we’ll just call Mod Ebony Dresser, unnamed tile that we’ll call Garnet Mosaic Tile. Bottom row: Be Merry Bed, Be Merry Nook, Be Merry Dining Chair, Be Merry Dining Table. There’s also a Be Merry Wardrobe, but the image is not in the system yet, sorry!

Speaking of Christmas themes, here’s the Christmas Cabin theme, which I’m sure you’ve already seen! Top row: Christmas Cabin Theme icon (which is what you’ll be looking for in the WShop), Christmas Cabin Wallpaper, Christmas Cabin Flooring, Christmas Cabin Fireplace. Middle row: Christmas Cabin Window, Christmas Cabin Bunk Bed, Christmas Cabin Dining Table, Christmas Cabin Dining Chair. Bottom row: Christmas Cabin Kitchen Counter, Christmas Cabin Armchair.

Let’s keep going with Christmas! Top row: 2018 Christmas Gift Box, Peppermint Candy Cane, SantaKinz Slippers, Festive Tree Toque. Bottom row: Candy Cane Cap, SantaKinz Cookie Jar, Snowflake PJ Top, Snowman Snow Globe (NEEEEEED!). The gift box is this year’s Christmas Gift, and I have a feeling the Peppermint Candy Cane and SantaKinz Slippers are in the box. The toque, cap, cookie jar, top, and snow globe feel like Ms. Birdy Countdown items.

More Christmas! Top row: Striped Scooter, SantaKinz Stained Glass Window, Pine Garland Column, Ornament Column. Bottom row: SantaKinz Hot Air Balloon, Cranberry Car, Candy Cane Elf Car, Ornate Menorah. This feels like estore stuff, except the menorah, which should be in the WShop as I type this.

Yet more Christmas! Top row: Green Elf Hat Cottage, Holiday Pudding Cottage (so cute!), Holiday Tree Cottage, Reindeer Cottage. Bottom row: Ornament Cottage, Peppermint Cottage, Gingerbread Cottage. This feels like mostly stocking/promo items. The Ornament Cottage goes with the Ornament Column above, and the Reindeer Cottage goes with the Reindeer theme from a couple of Christmases ago. I like the WShop Gingerbread Cabin wayyy more than this new Gingerbread Cottage, lol!

You thought we were done with Christmas? Think again! Top row: 2018 Red Ribbon Cracker, Snow Angel Wig, Snow Angel Gown, Snow Angel Shoes. Bottom row: Fuzzy Fox Slippers (OMGOMGNEEEEEEEED!!!!!!!), Reindeer Calf Slippers (OMGOMGNEEEEEED!!!!!), Unicorn Headdress. This all feels like cracker clothes except the Unicorn Headdress. *update: the Unicorn Headdress is one of the three SantaKinz Choice items in this year’s Christmas gift box! The other two items you could choose are the Striped Scooter and the Snowman Plushy.*

While we’re in the holiday spirit, let’s look at some candy trees! Top row: Holiday Gumdrop Tree, Holiday Gumdrops, Gumdrop Fence. Bottom row: unnamed candy tree, unnamed candy tree food, unnamed candy tree tie-in birdhouse. The unnamed stuff is GORGEOUS! and is probably January’s candy tree.

Let’s move on to a closely related holiday: WINTERFEST! None of this stuff is named yet, so I’m making a wild guess that it will be Winterfest, but my wild guesses are usually pretty accurate, so yeah. :mrgreen: We have what looks to be a road/snowmobile track tile that is rotateable, three creek pieces that are just the Countryside Creek tiles recolored (Lazy!), and 2019’s Winterfest cookies in 3-pack, 6-pack, and single.

More presumed Winterfest! Also not named yet, but it looks like a ski rescue belt pack, ski rescue helmet, ski rescue station, (recolored) green ice skates, snowman top hat, snowflake onesie, (recolored) blue penguin toque. It’s so lazy of them to recolor the penguin toque, considering they haven’t even released the other two penguin toques yet! :mrgreen:

How ’bout some dispensers for the collectors out there? Top row: (recolored) Holiday Cookie Tree Dispenser, Holiday Sugar Cookie, GnomeKinz Cookie Dispenser, Gnome Hat Sugar Cookie. Bottom row: Almond Patio Plant (NEEEEEEEEED!!!!!!!), Almond Marzipan Chocolate, Cashew Patio Plant (NEEEEEEEED!!!!!!), Cranberry Cashew Fudge. I will definitely be getting the patio plants, which are most likely promo, and I bet my little food collector talks me into the GnomeKinz Cookie Dispenser, lol!

Some random estore newness. This stuff isn’t named yet, but will probably be a mini-theme released in the January Sale and January BOGO sale.

Speaking of estore themes, how about a little Moonlight Sparkle? This theme will be part ?? theme, part regular estore, and part stocking. Ugh! I feel bad for anyone trying to collect all of this! :mrgreen: Top row: Moonbeam Sparkle Wallpaper, Moonbeam Sparkle Flooring, Moonbeam Sparkle Sleigh Bed, Moonbeam Sparkle Curtains. Bottom row: Moonbeam Sparkle Dispenser, Moonbeam Gumdrops, Moonbeam Sparkle Wall Divider, Moonbeam Sparkle Pouf. This stuff is probably all ?? stuff except the wall and floor, which will be regular estore.

More Moonbeam Sparkle! Top row: Moonbeam Sparkle Fireplace, Moonbeam Sparkle Piano, Moonbeam Sparkle Dining Chair, Moonbeam Sparkle Car. Bottom row: Moonbeam Sparkle Dining Table, 2018 Merry Moonbeam Stocking, 2018 Sweet Snowman Stocking. The moonbeam stuff is some combination of regular estore and stocking, can’t tell which is which yet. And that adorable snowman theme I showed you last time is now confirmed as stocking, at least partially. I can’t be sure which items from the theme are stocking and which are regular estore.

Some random newness that you’ve already seen on WKN. Top row: 2018 Dr. Quack Campaign Gift Box, 2018 Dr. Quack Campaign Sign, 2018 Dr. Quack Campaign Plush, Holiday Kitten Rug. Bottom row: 2018 Thanksgiving Gift Basket, Thanksgiving Place Setting, Pumpkin Cake Pop, Thanksgiving Snow Globe (NEEEED!)

More random newness. Most of this is not named yet, sorry! Top row: three unnamed jingle bell horse/reindeer bridles, unnamed dresser. Bottom row: unnamed poster and framed version of the unnamed poster, which is also unnamed, lol, and a Snowy Retriever Puppy Medallion. This says to me that the Snowy Retriever Puppy is a pet that is only available by collecting its medallions, ugh!

Yet more random newness. None of this is named yet, but it looks like we have two Valentine’s Day pretzels, one Valentine’s Day car, and two gift boxes/pet boxes featuring cows and Best Friend-type wall hangings. Not sure if these boxes are for new pets or are just gift boxes that will be floaty clicky items.

And finally, some random newness for Spring! None of this is named yet, but it looks like a new ?? Box theme, and a (recolored) new butterfly outfit that might be spring mystery.

From Mayor Dr. Quack:
HUGE NEWS for all of those players who’ve been waiting a long time to better organize their houses! We’re finally introducing a Moving Rooms feature to the House Map. Deleting Rooms is still planned for the future, but this new feature is a giant step forward in helping to make those sprawling House Maps more manageable!

Make sure you log in to your Webkinz account any time on Thursday, November 22nd (on either or the Webkinz mobile app) to receive your 2018 Thanksgiving Basket!

The KinzStyle Outlet now has 3 limited edition holiday glasses: Cheerful Tree Glasses, Festive Menorah Glasses, & Jolly Holiday Glasses! You’ll also find these great glasses in the mobile WShop on the Webkinz mobile app. Pick up your pair before they’re gone on January 16th.

Have you your pet line up to meet SantaKinz starting December 1 before Christmas Day to tell him what they want for Christmas!

Our NEW fan-voted Christmas Cabin theme also arrives in the WShop on December 1st! Make sure you collect all of your favorite pieces from this cozy Christmas room theme before they’re gone on January 1st!

Returning to the WShop (and the Webkinz mobile app) this holiday season, are 3 classic Christmas trees: Silent Night Christmas Tree, Countryside Christmas Tree, or Town Square Christmas Tree!

Returning exclusively to the Webkinz mobile app for the month of December is our previous Countryside Christmas room theme! Bring the outdoors inside this holiday season by decorating your own winter wonderland!

If you light the menorah at this time of year, you’ll be happy to find 3 menorahs in the WShop: Glass Menorah, NEW Ornate Menorah, & Wooden Menorah.

Our Countdown to Christmas event returns on December 14th! Each day until Christmas, look for Ms. Birdy in the SantaKinz Room of the Clubhouse to collect prizes.

Deluxe Day is Saturday, December 8th – the special prize is a Barbershop Sign!

The December Deluxe Challenge starts on December 1st. Prizes include the It’s Fun To Be Young Gift Box, a Whimsical Winter Candle, and a Snow Angel Cookie!

Deluxe Members receive a monthly gift box containing their choice of a  Cozy Condo item, a Deluxe Pet Medallion Box (containing 10 random Pet Medallions), and a special piece of clothing that can’t be found anywhere else! December’s Deluxe clothing item is a Festive Wreath Hat!

We have more of your favorite Days of Play December 8th until December 15th! Log on to your account each day to receive bonus plays for some of your favorite Magical Forest activities!

The prizes on the Wheel of Wow for web and mobile, along with the Wheel of Deluxe have been updated!

Don’t forget to tune in to Webkinz Newz on Saturday, November 24th for Dr. Quack’s Mayor of Kinzville re-election campaign speech!

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Pink Ribbon Unicorn

November 18, 2018 at 12:00 am · Filed under Webkinz PSI/PSF
By momskinz (WWID: momsownkinz)

PSI: Happily Ever After Carriage  PSF: Radiant Rigatoni

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Spoilers & Updates!

October 24, 2018 at 2:00 pm · Filed under Webkinz PSI/PSF, What's NEW
By momskinz (WWID: momsownkinz)

Here are the updates from TheSpoilerLurker (Thank you for all of your hard work!!!):

Morning Gymbonians, and HAPPY UPDATE WEDNESDAY!!!

Anyway, now that I got my temper tantrum out of the way, let’s do some spoilers! Up first is PETS! See above for the Be Merry Fawn picture, which I went and captured too, lol. Top row: Pink Ribbon Unicorn Gift Box, Happily Ever After Carriage, Radiant Rigatoni. Middle row: Be Merry Fawn Gift Box, Vintage Rocking Horse, Roasted Pear Salad. Bottom row: Snowball Bunny Gift Box, Holiday Carriage Bed, Root Veggie Tart.

Speaking of the Snowball Bunny, here’s the image:

Moving on to goblin stuff. Left to right: Orange Mysterious Ooze Chest, Purple Mysterious Ooze Chest, Goblin Toadstool Bench, Purple Goblin Mask. I’m assuming the two chests will be released as community codes, not sure about the bench, but the Goblin Mask is a community code on the printable Halloween handout (w24d-2x6q-Lsmq-be4u).

How about we give some thanks next? This is the Give Thanks ?? Box theme, which will be the November ?? theme. Top row: Give Thanks ?? Box, Give Thanks Wallpaper, Give Thanks Flooring. Middle row: Give Thanks Dining Table, Give Thanks Dining Chair, Give Thanks Rug. Bottom row: Give Thanks Fireplace, Pumpkin White Hot Chocolate, Give Thanks Window. The fireplace dispenses the hot chocolate.

More turkey day stuff. Top row: Thanksgiving Decorated Door, Chocolate Turkey, Pumpkin Spice Donut Dispenser, Pumpkin Spice Donut. Bottom row: Turkey Tail Cookie Dispenser, Turkey Tail Cookie, Cornucopia Cottage, Halloween House. This is all most likely estore.

Now we jump into Christmas. I know, all these holidays, I’m getting confused too! :mrgreen: Top row: Be Merry Wallpaper, Be Merry Flooring, Be Merry Window, Be Merry Sofa. Bottom row: Be Merry Tree, Red Ornament Truffle, Gold Ornament Truffle, Mint Ornament Truffle.

More Be Merry theme (which coordinates with the Be Merry Bear and Fawn, obviously!). Top row: Be Merry Side Table, Be Merry Ornament Chair, Be Merry Fireplace. Middle row: Be Merry Rug, Be Merry Divider, Vintage Ornament Chair. Bottom row: Be Merry Mini Tree, unnamed lamp, unnamed dining table. I have a sneaking suspicion they will be called the Be Merry Lamp and Be Merry Dining Table, lol.

More Christmas! None of this stuff has names yet. I think we’re looking at December’s Deluxe clothing item, some estore Christmas clothes, and some Ms. Birdy Countdown stuff. Not sure which is which yet!

Yet more Christmas. None of this is named yet, but it’s some combination of Ms. Birdy Countdown stuff, stocking stuff, and cracker clothing.

Now for some stuff we actually have names for! I am fairly certain this is all Christmas cracker clothing. Top row: Festive Fairy Buddy (which I bet will not be tradeable, sigh!), Black and White Penguin Hat (SQUEE!), Pink Penguin Hat (SQUEE!). Middle row: Evergreen King Crown, Evergreen King Robes, Evergreen King Shoes. Bottom row: Sparkly Elf Hat (which matches the Sparkly Elf Dress and Shoes from last year’s cracker), Holiday Sweater Hair Bow (NEEEEEED!), Holiday Sweater Socks.

You thought we were done with special occasions? Nope! :mrgreen: *momskinz edit: IF you want to see the SPOILER for the 2018 Halloween Gift . . .
. . . click here for SPOILER!*
This is for Peek A Newz – November WKN Gift Box, Raspberry Swirl Painting, Topaz Mosaic Tile

You think the election stuff on the news is crazy? That’s nothing compared to the election coming in WW! Yes, it’s time to vote again, so that means endless promotions designed to take all your attention and time and annoy the very devil out of you. It’s amazing how closely Webkinz elections mirror the real ones! :mrgreen: Top row: Webkinz Votes 2018 Cap, Webkinz Votes 2018 Mug, Webkinz Votes 2018 Election Poster. Middle row: Webkinz Votes 2018 Podium, Webkinz Votes 2018 T-Shirt, Michael Webkinz KinzCash Coin. Bottom row: Mandy Webkinz KinzCash Coin, Sally Webkinz KinzCash Coin, Steve Webkinz KinzCash Coin. Not sure in what fashion these items will be released. Hopefully we won’t have to make campaign contributions in order to get them! I have a feeling the coins will be released in a clubhouse room campaign similar to the Meet-the-staff thing we did in June, and I hope that’s not the case, because only dee and I had any luck with that!

And now, let’s meet our candidates! Top row: Sophie Stockwell! Will she be giving out free estore goodies if we elect her? If so, she will win in a landslide! Anyway, Sophie Stockwell Gift Box, Sophie Stockwell Campaign Sign, Sophie Stockwell Campaign Hat, Sophie Stockwell Plushy. Bottom row: Dex Dangerous! Well, color me surprised, Dex is running again! Dex is one of those perennial candidates who only gets .03% percent of the vote each time he runs, but that never deters him! I’m sure his campaign will be all about promoting his various enterprises in some form, which means that of course no one will vote for him, lol. So anyway: Dex Dangerous Gift Box, Dex Dangerous Campaign Sign, Dex Dangerous Campaign Hat, Dex Dangerous Campaign Plushy.

More candidates! Top row: PJ Collie! If her campaign is anything like how she is when you go to her shop, her speeches will be never-ending and will tick people off to the point of contemplating homicide! :mrgreen: So to the point: PJ Collie Gift Box, PJ Collie Campaign Sign, PJ Collie Campaign Hat, PJ Collie Campaign Plushy. Bottom row: OMG, do we have an incumbent in this campaign for the first time? I think we do! For some reason the 2016 Dr. Quack Campaign Sign was reuploaded to the system, plus there’s this new unnamed campaign hat. Will Mayor Dr. Quack stand for reelection? Stay tuned to find out!

Moving on to something besides holidays! Top row: Enchanting Green Curtains, Enchanting Green Rug, Enchanting Green Bed, Enchanting Green Wardrobe. Bottom row: Enchanting Green Wallpaper, Purple Moor Wallpaper, Purple Moor Flooring, Tree Stump Cottage. The Enchanting green micro theme will most likely be released in the November Sale and the November BOGO sale. The Purple Moor is the next Room with a View theme, and the cottage is probably a promo.

And more estore goodness. Top row: Caramel Corn Candy Tree, Caramel Corn, Caramel Corn Shrub, Wizard Castle Cottage. These items have already started to be released, but they only just put the pictures in the system, sorry about that! Bottom row: Moonbeam Mosaic Tile, Moonbeam Sparkle Sofa, Moonbeam Sparkle Bathtub, Berry Delight Wardrobe. The Moonbeam stuff might be an upcoming ?? Box theme or micro theme. The Berry Delight stuff has been trickling out in the spoilers for months but has yet to be released. Keep reading to see how I think it’s going to be released!

More estore stuff. Top row: Snowman Wallpaper, Snowman Bed, Snowman Curtain. Middle row: Snowman Sofa, Snowman Wardrobe, Snowman Rug. Bottom row: Snowman Armchair, Snowman Lamp, Snowman Toybox. This could possibly be Christmas stocking stuff, not entirely sure.

Some random newness. Top row: Unnamed dispenser food, another unnamed dispenser food, unnamed unicorn pet box, Growing Seeds Mystery Box. Bottom row: Snowball Car, Cornucopia Hat (November Deluxe Clothing Item), White Washer Dryer (Deluxe Day item for Thursday, November 8), Glittering Gem Shower (new POTM item). I have a feeling those Macadamia Nut Seeds that I showed you will be available only in the Growing Seeds Mystery Box, and I think it is in the same box that the Berry Delight items will be released. We shall see! The car is probably an estore promo.

More random newness. Top row: Golden Suit, Golden Mirror, Golden Glasses, Banana Split Sofa. Bottom row: Enchanted Ice Tower. The golden items are Deluxe Prize Machine prizes, the tower is the new prize for the November Deluxe Challenge, and the sofa is another new POTM item.

View details on the upcoming November prizes on Dr. Quack’s update on WKN:
and view Wheel prizes on this post:

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