Community Codes Page

last updated: 3/28/20

New – no expiration date:
A pair of cupcakes: W245-SYMC-DYTV-ZSQU (from Podkinz 133) (combine on stove with honey for a presentable cupcake)
Random Glam Boutique Item: W24E-XWQ9-GUZF-XHNJ (from Podkinz 122)
Painted Glass Blue Table w24j 9kk5 wtx7 w4bw

Expires March 31, 2020
2/1 email code: w24p w86a nrnq mzz8
Aurora Borealis Flooring: w24g d6zg 6n2z bfg8
Aurora Borealis Flooring: W24U 7T88 8AZK S6Z8
Holiday Elf Plushie: W24G-X7ZK-TWZH-CWEC
Random Build-a-Snow-Fort Item: W24Q-PA8W-JHN7-T4N4 (not kinzpostable) (from email 1/28)
Festive Holiday Tree: W24L-HNYP-9AHD-TALC
2/21 email code W24E 2EF4 BJKG DNXY

Expires April 30, 2020
Potted Icicle Tree: W24X-496Q-VN4K-PJ6U
Neon Green Goggles: W246-R54U-TA25-YUVY
Valentine’s Card: W24R-NKCH-BQFJ-UMNC
Polar Bear Toque: W24G-QFLJ-9WKB-CEZL
Rescue Team Pet Pack: W248-L38A-Z2YL-KJSW

Expires May 31, 2020
Fine Chocolatier Shop w243 gg34 k3wk 5v6Y from podkinz 134

June 30, 2020
Cattails Lamp W245-2P6D-SRQV-RGNN
Dragonfly Dining Table W248-ERZK-7XKR-LMZN
Squishy Swamp Dresser W249-JSHA-JC5N-QSTC
Butterfly Chair W24V-NYWP-VZ4Y-MZD8
Hoppity Sofa W24F-EDAH-7RXS-Z9R8
4/1 email code W24Z MDGJ FMY2 PG5A

July 31, 2020
2019 Milk chocolate egg W249 4D8N AJGA N6PN from podkinz 136
Robin’s Egg Shades W24J-YM6J-EW5A-V3HY
Spring Celebration Egg Bouquet W244-VCXV-RGKF-GBQA
Bird’s Nest Wreath W248-YC8E-GBJ2-Z9KW
Hidden Egg: W24B-BR89-9HT5-TBTN
Nest Fridge W24J-DZY9-QBWP-6EM2


No expiration date:
Classic Movie Studio Prize (podkinz 106) w24e-zezt-83vj-ryme
Coloring Book Poster: W24Y-AMRJ-YX6D-D27S (not kinzpostable)
Dr. Quack’s Miracle Tonic: W24A-M5D9-VB3W-RDSL (not kinzpostable)
Dr. Quack’s Miracle Tonic: W24S-5H7K-VNHU-S2ZU (not kinzpostable)
Podkinz Host Chair: W24Q-PAF8-VGDC-6FZ8 (not kinzpostable)
Podkinz Recording Booth: W24Y-D7F5-XCCA-HXTG (not kinzpostable)
: W24J-48HJ-WHUP-DWHY (not kinzpostable)
Moonberry Gift Basket: W24W-GZNN-7LR2-G3AJ (not kinzpostable)



Expires January 31, 2020
Rickety Haunted Cottage Building Kit: W24U-67VS-CLBA-7LA8 (from Podkinz 129)
Black Batty Bat Hat: W24R-A56M-N2QF-HC48
Random eStore Peppermint Clothing: W249-M4B8-Q4UJ-CEGE (from 12/2 email) (not kinzpostable)
Bowl of Mixed Nut Medley (food) OR small chance of eStore nutcracker: W24D-HH9A-FNMA-PBTL (from 12/26 email) (eStore items not kinzpostable)
Random Wintery/Snowy eStore Items: W242-ZWPD-T8ZF-GCZS (not kinzpostable)

February 29, 2020
Colorful Holiday Candle: W24G-XAK6-EAH9-2JR4
Holiday Place Setting: W24P-E7AL-FGVH-E3EU
Holiday Ornament Basket: W24Y-UWEN-XEEH-LUE6
Kinzville Holiday Snowglobe: W24J-UH5D-3KD9-MTFG
Holiday Apron: W244-Z4V4-WKZN-3SLA (NEW)
Midnight Magnolia Supreme Sapling: W243-N9LB-HUVB-YWKL

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