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Autism Author & Webkinz Fan!

April 28, 2011 at 11:52 am · Filed under Books
By momskinz (WWID: momsownkinz)

To wrap up Autism Awareness month, I wanted to make everyone aware of a book about Autism written by someone we all know here on Gymbo’s Webkinz Blog!  This book The Colors of Autism by Brianne Taylor is now available for purchase on &

Autism does not last only during the month of April.  Autism is a challenge to many people and families every day.  Be kind and be a friend to everyone with Autism every day!



Remember Flowiing’s Week Long Contest for the eStore Lil Blue Lamb! Any comments this week can qualify.

And remember to login to your Asian Webkinz Accounts right away for Webkinz Day!

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Random Contest Of Favorite Things!

February 21, 2011 at 3:29 pm · Filed under Books, Chit Chat, Contests, Trading
By FamousFashionQueen~ FamousDinoQueen, FamousLoveQueen, TwilightSagaFinatic, FamousTradingQueen WISHING: Tiger Snake PSI, Year 1 and 2 Group Prints and Trophies, Pile of Persian Pillows, Glasses of Lemonade, Mad Hatter Chairs {AW: Moonistashower}

I noticed there were no contests!! How weird is that for this place!! lol

Anyway, I have been wanting to throw you guys a contest…. so I am! I could not think of what to throw one about, so I did our favorite things!!

I want to know your guys’ favorite things! You must start each comment with one of your favorite things. For example; Twilight, Books, Selena Gomez, iCarly…. anything you like! You must start each comment with a new favorite thing. Once you have gone through all of your favorite things may you start repeating things.

Just as this contest is random, so are the prizes! There are all kinds of prizes! I will randomly award them, but if the comment chosen has the same favorite item as another person’s comment, they will also receive a prize! You will be surprised what we will have in common! Those who do not win a prize, will receive a small random one, so no one is left out! It will end Wednesday at 9:00. All winners will have been chosen by then.

Also try to trade with someone while the contest is running. Anyone who does, will get a prize! If you do, email me who you traded with, and what you traded. My email is:

You must add at least one of my accounts: FamousFashionQueen, FamousDinoQueen, FamousLoveQueen, of TwilightSagaFinatic

No more than five comments in a row

All other rules apply

Good Luck!!

The Prizes Are:

Apple Chair- 61- dee- torrential rain/ wind storms

Original Kid Theme Chair- 139- Flowiing- Ian Somerhalder

Original Kid Theme Wardrobe- 210- crazy- chatting with KG

Original Kid Theme Sofa- 339- Catlover- Shopping (Krafty & toby)

Sand Castle Exclusive- 412- KG- ice cream

Enchanted Dreams Bed

Fresco Painting

Webkinz Doodles

Dancing Zingoz

Disco Ball

Red Plasma Ball

Sunshine’s Suntan Lotion

Movie Slate

Slice Of Apple Pie

Wacky’s Bingoz Coupon

Charm Fairy Skirts

Super Bed Box

Estore Caterpillar POTM Butterfly Costume


Toby-KG… Pink Wardrobe-Superbed

KG-FFQ… Sugarberry Clock-Black Poodle PSI

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