Spoilers 12.12.12

Thank you Webkinz fairy!

Here are items added with today’s update:
First the new pets… The Purple Panther!

It’s PSI is the Nocturnal Clock, the food item is Sour Grape Moon Chews.
Next is the Lovely Panda!

It’s PSI is the Pink Blossom Hideout, the food is Friendship Fortune Cookies.
Now we have items that are SENDABLE!

top row: Glittering Evening Gown, Nakamas Friendship Bracelet, Amazing Treasure Map Rug, and Amazing Treasure Chest. bottom row: Amazing World Christmas Poster, Blooms Amazing Tree, Blooms Amazing Kinzville Tree (for map), and Huggy Hoodie. The Glittering Evening Gown is the January 2012 Deluxe Gift. The other items are listed as either Nakamas or Amazing World PROMO prizes.
Here are two cards I found that may help explain where the PROMO prizes might be found:

More Sendable items…

top row: Skunk Misunderstood Poster, Snowy Mountain Mine Cart, and Pink Fountain of WOW. bottom row: Amethyst Tiara, Amethyst Princess Dress, and Magical Amulet.

Family Photo Albums, Family Framed Drawing, and Hider’s Backpack.
The next items are all NON-SENDABLE (unless specified otherwise)!

top row: Gumball Gizmo, Pink Gumball. bottom row: Party Hat Cookie Tree, Party Hat Cookie. The Gumball Gizmo gives out the Pink Gumball.  This is the DELUXE ITEM FOR 2013! The Party Hat Cookie Tree makes the Party Hat Cookie. Both the Gumball and Cookie are food items and are sendable!

This is just a better view of the Gumball Gizmo and the Party Hat Cookie Tree. The Gumball Gizmo is something to watch.  It’s like a “Rube Goldberg” contraption!

top row: Pink Fairy Cloak, Warm Winter Dress, Theater Balcony Box, and Ancient Civilization Chariot. bottom row: Winterfest Mega Music Box, Winter Cobblestones, Mermaid Princess Slide, and Slippery Ice Patch. Your pet can sit in the Mega Music Box and listen to music.

top row: Valentine Fountain, Hearts Stone Arch Bench, Heart Curtains, and Magical Valentine Wardrobe. The wardrobe can hold 15 items.
Here’s a better view of the Valentine Fountain:

This is more of the “Lots of Dots” theme in the eStore:

top row: “Lots of Dots” Bed, Laundry Hamper, Closet, and Table. bottom row: “Lots of Dots” Counter, Tub, and Sink.
Here is the Lot’s of Dot’s wallpaper:

And finally, some Misc. items!

top row: WKF Kinzville Hiking Shirt, Kinzville Sailboat Pond, and Kinzville Birch Trees. bottom row: Kinzville White Tiger Lily Patch, and Kinzville Cave Painting Rock. The Shirt is obviously something you can get through the Kinzville game. All the other items are “map” items for your Webkinz map.
They also added the Gnomes that were mentioned on the Webkinz Newz.

These can be won in the WF game and sent to your Webkinz account.

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