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Last updated 03/25/19

Thanks everyone for the generous gifts I have received so far! This is a wonderful Webkinz community be a part of! I have also successfully traded for some of the items I previously wanted, so here is a revised/shortened list. I am cm200993 on Webkinz. Let me know what you are looking for; I may have it! Thank you!

Here is my wishlist:

-90% Off Coupon

-Back Country Outhouse

-CampKinz Library Bookshelf (4)

-CampKinz Platform Tent

-Candy Cane Lane Fireplace

-Christmas Card Display (4)

-Dex’s Lugbot Lookout

-Festive Guitar

-Flowery Greenhouse

-Garden Patio BBQ

-Garden Patio Fireplace

-Garden Patio Tile (4)

-Jelly Lollipop Tree

-Jolly Holly Bed (3)

-Magical Webkinz Wardrobe

-Magnificent Antique Wardrobe

-Night at the Movies Bed

-Oak Tree Fireplace

-Oak Tree Walllpaper

-SantaKinz Workshop Theme Items

-Spectacular Pink Wardrobe

-Spring Blooms Fountain

-Stone Elephant Statue

-Violet Volcano Lamp

-Webkinz Totem Pole

-Webkinz Wishing Well

-Wildflower Gazebo


-Wooden Grandfather Clock


Thank You So Much! :)


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