I’ll start with the latest pet added…The Petal Print Giraffe!

The PSI is the Purple Satin Flower Seat, the food is Pressed Petal Tea.

The following items are all “SENDABLE“!

They added six new figurines and the items that you get with them.

top row: Racing Samoyed Figure, Car Racing Chair, Volleyball Star American Albino Figure, and Volleyball Jersey.
bottom row: Weight Lifting Silverback Gorilla, Barbell Bench, Outdoor Adventure Skunk Figure, and Outdoor Adventure Compass Table.

Water Sports Parakeet Figure, Water Sports Helmet, Shopping Spree Siamese Cat Figure, and Overstuffed Shopping Bag.

top row: Patriotic Top Hat (July Deluxe Gift), and Turtle Wading Pool (Summer Sensation Prize)
bottom row: Campkinz Sleeping Bag, Campkinz Pup Tent, and Campkinz Picnic Blanket.

top row: Floral Long Dress, One Piece Summer Shorts, Lime Jean Shorts, Girl’s Khaki Shorts, and Striped Board Shorts.
bottom row: Dog Bone Belt, Leather Sandals, High Heel Sandals, and Camo Trucker Visor.

top row: Rockerz Visor, Koala Holiday Hat, Purple Jean Shorts, and Yellow Long Dress.
bottom row: Turqoise One Piece Summer Shorts, Fun in the Sun Suit, Ruby Gemlamp, and Zangoz Water Sprayer.

The next items are all “NONSENDABLE“!

top row: Conservatory Waterfall, Conservatory Pond, Butterfly Pillar, Summer Wings, and Fluttering Butterflies Hat.
bottom row: Carried Away Couch, Carried Away Table, Yard Sale Display, and Yard Sale Table.

top row: Craning Orb Modern Lamp, Modern Glass Coffee Table, Giant Birdhouse, and Peacock Tail Feather Chair.
bottom row: Converted Bathtub Couch, Converted Bathtub Chair, Rubber Ducky Coffee Table, and Upcycled Jivin’ TV Bed.

This next group is the new “Petal Print” theme!
This is the Petal Print Wallpaper and Flooring.

top row: Petal Print Princess Bed, Petal Print Beanbag Chair, Petal Print Rug, and Green Flower Rug.
bottom row: Butterfly Lattice Side Table, Butterfly Lattice Shelving Unit, Colorful Flower Lamp, and Wonderful Winged Window.

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