Crazywebkinzchic’s trading list

Last updated Sept 2018
MY MAIN WWID IS “lilcrincess”

I DO have stuff to trade! and codes…ask, you never know. ;) I REALLY would love to give back! I’ve been at gymbos since 2009 I believe. I became a moderator here sometime afterwards. Things get crazy in real life, so I’m in & out from time to time. I still LOVE webkinz!!! I started by helping my kids take care of the dailies & got hooked HARD! I ended up taking over my youngest dd’s acct & that ultimately became my main acct. I take care of my kids old accts. **sniff** Sad to know that they’ve grown out of it. Anyway,  if you see anything coming from – myangelboy, grandmalll, swampdriver or mylilcrincess, you’ll know its me. I do have crazywebkinzchic acct as well, but don’t log on as often as I use to.
Awesome Alyssa Wings
Colorful Clown Top Hat
Wild West Window
Holiday Home Grandfather Clock
Granny’s Cottage*** I LOVE cottages!


Silver Menorah


Hamster Tiki Statue
Water Tower Chair

Magic Mire
Magic Mire Marsh*****

Treasures of the Crystal Sea Trophy
 I also have extras from the mystery bags to offer for the mystery items i don’t have. i have estore stuff as well. just ask.  :mrgreen:

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