LL’s Trading List

Last Updated: 02/28/22

PSF I need:

Panda (2022)Bamboo Salad
Golden Shepherd PupCheesburger Cups
Signature Collie Aussie ShepherdRocket Sugar Cookie
Grey HimalayanSmores Waffle Sliders
Sloth (2022)Standard Green Leaf Cookie

Holiday Foods:

Gummy Spiders2007 Halloween
Holiday Fruitcake2006 Christmas
I Love Chocolate Cake2012 Valentine
Jelly Bean Smoothie2014 Spring Celebration
Scarecrow Cookie2016 Thanksgiving
Shortbread Stars2013 Christmas
Snowman Cupcake2012 Christmas Countdown
Spring Chocolate Strawberries2013 Easter
Spring Jelly Eggs2014 Spring Celebration
Sweet and Salty Popcorn String2013 Winterfest
Valentine Jellybean PileValentine
Wacky CupcakeWacky Zingoz Celebration

Event Foods:

Candied AppleMirror, Mirror
Carnival CorndogChallenge
Cheezy ChipsPenguins of Madagascar
Chocolate ChalkKinzville Academy
Christmas Jar of JellybeansParty Packs
Christmas Jellybean PileParty Packs
Creepy CookieParty Packs
Fizzy Licorice SodaMobile App
Glass of Egg NogParty Packs
Go Play SandwichWorld Wide Play Day
Goober’s Atomic AdventureValentine Heart Floaty
Halloween Jar of JellybeansParty Packs
Halloween Jellybean PileParty Packs
Jar of Super JellybeansParty Packs
Jellybeans PileParty Packs
Mazin’ Black Forest CakeMazin Hamsters
Mazin’ Cherry CheesecakeMazin Hamsters
Mazin’ Hamsters Berry DrinkMazin Hamsters
Mazin’ Hamsters Citrus DrinkMazin Hamsters
Mazin’ Hamsters Currant DrinkMazin Hamsters
Mazin’ Hamsters Punch DrinkMazin Hamsters
Mazin’ Strawberry CheesecakeMazin Hamsters
Piece of ChocolateParty Packs
Sour ShadesWebkinz Friends Promotion
Spring Jar of JellybeansParty Packs
Summer Jar of JellybeansParty Packs
Summer Jellybean PileParty Packs
Valentine Jar of JellybeansParty Packs
Valentine Jellybean PileValentine Heart Floaty
Winter Jar of JellybeansParty Packs

Dispenser Foods:

Candy Coated Sunflower Seeds
Rocket Ice Pop

Barrel of Berries Fridge
Card Collector Fridge
Charm Forest Fridge
Chocolate Egg Fridge
Christmas Cabinet Fridge
Clockwork Fridge
Football Fridge
Ice Age Ice Box
Strong Appetite Fridge
Water Cooler Fridge

Iron Wood Theme:
Iron Wood Window

Sweetheart Theme:
Sweet Stained Glass Window

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