Bepsy’s wishlist wwid bepoodlepal

Updated 11/17/18

Birthday 9/26

Misc clothes

watermelon hair bow, shoes
wise owl hat, feet
butterfly gown, ballet flats, fascinator
Gold wing track shoes
Winged helmet
pom pom pig tails
colorful party mask

Wheels and games

Arcade pool table
Monkey kinzbandz wall art

Misc furniture & items

5 emperors dining thrones
nautical navy slide (teddy bear)
mod dining chair (3 or 5 to finish a table)
frosted ice floor lamp
Webkinz Day Year 5 Fireworks Machine
Catch the Leprechaun Pot of Gold
2009 Jack O’Lantern
2010 Jack O’Lantern
hotel pool
kinzville bakery
gem expert certificate
rose zircon mosaic tile

Retired potm

Dex’s Lugbot Lookout
Crystalline Pond
Playful Picture
Newton’s Giant Cradle

Christmas items and furniture

Red & Green Gem Christmas Tree
Bright Light Modern Tree
Dancing Toy Robot
Silver Menorah
Colorful Menorah
kinzville gingerbread house


snowboard suit
santakinz snowman
spotted frog pattern balloon
wacky slippy slide
garden patio sink
tawny dog ears (code)
haunted hotel couch
enchanted ice tower
Golden Suit
Golden Mirror
Golden Glasses

rockerz vip pass

rockin’ diner table
lighting backdrop
stadium speakers

retired rockerz pass

Stadium Security Headset
Bass Case Closet
VIP Tour Bus

Foods (old and new)

Piled high springtime jelly beans
Wreath cookies
Pb&j chocowich (not chococup)
r&r cupcake
seasonal jellybean jars (christmas, halloween, summer, valentine)
winter jellybean pile

Holiday clothing old/oldest (I would love to trade for these especially)

elf hat, shoes
elephant costume hat, shirt, pants, feet
lion costume pants
hippo costume shirt, pants, feet
B&W cat costume shirt, pants, feet

AP items

AP poster, weather vane
bean stalk basket
framed seashell art
rocky sode table
yellow crystal paperweight

Webkinz friends

Blue santakinz nutcracker
Family framed drawing
Henrietta hippo poster
Wkf drum roll snare

Magical forest

Gold Leaf Dining Chair (3 to complete my table)
Grand Charmling Tree
Charm Forest Floor
Fairy Falls Fountain
Charm Forest Flowers
Charm Forest Window
Magic Mire Marsh
charm forest dining chairs (3 or 5 to complete a table)

Kinzstyle shop codes

Safari jacket, shorts, boots
Nefertiti headress

Kinzstyle shop (currently unavailable)

Basketball jersey and shorts
Bunched sleeve blouse
Red sport pants
Snowboarding toque
Webkinz sport top and shorts

Thats all for now, Thnx for reading! Just FYI I am completely willing to work out a trade if you would like. :)

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