Adventure Park Series 1 Pets & Prizes

Spotted Leopard “Weather Worries”
Grand Prize: Hero of the Storm display
Dig Prizes:

Adventure Park Poster
Adventure Park Weather Vane
Molly Bobblehead Toy
Rafi Plush Pet
Weather Monkey Wind Spinner

Pink Pony  “Beanstalk Birthday”
Grand Prize: Beanstalk Climbing Tree
Dig Prizes:

Beanstalk Basket
Beanstalk Planter
Giant Mug
Giant Slice of Birthday Cake
Nibbles Bobblehead Toy

Mud Hippo  “Journey to the Crystal Caves”
Grand Prize:
Rainbow Machine
Dig Prizes:

Boris Plush Toy
Cave Crystals Display Box
Cowabelle Bobblehead Toy
Mining Helmet Display
Purple Crystal Paperweight

Spotted Frog  “The Dragon’s Den”
Grand Prize:
Dragon’s Fire
Dig Prizes:

Blue Crystal Paperweight
Dragon’s Fire Candelabra
Fire Protection Helmet Display
Raziel Plush Toy
Sparky Bobblehead Toy

Koala  “The Lost Pirate Treasure”
Grand Prize: Jolly Roger Roller
Dig Prizes:

Crab Trap Lamp
Framed Seashell Art
Message in a Bottle Display
Salley Cat Bobblehead Toy
Sera Plush Toy

Chimpanzee  “Deep Water Dilemma”
Grand Prize: Fresh Water Waterfall
Dig Prizes:

Biohazard Samples
Diving Helmet Display
Dolphin Balancing Toy
Fish King Floppy Plush
Roberta Bobblehead Toy

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