LL’s Trading List

Last Updated: 12/13/20

PSF I need:

Fox Terrier After Run Bun
Blue Tang Algae Apple Pies
Purple Floral Fawn Apple Blossom Tarts
Apricot Schnoodle Puppy Apricot Fruit Leather
Harvest Owl Autumn Leaf Chocolates
Pewter Panda Bamboo Berry Tea
Red Panda Bamboo Tofu
Good Fortune Hedgehog Banana Breakfast Roll
Black Footed Ferret, Signature BBQ Prairie Wings
Lovely Leopard Be Mine Cake
Mini Pinscher Dog Bittersweet Hazelnut Pretzel
Black Labrador Black Bean Soup
Lil Blue Piglet Blue Marzipan Truffles
Lil Blue Spring Unicorn Blue Uni-Cone
Groovy Gorilla Boppin’ Blueberry Shake
Shih Tzu Bow Wow Chow Mein
Bullmastiff Puppy Bubble and Squeak Puppy Pie
Bubblegum Mammoth Bubblegum Sundae
Sagittarius Buck Bullseye Meat Pie
Mutt Burger and Bun
Bushbaby Butterscotch Beetles
Camo Cow Camo Corn
Blue Bison Calf Campfire Cone
Chameleon (2017) Candied Crickets
Carrots Bunny Carrot Cake Crepes
Ocelot, Signature Cha Cha Chili
Lady Ostrich Charming Caviar
Elegant French Bulldog Charming Crepes
Wooly Piglet Cheesy Pasta Bake
Chipmunk 2017 Chewy Cashew Chips
French Bulldog Chic Croissant
French Poodle ChiChi Cinnamon French Toast
Choco Cheeky Dog Chocobones Cereal
Cat Chocolate Bar
Ice Cream Pup Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich
Magical Hippogriff Chocolate Mice
Cinnamon Beagle Cinnabark Bites
German Short Haired Pointer, Signature Cinnamon Strudel
Glitzy Dragon Classy Creme Brulee
Snow Soft Kitty Cloud Nine Custard
Northern Trails Eagle Cod Casserole
Rockabilly Rooster Cornbread ‘n Beans
Pisces Fish Cosmic Coral Kabob
Homespun Polar Bear Country Biscuit Sandwich
Border Collie Cream of Collieflower Soup
Chimpanzee, Signature Creme Brulee avec Bugs
Leopard Lizard Cricket Croquette
Lamb, Small Signature Crispy Hay Squares
Sleepy Woodland Dragon Crunchy Bark Bites
Cupcake Pup Cupcake Pops
Sweetheart Fox Cupid’s Candy Apple
Vampire Bat Cursed Cherry Soda
Apatosaurus Cycad Caesar
Brilliant Penguin Dazzling Dumplings
Chi Chi Chihuahua Decadent Doggy Dish
Wild Bactrian Camel, Signature Desert Dessert
Elegant Dino Dignified Dim Sum
Rockerz Poodle Disco Ball Cereal
Undercover Cat Disguise Pops
American Cocker Spaniel Doggie Bone Burger
Donut Pup Donut Sandwich
Orange Tabby, Signature Duck a L’Orange
Tuxedo Chihuahua Elegant Enchilada
Airedale Terrier Elegant English Muffins
Charming Rat Enchanted Cheese
Cuddly Koala Eucalyptus Leaf Tea
Giraffe, Signature Evergreen Ice Cream
Welsh Corgi Ewe Stew
Koala, Signature Exquisite Eucalyptea
Sugar Coated Kitty Fairy Bread Triangles
Morkie Puppy Fancy Beans on Toast
Orangutan Fancy Fig Smoothie
Fiesta Chihuahua Fandango Fries
Spotty Dinosaur Fantastic Jurassic Smoothie
White Cosmic Bear Far Out Fudge
Flutter Pig Far-Fetched Fajitas
Mistletoe Mouse Festive Cheese Fondue
Chinese Dragon Fire Spice Ramen
Hoppy Floppy Bunny First Blush Forb Broth
Sizzling Swan Fish Fillet Flambe
Rainbow Sparkle Fawn Fizzy Lemonade
Sequin Peacock Flan Flambe
Fire Bear Flickering Fondue
Neon Pallas Cat Florescent Frozen Yogurt
Grey and White Cat Flounder Flan
Floral Pony Flower Layer Cake
Pretty Peacock Flower Petal Porridge
Rockerz Cow Flower Powdered Sugar Cookies
Rose Lion Flower Tart
Renaissance Palace Butterfly Flowery Flutterpie
Violetwing Butterfly Flutter Nutter Pie
Rockerz Fox Foxy Falafels
Cauliflower Sheep Fresh Garden Salad
Glacial Fox Freshly Frozen Nuggets
Denim & Lace Pony Fried Apple Rings
Friendly Dragon Friendly Dragonfruit Soarbet
Lovely Panda Friendship Fortune Cookies
Zombie Bloodhound Frightening Fritter
Prehistoric (eStore) Mammoth Frosted Fossil Flakes
Iceberg Bear Frosted Mug Cake
Pink Iced Penguin Frosted Strawberry Pop
Arctic Fox, Signature Frozen Fish and Chips
Strawberry Chiffon Squirrel Fruit and Nut Meringues
Tie Dyed Pony Fruity Oat Cereal
Rockerz Cat Funky Fish Sticks
Mohawk Monkey Funky Monkey Split
Storybook Rabbit Garden Veggies and Dip
Bengal Tiger Gaur Garbure
Glamorous Gorilla Glam Hors d’oeuvres
Sparkling Puppy Glitter Gumdrops
Ribbon Unicorn 2017 Glittery Grape Gelato
Brilliant Pegasus Glitzy Jelly Beans
Golden Winged Tiger Gold Encrusted Meat Pie
Golden Winged Tiger Gold Encrusted Meat Pie
Pug, Small Signature Gourmet Dog Biscuits
Black and White Friesian Grandiose Griddle Cakes
Longhorn Steer Grasslands Griddlecakes
Fleecy Sheep Grazed Glazed Greens
South African Springbok Grazing Gazpacho
English Bulldog, Signature Great Puppy Poundcake
Lil Green Spring Calf Green Calf Cake Pop
Green Peppermint Unicorn Green Magic Mint Smoothie
Lil Green Piglet Green Marzipan Truffles
Lil Green Goblin Green Petrifying Parfait
Cairn Terrier Ham & Cheese Pinwheel
Sock Bear Hand Knit Hamburger
Rock Candy Croc Hard Candy Cone
Rockerz Monkey Hardcore Hoagie
Rainbow Zebra Herbivore Smores
West Highland Terrier, Signature Highland Haggis
Holiday Helper Dragon Holiday Helper Sundae
Jolly Jubilee Reindeer Holiday Party Cookies
Oatmeal Pup Homemade Apple Crisp
Pioneer Pony Homestead Fries
Yellow Fluffy Cub Honeycomb Porridge
Polka Dot Dalmatian Hot Peppermint Sticks
Opal Owl Jeweled Eggs Benedict
Music N’ Dance Pup Jumpin’ Juice Box
Ribbon Lion Licorice Linguini
Blushing Fawn Lily Lollis
Ostrich Locust Jerky
Enchanted Giraffe Lovely Leaf Frittata
Manatee Mangrove Leaf Manicotti
Brown Sugar Puppy Marbled Ice Cream
Tinker Jackalope Marvelous Mech-aroni
Raccoon, Signature Masked Meatballs
Cockapoo Messy Mud Pie
Twilight Dragon Midnight Macaroni
Dreamy Sheep Midnight Snack
Lil Pink Lamb Mighty Melon Fruities
Curly Camel Milkshake Mirage
Scorpio Snake Milky Way Milkshake
Scottish Terrier Mince and Tatties
Snow Leopard Cub Mini Goulash Dish
Black Lab, Small Signature Mini Meatball Pasta
Spaniel Pup Mini Meatballs
Pinktastic Peacock Minnow Meat Pies
Sweetheart Monster Monstrous Milkshake
Cosmic Bear Moon Rock Candy
Moonlight Wolf Moonlight Casserole
Blue Persian Kitten Mutton Cutlets
Zebra Foal Oat Grass Porridge
Rascally Raccoon Off the Truck Tacos
Lil Orange Goblin Orange Petrifying Parfait
Peace ‘n Love Puppy Organic Veggie Burger
Bloodhound Pup P.I. Pie
Chinchilla Pachamanchilla
Whooo La La Owl Pampered Pudding
Golden Langur Papaya Porridge
Love Spaniel Passion Fruit Salad
Spotted Turtle PB and Jellyfish Sandwich
Lil Peanut Pup PB& J Popcorn
Peace Unicorn Peaceful Pancakes
Lil Orange Spring Bunny Peach Macaron
English Cream Retriever Peaches and Cream
Red Squirrel Peppermint Pinecone
Upbeat Chic Giraffe Pesto Pasta
Blossom Giraffe Petal Pastry
Candy Corn Mouse Petrifying Popcorn
Pot Bellied Pig, Signature Pig Out Pizza
Lil Pink Spring Corgi Pink Playful Jelly Eggs
Lil Pink Spring Unicorn Pink Uni-Cone
Pizzazzy Puppy Pinkberry Punch
Pumi Puppy Plum Dumplings
Lollipop Pup Polarberry Pop
Lots of Dots Rhino Polka Dot Cookies
Pom Pom Dino Polka Dot Cream Puffs
Polka Dot and Striped Bobcat Polka Dot Donut
Polka Back Fish Polka Dot Donut Bits
Pom Pom Chinchilla Pom Pom Pasta
Prairie Dog Prairie Berry Muffins
Northern Trails Buffalo Prairie Grass Pudding
Sheltie Puppy Precious Puppy Tart
Diggity Dino Prehistoric Pizza
Petal Print Giraffe Pressed Petal Tea
Merry Go Round Pony Pretty Popcorn
Purple Persian Kitten Priceless Pate
Stegosaurus Primitive Pan Pizza
Chow Chow Puffy Pedigree Pastry
Harvest Sheep Pumpkin Parfait
Basset Hound (2017) Pungent Pate
Lil Purple Spring Calf Purple Calf Cake Pop
Purple Springtime Chick Purple Candy Corn Feed
Lil Purple Piglet Purple Marzipan Truffles
Lil Purple Lamb Purple Passion Fruities
Lil Purple Goblin Purple Petrifying Parfait
Lil Purple Spring Corgi Purple Playful Jelly Eggs
Lil Purple Spring Unicorn Purple Uni-Cone
Rockerz Raccoon Purple Velvet Glam Cakes
Sweet Corn Tiger Purrfect Parfait
Fiesta Bull Quirky Quesadillas
Sun Dragon Rainbow Raindrop Cake
Colorsplash Tiger Rainbow Spaghetti Bowl
Olympus Pegasus Rainbow Sprinkle Meringues
Egyptian Mau Kitten Ramses Rice and Meatballs
Australian Shepherd, Signature Rancher’s Roast Beef
Pink Greyhound Ready? Set? Go Gelato!
Rainbow Googles Really Rainbow Ice Cream
Red Peppermint Unicorn Red Magic Mint Smoothie
Iberian Lynx, Endangered Reptile Ravioli
White Tiger Roaring Steak Tartare
Lynx Rocky Rib Rack
Caracal Kitten Rodent Ravioli
Woolly (Plush) Mammoth Roots and Shoots Platter
Stone Lion Rosemint Tea
King Charles Spaniel, Signature Royal Feast
King Schnauzer Royal Tea
Sun Bear Runny Honey Sundae
Sparkle Harp Seal Saltwater Snow Chips
Cougar Cub Sauced Meatballs
Quokka Savory Greens Stir-Fry
West Highland Terrier Savory Smokies
Labradoodle Scrumptious T-Bone Steak
Fire Songbird Seared Seed Buns
Silk Sparrow Seared Seed Sautee
Green Seadragon Seashell Soup
Maine Coon Cat Seaside Crab Cakes
Serenity Fairy Fox Serenity Truffles
Stormy Dragon Shimmering Soda
Whippet Puppy Short Rib Sliders
Purple Dragonfly Silly Celery Snacks
Silverback Gorilla Silver Shoots and Roots Pizza
Silver Labrador Silver Spoon Souffle
Fabled Goose Sing Along Snacks
Brilliant Tortoise Slow Cooked Lava Cake
Countryside Hedgehog Slug Sucker
Northern Trails Bear Smoked Salmon Sandwich
Doodle Fadoodle Snickerfadoodles
Snowflake Pup Snowflake Frosted Cookies
Sour Watermelon Hound Sour Bone Treats
Purple Panther Sour Grape Moon Chews
Razzle Dazzle Dog Sparkling Pork Chops
Sparkle Penguin Sparkling Seafood Supper
Tuxedo Cat, Small Signature Sparkling Spring Water
Darling Dino Sparkling Sundae
Ginger Bunny Spicy Carrot Soup
Rockerz Dog Spicy Chicken and Rice
Surfin’ Turtle Spicy Seaweed Salsa
Sweet Spring Lamb Spring Sprouts
Spring Shepherd Springtime Ice Pop
Homespun Groundhog Sprout Salad
Fur Seal Pup Squid Sushi
Scribbles Pup Squiggly Pasta
Starry Stallion Starry Snacks
Scruffy Puppy Street Meat
Desert Monkey Stuffed Figs
Hyena Sub-Saharan Sandwich
Silkie Chicken Sunflower Seed Sorbet
African Black Rhino Sunny Smoothie
Yellow Lab Sunshine Feast
Sleepover Cub Supreme Sundae
Toadstool Frog Swamp Chomp Stew
Baby Alligator Swampy Sippy Cup
Sassy Skunk Swanky Caesar Salad
Sweet Pea Dragonfly Sweet Blossom Cupcake
Poofy Poodle Sweet Fluffy Bon Bons
Sloth Sweet Leaf Salad
Sugar and Spice Puppy Sweet Scone Sandwich
Keeshond Puppy Sweet Waffle Cookie
Sweetheart Pup Sweetheart Cereal
Pirate Parrot Swordfish and Chips
Scottish Fold Cat Toffee Scone
Ten Ton Elephant Ton o’ Fun Peanuts
Tranquility Fairy Fox Tranquility Truffles
Colorblock Monkey Tropical Fruit Candy
Daisy Pig Trough Toffee
Sunset Giraffe Twiggy Pudding
Green Shimmer Snake Twinkling Tiramisu
Quirky Carnival Unicorn Twisted Candy Apple
Patchy Puppy Twisted Fruit Slushy
Holstein Cow Udderly Delicious Sundae
Spooky Pup Unburied Bones
Blonde Dachshund Vanilla Cannoli
Red Velvet Fox Velvety Cookie Pie
Rosy Satin Cow Velvety Strawberry Smoothie
Majestic Tiger Water Buffalo Wings
Beaver (2017) Water Lily Wrap
Powder Puff Porcupine Waterlily Puffs
Rainforest Frog Waxworm Wontons
Libra Eagle Well-Balanced Breakfast
Luck Dragon Whimsical Wontons
Polar Cub White Chocolate Bark
White Peppermint Unicorn White Magic Mint Smoothie
Pebble Giraffe Wild Apricot Preserves
Petal Print Skunk Wild Flower Wrap
Mallard Duck Wild Grain Granola Bar
Earth Dragon Wild Herbal Tea
Snowy Summit Wolf Wolf Pack Snack
Lil Yellow Spring Calf Yellow Calf Cake Pop
Yellow Springtime Chick Yellow Candy Corn Feed
Long Haired Yorkie Yorkshire Curd Tart
Ribbon Yorkie Yorkshire Fish and Chips
Zen Dragon Zen Dragonfruit Soarbet
Baby Zebra Zig-Zag Ziti

Barrel of Berries Fridge
Card Collector Fridge
Charm Forest Fridge
Chocolate Egg Fridge
Christmas Cabinet Fridge
Clockwork Fridge
Football Fridge
Golden Pot of Coins Fridge
Ice Age Ice Box
Strong Appetite Fridge
Trading Card Fridge
Valentine Mailbox Fridge
Water Cooler Fridge

Kooky Science Theme Rares:
Experiment Station 4

Iron Wood Theme:
Iron Wood Window

Sweetheart Theme:
Sweet Stained Glass Window

Apple Picking Theme:
Apple Farm Floor Tile

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