Best Tips on Building Your Family Score

Webkinz X Tips – Building your Family Score and Filling those Hearts By Boper911

Each day, your pet can do these actions to get quick hearts. Do each of these activities for just one second and then stop. This will get you ## family points. Again, these can only be completed once per day per pet.

a. Take a bath (+10 points)
b. Use a sink (+5 points)
c. Jump on a trampoline (+5 points)
d. Run on a treadmill (+5 points)
e. Swim in a pool (+5 points)
f. Sleep in a bed (+10 points)

If you make a Pet Care room (with a sink, tub, treadmill, trampoline, pool and bed) and place around 30 pets inside, your pet care routine will go faster. Here’s an example:

Pet Care

You get 5 points for filling your pet’s happiness meter to 100.
You get 5 points by filling your pet’s hunger meter to 100. This is not worth the KC in my opinion, but if you want a few more points, this can be done once per day per pet. Pumpkins are best for filling the hunger meter.
You can get 5 points for filling your pet’s energy meter to 100. This can be filled by sleeping, running on the treadmill, jumping on the trampoline, and even taking a bath or using the sink.

Let's Decorate a Room

“I want to wear something different!”
“A different outfit would be great!”

“Playing a game at the Arcade would be fun!”
“I’m bored. Let’s play a game at the Arcade!”

“Let’s go shopping at the WShop!”
“How about some retail therapy at the WShop?”

“Let’s do some decorating!”

While using a pet, it will occasionally request something to do. You will have 3 minutes to complete the task and will be rewarded with 25 family points. Although there are different variations of each request, they will essentially ask you to do one of these:

Decorate – place any item in the room
Eat- eat any piece of food. We recommend either 3 bananas 6 KC/ 36 food points OR a pumpkin  5 KC/ 40 food points plus 2 pretzels 4KC/32 food points to fill the hunger meter.)
Play a game – go to the arcade, enter a game and hit a target, quit the game (don’t waste your time playing, unless you want to)
Buy something from the w-shop – literally anything (including food)
Change clothes – throw on any piece of clothing (you can remove it after)
Note: If you leave your volume on, you can leave your pet in a room and wait to hear the “cry”, which indicates it is requesting something.

Occasionally you might be asked for help by a pet other than the one you’re currently playing with. Just click on the message bubble icon to switch over to that pet and take care of the request.

I Could Really Use Your Help

Sometimes, your pet will say things that are NOT requests, such as:
“I need a nap to get my energy back.”
“I need to sleep before we keep playing.”

Pets respond to completed requests by saying:
“Aw, you really do care!”

Quick Tips:
Your pet’s score will drop 25 percent every day; this can easily be refilled by doing the daily actions.

Even after your hearts are completely full, you can continue to raise your FS. It won’t count towards your heart, of course, because it’s full. But you still get those points.

Pets won’t make requests while sleeping.

They also won’t make requests if their energy level is below 10.

If you’re playing a game, you will not get any pet requests. If you are simply waiting in the arcade, then you should see them.

Putting your pets to bed for extended periods of time (like overnight) will drop their hunger and make them sad (AKA don’t put them in bed for more than a few seconds to get the points)

Other ways that points are added:

Driving into a room (1 pt per new room)
Playing games (1 pt per new game)
Completing quests (1 pt per completed quest)
Buying rooms  (1 pt per room) and placing items inside (1 pt for the 1st item placed in a room)

Why do we want to build our Family Score? For prizes! Here they are:

Once you filled 10 hearts, it also acts as a multiplier for KC earned. For example, it give 50% more kc when you do a job at the employment office or trade gems with Artie in the Curio Shop.

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