Webkinz trophies!!!

Ok guys! Here is all the webkinz trophies so far:webkinztrophies.JPG

Here is a guide to ALL the trophies except contest ones
I hope its useful to everybody!
Quick note: ALL current trophies are awarded in the arcade and the tournament arena

First of all I’d like to say thank you to these people who helped me:

Bounce N Burst
Get it by completing all 20 levels

Candy Bash
Get it by completing all 30 levels
SPECIAL FEATURE:Hovers when you click on it
and spins around

Candy Bash 2
The trophy randomly drops down from
the cat that goes across the screen

Cash Cow *Updated*
You have a chance to get a trophy
every time you click on a group of bottles
between 21 and 51 bottles

Go Go Googles

You have a chance to get this trophy
randomly after you spell the word “GOOGLES”

Goobers Lab
Every time you use a five atom bonus
you have a chance to get a trophy if you don’t get one
one of these things will happen, you will get a KC bonus
or all teh atoms of one color will disappear
SPECIAL FEATURE:hovers when you touch it

Operation Gumball
Every time you complete a level
you have a chance to get a trophy

Wacky Zingoz(Retired)
You get a trophy when you get past
the 600 sign post

Zackys Quest
Collect all the 20 map pieces
to get a trophy

Polar plunge(Game is glitched)
When you make it all the way down the slope
you have a chance to get a trophy

Zingoz Bounce(Retired)
Get at least 700 points and you might
get a trophy
SPECIAL FEATURE:jiggles when you touch it

Zingoz Pop
Beat all 30 levels to get a gold trophy

Drop 40+ balls in a level to get a silver trophy(Retired)

Skater Kat(Retired)
Get past all 16 levels to get a
SPECIAL FEATURE:you can ride it

Booger Gets An “A”
filling a report card with 6 checkmarks
gets you a random chance at a trophy, not a guarantee

SPECIAL FEATURE:you can use it as a calculator

Webkinz Year 1 Trophy(Retired)
Get this trophy by going to your
room on April 29 2006

Webkinz Year 2 Trophy(Retired)
Get this trophy by going to your
room on April 29 2007

Trading Card Gold Trophy
Get this by collecting all of the

80 base cards online

Trading Card Master Silver Trophy
Get this by unlocking every prize and card

Bowling Trophy

This trophy was given out in early 05 in
a bowling contest,the first 10 people to have a perfect game
got the trophy and 1,000kC

Well I think thats every trophy except the

contest ones!

Trophies you can still get
Cash Cow
Bounce N Burst
Candy Bash 1
Candy Bash 2
Go Go Googles
Goobers Lab
Zackys Quest
Gold Zingoz Pop
Operation Gumball

Gold TC Trophy
Silver TC trophy
Booger gets an “A”

Trophies you can’t get anymore:
Wacky Zingoz 600
Zingoz Bounce
Polar Plunge(Until Glitch is fixed)
Skater Kat
Silver Zingoz Pop
1st Year Trophy

2nd Year Trophy


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  1. cocomac said,

    January 30, 2008 @ 6:59 pm

    Trophy class 101. More helpful tips to print out.

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