Community Codes Page

last updated: 1/12/22

Expire January 31, 2022
Peppermint Couch w24q 4qe2 za8L beLL from podkinz 165
Snow Bear Plush w24h ewh5 re63 mjml & for Next: MERRYCHRISTMAS (enter code in the W-shop Section)
Showman Snowman w24t-xxx8-3czL-f5kn
Countryside Christmas Fence Wall Piece w24z-5mgc-ep5f-rmgq
Countryside Christmas Frozen Pond w24q-ecph-fumt-p388
Countryside Christmas Woodpile w24y-75aL-uwc3-uqwy
Countryside Christmas Flooring w244-6rL7-auL9-dxry
Countryside Christmas Wallpaper w246-tpaw-h53c-8q54

added after 1/1:
1/1/22 Email Code W24N-K9TQ-DXH3-X8FS from Winter Goat eStore page
Retro Rainbow Plant w24w 8xgs gzu7 k2p4 from podkinz 166

Code available 1/9- 1/18 only:
Dr. Quack’s Old Timey Ice Box w245-5upn-kr3e-7kfc


No expiration date:
A pair of cupcakes: W245-sYMC-DYTV-ZsQU (from Podkinz 133) (combine on stove with honey for a presentable cupcake)
Random Glam Boutique Item: W24E-XWQ9-GUZF-XHNJ (from Podkinz 122)
Painted Glass Blue Table w24j 9kk5 wtx7 w4bw
Adventure Park Plushy W24X MKFZ LCZC EA7A exp???
Holiday Paw Print Tile W245-2MFV-U3NV-HXWA exp???
Spicy Shream Shake Poster W24D-s74U-FJNJ-sQGW exp???
Sour Pango Shake Poster W24J-UD46–4JEb-95QU exp???
Perfect Squacolate Shake Poster W24V-3RX3-7sKF-7T3s exp???
Classic Movie Studio Prize (podkinz 106) w24e-zezt-83vj-ryme
Coloring Book Poster: W24Y-AMRJ-YX6D-D27s (not kinzpostable)
Dr. Quack’s Miracle Tonic: W24A-M5D9-Vb3W-RDsL (not kinzpostable)
Dr. Quack’s Miracle Tonic: W24s-5H7K-VNHU-s2ZU (not kinzpostable)
Podkinz Host Chair: W24Q-PAF8-VGDC-6FZ8 (not kinzpostable)
Podkinz Recording Booth: W24Y-D7F5-XCCA-HXTG (not kinzpostable)
: W24J-48HJ-WHUP-DWHY (not kinzpostable)
Moonberry Gift Basket: W24W-GZNN-7LR2-G3AJ (not kinzpostable)

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