LL’s Trading List

Last Updated: 7/19/19

All my items are alphabetically order

What I have for trade:

Alyssa Plushes (2)
American Albino PSI
Antique Lamp Posts
Antique Wishing Well
Autumn Striped Sweater (3)
Autumn Sunset Toque (5)
Apple Pie Superbed
Armoire (Pink Theme)
Aztec Fire Pit
Aztec Calender
Basketball Wallpaper
Bejewel Coffee Table
Blooming Flower
Blue Bean Bag (2)
Blue Wagon
Booming Black Couch (Wshop)
Booming Black Lounge Chair (Wshop)
Bountiful Bottle Goods Display (Wshop)
Bramble Circlet
Candy Corn Witch Dress
Candy Corn Witch Hat
Candy Corn Witch Shoes
Cave Explorer Hat
Cave Explorer Top
Chef Doe Coat
Chef Doe Pants
Classroom TV
Centurion Coffee Table
Chihuahua PSI
Chimney Fireplace
Classic Christmas Tree
Classic Gaming Wallpaper
Colorful Menorahs (2)
Cornucopias (3)
Cubby Hole Cabinet
Decorative Cornucopia
Decorative Wheat Sheafs
Diamond Apples (5)
Doc Nutrition Outfit
Doc’s Big Book of Boo Boos (4)
Doc’s Eye Doctor Outfit
Doc’s Eye Doctor Shoes (2)
Dwarf Shoes (4)
Enchanted Mirrors (9)
Express Yourself Station (4)
Exotic Bear Club Statue
Fairy Tale Dress (2)
Fair Tale Evil Queen Dress (5)
Fall Festival Place Setting
Funky Girl Bed (Wshop)
Gemstone Tables (3)
Glitter Gem Tree
Green Dwarf Costume (4)
Handcraved Lion Statue
Hedgehog PSI
Highness Sofa
Holiday Warmth Lamp
King’s Royal Lamp
Hopping Drum Kit
Hot Air Balloon
Lion PSI
Luxury Hot Tub
Magenta Wall Paint (Wshop)
Magic Carpet (3)
Magic Sleigh Bed
Magic W Toque (26)
Medieval Trophy Pedestals (2)
M&M Movie Poster
Moon Lamps (4)
Moon Rover
Ms. Cowoline Reading Chair
Oak Panel Pool (Wshop)
One Webkinz World Bed
One Webkinz World Trampoline
One Webkinz World Wardrobe
Palm Tree
POTM Medals (2)
Purple Dwarf Hat (3)
Rabbit PSI
Raining Day Window
Ribbon and Bows Tree
Rice Paper Divider
Royal Rug
Santakinz Dinning Chair
Santakinz Room Divider
Santakinz Wall Lamp
Santakinz Workshop Window
Science Lamp
Shaggy White Rug (Wshop)
Signature Dinning Table
Small Red Christmas Tree
Snake and Ladders Flooring
Spooky Cobweb Bed
Springerle Dizz
Square Hedge (22)
Strawberry Hat (2)
Starburst Cloud Superbeds (2)
Stylish Stone Pond (Wshop)
Summer Sensation Sun (4)
Sun Seeking Solar Panel
Sweet Dream Lamp (5)
Tabby Van Meow Plush (4)
Teacher Desk
Terrific Toadstool Dresser
Thinking Chair
Town Sqaure Tree
Treasure Chests (3)
Venetian Mask (5)
Victorian Hat
Wacky Zinzgo Snowglob
Weathered Wood Bed
Wisteria Tree (2)
Witch’s Banquet Place Setting
Wooden Grandfather Clock
YingYag Blossoms (2)
Zombie Face Paint (3)

PSF I need:
(A-K pets)

African Black Rhino Sunny Smoothie
African Wild Dog, Signature Wild Beast Brisket
Airedale Terrier Elegant English Muffins
Aloha Dolphin Saltwater Sushi
American Buffalo Green Grass Gremolata
American Golden Best in Show Brownies
Apatosaurus Cycad Caesar
Apricot Schnoodle Puppy Apricot Fruit Leather
Arctic Fox, Signature Frozen Fish and Chips
Australian Shepherd, Signature Rancher’s Roast Beef
Autumn Owl Fresh Fish Cornucopia
Baby Zebra Zig-Zag Ziti
Ballet Pup Sugarplum Sorbet
Barred Owl Rocky Rodent Mice Cream
Basset Hound (2017) Pungent Pate
Beaver Barkberry Smoothie
Beaver (2017) Water Lily Wrap
Beaver, Signature Birch Branch Breadsticks
Bichon Frise Cotton Kibble Candy
Black African Rhinoceros, Endangered Savanna Shoot Sandwich
Black and White Friesian Grandiose Griddle Cakes
Black Cocker Spaniel Black Licorice Sorbet
Black Footed Ferret, Signature BBQ Prairie Wings
Black Lab, Small Signature Mini Meatball Pasta
Black Labrador Black Bean Soup
Blonde Dachshund Vanilla Cannoli
Blonde Labrador Golden Fish & Chips
Bloodhound Pup P.I. Pie
Blossom Giraffe Petal Pastry
Blossom Sea Turtle Sea Sponge Cake
Blue Googles True Blue Bubble Soup
Blue Persian Kitten Mutton Cutlets
Blue Tang Algae Apple Pie
Blufadoodle Doodle Noodles
Blushing Fawn Lily Lollis
Border Collie Cream of Collieflower Soup
Border Terrier, Signature Continental Barkfast
Boston Terrier Boston Baked Bones
Boxer Champion Treats
Brilliant Pegasus Glitzy Jelly Beans
Brilliant Penguin Dazzling Dumplings
Brilliant Tortoise Slow Cooked Lava Cake
Brown Boston Terrier Charred Baseball Steak
Brown Sugar Puppy Marbled Ice Cream
Bubblegum Cheeky Cat Spaghetti and Gumballs
Bubblegum Mammoth Bubblegum Sundae
Bull Terrier Bulls Eye Biscuits
Bull Terrier, Signature Super Steak ‘n’ Eggs
Bulldog Puppy Big Game Bacon Nachos
Bullmastiff Puppy Bubble and Squeak Puppy Pie
Bumblebee Honey Smoothie
Bushbaby Butterscotch Beetles
Cairn Terrier Ham & Cheese Pinwheel
Calico Cat Candy Catnip
Camo Rhino Disguised Fries
Canary Sunflower Seed Soup
Cancer Crab Moon Cake
Candy Apple Camel Caramelted Apple Pie
Candy Corn Mouse Petrifying Popcorn
Capricorn Goat Capricorn on the Cob
Caracal Kitten Rodent Ravioli
Carousel Horse Candied Carousel Corn Dogs
Carrots Bunny Carrot Cake Crepes
Cauliflower Sheep Fresh Garden Salad
Celestial Unicorn Soaring Star Sorbet
Chameleon Leaf and Locust Linguine
Chameleon (2017) Candied Crickets
Charming Panda Bamboo Biscuits
Charming Rat Enchanted Cheese
Cheetah Cub Mini Meatball Sandwich
Cherry Soda Pup Creamy Cherry Cheesecake
Cheshire Cat Ginger Snap Cookies
Chi Chi Chihuahua Decadent Doggy Dish
Chillin’ Sea Lion Chilled Shrimp Cocktail
Chimpanzee Rain Forest Stir Fry
Chimpanzee, Signature Creme Brulee avec Bugs
Chimpanzee, Small Signature Chocolate Chimp Pancakes
Chinchilla Pachamanchilla
Chinese Dragon Fire Spice Ramen
Chipmunk Sweet Peanut Pie
Chipmunk 2017 Chewy Cashew Chips
Choco Cheeky Dog Chocobones Cereal
Choco Vanilla Pony Chocolate Hayclair
Chow Chow Puffy Pedigree Pastry
Chow Chow, Signature Signature Stir Fry
Cinnamon Beagle Cinnabark Bites
Cinnamon Dachshund Cinna-Bones
Cinnamon Guinea Pig Sweet Custard Tart
Citrus Dragon Citrus Sherbet Sorbet
Cloud Sheep Wooly Waffles
Clover Cat Four Leaf Catnip
Clover Lion Lucky Steak Medallion
Cocoa Lab Caramel Ice Pop
Colorblock Kitty Sweet Striped Fudge
Colorblock Monkey Tropical Fruit Candy
Colorsplash Tiger Rainbow Spaghetti Bowl
Cookies ‘n Cream Guinea Pig Crunchy Chocolate Tacos
Cookies and Cream Koala Cookie Crumb Sundae
Cosmic Bear Moon Rock Candy
Cotton Top Tamarin Tropical Trail Mix
Countryside Hedgehog Slug Sucker
Cream Soda Pup Creamy Creme Brulee
Cuddle Cat Piquant Cod Canapes
Cuddly Koala Eucalyptus Leaf Tea
Cupcake Pup Cupcake Pops
Curious Mouse Covert Cookies
Curly Camel Milkshake Mirage
Daisy Pig Trough Toffee
Dama Gazelle, Endangered Acacia Leaf Lasagna
Dandy Lion Flower Chips and Dip
Darling Dino Sparkling Sundae
Dazzle Dachshund Swanky Sorbet
Diggity Dino Prehistoric Pizza
Dire Wolf Mammoth Burger
Domino Cat Delectable Domino Cookie
Donkey Foal Sweet And Sour Roasted Beets
Donkey Pinata Cheerful Churros
Donut Pup Donut Sandwich
Doodle Fadoodle Snickerfadoodles
Dreamy Sheep Midnight Snack
Dutch Bunny, Signature Boerenkoleslaw
Earth Dragon Wild Herbal Tea
Earthly Fox Savory Sunflower Seeds
Elegant Dino Dignified Dim Sum
Elegant French Bulldog Charming Crepes
Emerald Dragon Emerald Jewel Pop
Enchanted Elephant Karmic Korma
Enchanted Giraffe Lovely Leaf Frittata
Enchanted Goat Beguiling Bagel
English Bulldog, Signature Great Puppy Poundcake
English Cream Retriever Peaches and Cream
Fabled Goose Sing Along Snacks
Fancy Flamingo Watermelon Punch
Fennec Fox Wild Egg Omelet
Ferret Foot Long Feast
Fiesta Bull Quirky Quesadillas
Fiesta Chihuahua Fandango Fries
Fiesta Unicorn Rainbow Sour Licorice
Fire Bear Flickering Fondue
Fire Fawn Fireweed Flambe
Fire Songbird Seared Seed Buns
Firefly Lightning Lemonade
Fleecy Sheep Grazed Glazed Greens
Floral Pony Flower Layer Cake
Flower Frog Lotus Bloom Tea
Flutter Pig Far-Fetched Fajitas
Fox Squirm-Berry Ice Cream
Fox Terrier After Run Bun
French Bulldog Chic Croissant
French Hen ChiChi Coleslaw
French Poodle ChiChi Cinnamon French Toast
Friendly Dragon Friendly Dragonfruit Soarbet
Friendly Monster Booberry Gumball
FrooFroo Fox Crayfish Cocktail
Gargowl Barbecued Basalt Bugs
Garnet Rover Birthstone Snow Cone
Gemini Butterfly Nocturnal Nectar
German Short Haired Pointer, Signature Cinnamon Strudel
Ginger Bunny Spicy Carrot Soup
Ginger Cat Gingerbread Paw Prints
Gingerbread Puppy Gingersnap Pie
Giraffe, Signature Evergreen Ice Cream
Glacial Fox Freshly Frozen Nuggets
Glamorous Gorilla Glam Hors d’oeuvres
Glitter Fawn Twinkling Truffles
Glitzy Dragon Classy Creme Brulee
Global Panda Blooming Algae Aioli
Golden Deluxe Dragon Golden Whimsical Wontons
Golden Eagle Soaring Sizzling Scallops
Golden Langur Papaya Porridge
Golden Lion Tamarin Wildflower Nectar
Golden Retriever, Signature Golden Syrup Pancakes
Golden Winged Tiger Gold Encrusted Meat Pie
Green Peppermint Unicorn Green Magic Mint Smoothie
Green Seadragon Seashell Soup
Green Shimmer Snake Twinkling Tiramisu
Green Sloth Slow Cooked Stew
Grey Squirrel Munchy Acorn Meringues
Grey Tabby Cat, Small Signature Felime Pie
Griffin Shimmering Sapphire Skewers
Groovy Gorilla Boppin’ Blueberry Shake
Groundhog Two Seasons Cake
Grumpy Cat Bad Tempered Tuna
Harmony Crane Zen Bento Box
Harmony Dragon Harmony Dragonfruit Soarbet
Harvest Owl Autumn Leaf Chocolates
Harvest Sheep Pumpkin Parfait
Holiday Helper Dragon Holiday Helper Sundae
Holidoodle Green Mint Shortbread
Holstein Cow Udderly Delicious Sundae
Homespun Groundhog Sprout Salad
Homespun Polar Bear Country Biscuit Sandwich
Hoppy Floppy Bunny First Blush Forb Broth
Hound Dog Hunk-a-Hunk of P.B. and J.
Howdy Horse Lasso Linguine
Hyena Sub-Saharan Sandwich
Iberian Lynx, Endangered Reptile Ravioli
Ice Cream Pup Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich
Ice Cream Scoop Snail Sprinkles and Cream Waffles
Ice Dragon Mythical Milkshake
Iceberg Bear Frosted Mug Cake
Iguana Leafy Lizard Linguinie
Jackalope Folklore Smores
Jelly Bean Puppy Jelly Bean Jam
Jolly Holiday Puppy Peppermint Pinwheel Cookies
Jolly Jubilee Reindeer Holiday Party Cookies
Keeshond Puppy Sweet Waffle Cookie
King Charles Spaniel, Signature Royal Feast
King Schnauzer Royal Tea
Knit Sock Dog Cozy Tea
Knit Sock Monkey Banana Ice Pop
Koala, Signature Exquisite Eucalyptea

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