Rockerz Pets Collection

Rockerz Bulldog

PSI: Rockin’ Drum Set   PSF: Mosh Pitatoes
Clothes: Rockerz Punk Jacket, Rockerz Punk Pants, Rockerz Black Stomping Boots

Rockerz Bunny

PSI: Boom Box Bed     PSF: Microphone Snow Cone.
Clothes: Hip Hop Hat, Hip Hop Hoodie, Hip Hop Sneakers

Rockerz Cat

PSI: Dressing Room Vanity PSF: Funky Fish Sticks
Clothes: Rockerz Pink Feather Skirt, Rockerz Superstar Sunglasses, Rockerz Superstar Top, Rockerz Canvas Shoes

Rockerz Cow

PSI: Groovy Solo Stage PSF: Flower Powdered Sugar Cookies
Clothes: Rockerz Flower Power Dress, Rockerz Flower Power Sandals, Rockerz Braided Headband

Rockerz Coyote Virtual Only

PSI: Rockin’ Radio Interview Station PSF: Acoustic Angel Cheesecake
Clothes: Country Sweetheart Hat, The Southern Romance Boots, Folk Singer Boho Dress

Rockerz Dog

PSI: Reggae DJ Booth     PSF: Spicy Chicken and Rice
Clothes: Reggae Hat, Reggae DJ Top, Island Flip Flops

Rockerz Fox

PSI: Autograph Signing Station PSF: Foxy Falafels
Clothes: Zipper Denim Vest, Black Ripped Jeans, Gold Chain Shades

Rockerz Horse

PSI: Country Banjo Stage   PSF: Blueberry and Bluegrass Cobbler
Clothes: White Cowboy Hat, White Tassel Leather Vest, White Tassel Cowboy Boots

Rockerz Leopard

PSI: Webkinz Rockerz Name in Lights PSF: Groupie Grouper Sandwich
Clothes: Red Leather Pants, Red Rocking Bandana, Rockin’ White Sneakers

Rockerz Lion

PSI: Shock Rock Stage Flare PSF: Heavy Metal Meatballs
Clothes: Rockerz Leather Jacket, Rockerz Purple Stomping Boots, Rockerz Headbanging Bandanna

Rockerz Monkey

PSI: Punk Stunt Stage    PSF: Hardcore Hoagie
Clothes: High Boots, Red Plaid Pants, Sleeveless Black Leather Jacket

Rockerz Papillon Dog

PSI: Rockin’ Recording Booth    PSF: Pop Soda
Clothes: Black Tutu Dress, Black High Heel Boots, Pink Frame Sunglasses

Rockerz Poodle

PSI: Disco Dance Floor   PSF: Disco Ball Cereal.
Clothes: Funky White Hat, Groovy Disco Jacket, Groovy Bellbottom Leather Pants

Rockerz Puppy Virtual Only

PSI: Heartthrob Performance Platform PSF: Backstage Burger
Clothes: Purple Ball Cap, White Skinny Jeans, Purple High Cut Sneakers, White Bubble Vest

Rockerz Raccoon

PSI: Pyro Performance Stage PSF: Purple Velvet Glam Cakes
Clothes: Glam Rock Face Sticker, Jumpsuit, Platform boots

Rockerz Zebra

PSI: Backstage Wardrobe PSF: Performer Fruit Punch
Clothes: Rockin’ Red Hood, Dance Practice Shoes, Shining Red Tutu, Red Hood

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