Adventure Park Series 3 Pets & Prizes

Bengal Tiger “The Ghostly Campsite”
Grand Prize: Celestial S’more Campsite
Dig Prizes:

Adventure Park Hat
Clam Shell
Pirate Doubloon
Rock Climbing Shoes
Seaweed Skirt

Caramel Lion “Sparky’s Scavenger Hunt”
Grand Prize: Crystal Treasure
Dig Prizes:

Adventure Park Skirt
Blue Hard Hat
Fool’s Gold Nugget
Framed Scavenger Hunt Map
Rope Bundle Shirt

Pink and White Cat “Ghost Pirate Princess Rescue”
Grand Prize: Ethereal Throne
Dig Prizes:

Cloudy Scroll Display
Ghost Pirate’s Hat
Ghost Pirate Plush
Happy Pirate’s Portrait
Shipwreck in a Bottle

Pinto “Not Easy Being Fish King”
Grand Prize: Royal Crystal Statue
Dig Prizes:

Coral Jewelry Box
Fish King Portrait
Jellyfish Table Lamp
Seashell Shoes
The Fish King Rules Banner

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