How To “Jellybean Challenge” Guide

We have gathered information from several different sources to provide you with a little summary of how to determine which ‘range’ jar you have, how to narrow your jar within that range, and where everyone is tracking to help you along. Everyon is welcome to track jars here on Gymbo’s Webkinz Blog on whatever is the ‘current post’. 

First, you should view the jars on this site (click here) to determine which range jar you have. You will often see these refered to as the XXXX jar which is the first number in the range.

Next, you can check here on the current post at Gymbo’s Webkinz Blog and the Webkinz Insider Jellybean Tracking Thread (click here) for current winning numbers and narrowing.

When narrowing your jar, you can post the jar range, then NT (Narrowed To) meaning you have narrowed the range of the winning number further. To begin narrowing, you determine the midpoint of your range plus add 200 to the midpoint, and enter that number as your first guess.

Here is how to interpret the result of your guess:
If you get “Oooo, that was close!” then your guess is 1-199 jellybeans off.
If you get “Not a bad guess!” then your guess is 200-499 jellybeans off.
If you get “You’ll need to be closer!” then your guess is 500-999 jellybeans off.
If you get “Wow, that was way off” then your guess is 1000 or more jellybeans off.

Using the method to above to interpret the answer, you narrow your range, find the midpoint of the new NT range, add 200 to the new midpoint, and enter that number as your second guess. That further narrows your jar based on the answer. Since your third and final guess will tell you ‘sorry’ if you don’t guess correctly, you should randomly guess any number in your NT range unless you are working on narrowing with someone else and can wait for a winning number.

The best guide I have found so far on the internet is EXOTERIC’s Jellybean Jar Challenge Guessing & Narrowing Chart on WI (click here).

Good luck & happy winning!

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