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  1. Last updated  April. 13th, 2020



EMAIL—  enchantedisle@cox.net


if you write me there I may not see it right away.. but will eventually lol just put your user name and gymbos in subject so I don’t just delete you as I don’t open mail from those I don’t know.

I have a lot of stuff. not looking for freebies, I have lots to trade too. I usually have at least two Deluxe accounts..

I have way too many webkinz accounts so anything I can get free I always have extras. 

I am positive there are a lot of things id love to have. that I do not have.

I don’t buy a lot of estore, but do occasionally indulge.

I’m pretty easy going and I love to gift things.. and maybe one of these days I might actually clean out the 3000 plus things in my first accounts dock.. if I ever find time to decorate instead of just collecting.. sigh..


GANZ WORLD PEEK A NEWZ—–I decided to work on rooms, and realized I was missing a bunch of the Mod theme pieces!! I need…1 bed, 1 lounge chairs, 1 side table. I can’t believe I missed all those pieces!

ADVENTURE PARK- DIGGING–Bio hazard sample,coral jewelry box, explorer top hat,  fools gold art, seashell shoes, rocky side table

MINI QUEST– grand treasure pile, crocodile lantern,  griffin garden statue

DAILY QUEST PRIZES–wild mushrooms.

CLUBHOUSE PARTIES-all the jelly bean piles….*****except halloween,jellybean, and spring

JELLY BEAN CHALLENGE—-Christmas, valentine, and winter

Deluxe— moon globe

SPREE–Racetrack straight and curvy floor tiles, the ones with the red and white edges.

ANY OF THE HOCKEY THEME.. It was way before my time , I don’t know all the pieces to this.                                                  *******(I now have…1 table,1 nightstand\trophy stand, 1bed,1 study desk and 1desk chair, walls and floors, dining table, couch, 2 goal nets)

TROPHIES-Crystal sea

ROCKER VIP PASS–vip tour bus

The GEM TOP HATS–Garnet, opal, and pearl(alexandrite?)

Customer appreciation gifts.- tawny cat shoes.

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