Getting Started at Gymbo’s – Commenting, Trading, & Posting Etiquette & Guidelines‏

Please read this in its entirety before commenting on the blog.


*Do not post personal information.  Gymboutiques is dedicated to helping you protect yourself, so please do not post personal information.  Children should never post their age, grade in school, or city where they live.

*We also recommend that you NEVER share account information.  This opens up opportunities to scam and be scammed.  It is never a good idea to share your password.  You should also make sure your password is “obscure” and something that someone else could not figure out based on information that you might share on the blog.

*Be polite.  Prizes on contests are offered from the generosity of the people here.  Please remember that even sending these prizes cost kinzcash and a lot of time, so be patient & gracious if you are lucky enough to receive a prize.  Code prizes are purchased and given by the people here at the blog with our own money.  Please do not attempt to “resale” or trade these codes.  If you do, we reserve the right to invalidate the code, block you from the blog, disqualify you from contests, etc.



* No trading accounts.  Someone can trade an account and still have access to it based on their original information even if you change the password.  Please do not offer accounts for trade at all.

* No Auctions.

* Offer fair trades.  Consult the Webkinz Insider GEV (Gift Exchange Value) when in doubt of the value of items offered in a trade:

* Please allow others to complete trade negotiations before offering for an item that is already being negotiated in a trade with someone else.  Please do not offer items already offered in an active/pending trade to someone else.

* If you agree to trade, keep your word.

* People NOT on the trusted traders list should always send first.

* DO NOT offer items you really don’t want to trade or items you do not have!

* In order to protect the young people at this site we recommend no trading Codes and no trading through email – if you do trade through email it is at your own risk.  Remember you can always meet in a Clubhouse Trading Room.   Trading for pet codes can lead to hacking and should be done at your own risk!  We ONLY recommend accepting pet codes from Gymbo, momskinz, or crazywebkinzchic for your own account security and always having a ‘secret’ account that you use for pet codes won in contests or through trades.

If you need to email admins (Gymbo, momskinz, crazywebkinzchic), you may do this for any exchange information if necessary – like trading codes.  Or if you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email us.

Please remember if you think someone is an adult (even if they are on the “Trusted Traders” list) you should NEVER share personal information.  Sharing of account information is not allowed on the blog and NEVER recommended for any reason.

At Gymboutiques, we take the safety, security, and well-being of everyone who visits here very seriously, and we have set-up guidelines in order to try to protect everyone here. 

In general, we are just reminding everyone to Stay Smart, Be Nice, Be Courteous, and Have Fun!


There have been unnecessary posts making it hard to find everyone. We cannot keep up where everyone is if everyone is on different posts. Rule of thumb – always go the newest post.

Please limit new posts to only Comment Contests Post or New Webkinz information. Any other post (ie, just to say hi, go visit ***’s blog, trade with me, etc.) will be deleted. You should never create a post to advertise for another blog.  We are working on keeping the blog an easier to navigate place for your enjoyment.

If someone creates a new post, please do not create another one too quickly.  Back-to-back posts create confusion on where to “find” people and make it difficult to find new & useful information.  Also, please do not create an individual post for your trades.

When in doubt, Ask an Admin!

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