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Boper’s Wish List

Username: Boper911

WWID: Boper911
Birthday: January 16

Bio: Hi, I’m Boper! Boper is the name of the first Webkinz I adopted; a lil’ kinz golden retriever I received for my birthday back in January of 2007. Back then, I didn’t know you could adopt more than one pet on an account, so after a few months I had five accounts with one pet each and I played on all of them daily. Somehow, either through a friend or otherwise, I was enlightened of the ability to adopt multiple pets on one account, and so Boper911 became my “main” account, which now has about 200 pets.

I always loved online games, and I stuck with Webkinz because it always had so much going on and there was always something new to do. Plus, I was awarded with Webkinz when I did chores or got good grades, so I had many incentives to keep playing.

I am currently in recently graduated college and I completely hide my Webkinz obsession from everyone I know, which can be challenging but it’s all part of the game, I guess. I am studying got my degree in computer science. Oh, I should also mention that I am a guy, and I take pride in being the only guy on Gymbos. :mrgreen:

I can’t remember when I found this blog, but after google searching “my username + gymbos webkinz blog”, I was able to find comments circa 2010. I am so grateful for finding this blog and building relationships with the people here. Everyone on Gymbos, from those who swing by once in a while to those who are on here daily, are truly amazing people in and outside of Webkinz. It’s great to be able to talk to others about anything; whether it’s to make jokes or share recipes, it’s great to be part of the conversation around here.

Anyway, onto my wishlist:

My wishlist is all on a Google doc. Please comment on the blog, email me ( or find me on Facebook (Boper Gazpacho) if you want to trade. All items should be sent to Boper911. Gifts are accepted, but if you send me items I will send you some fun items back!

Link to wish list

WWID: Boper911


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