How to Make a Post

For newer people or first time posters, you must first request that an admin make you an “Author” on the blog so that you can create a post. Once that is confirmed, follow these steps.

Here are the brief instructions on how to post:

Posts automatically close 3 days after they open.

You can close posts early by editing the post, then “unchecking” the boxes for allowing comments and pings.

To “schedule” a post to open automatically at a specific time, you set the time on the upper right of the new post to the time you want to post using a 24 hour clock (so if you want 1 pm, it’s 1300).


Close-up of Discussion Check boxes:

1) On the front page of the Blog, scroll down until you get past the Archives, on the sidebar on the right.
2) Underneath the word “Meta”, which is below the Archives, click Register. If you already have an account on this site, click “Log In”.
3) Follow all the instructions.
4) Sign in with the temporary password.
5) You will now see a screen, that is the “dashboard”
6) On the left-hand side, click on profile, and go down to the bottom. Set a new password.
7) Then, on the left-hand side, click on “posts” or the little arrow beside it.
8) Click on “Add New”
9) Type your post, add pics, etc etc.
10) Click “Publish” and Voila!

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