Miracle’s Wish/Trade List (pet4mom)

Last Updated: 1/18/2019 – Thank you all so much for helping with my wish list!  
BD: July 25

Christmas Trees
Kinzville Snowy Cedar, Kinzville Snowy Bush (2012: for Kinzville map… are these transferable?)
2015 Red Bow Christmas Tree … how am I missing this??!?!? :( 

Winterfest/Christmas Items/Food
Gifts Galore Gingerbread Cookies (2010), Happy Holidays Cupcake (2011), Candy Cane Cocoa (2012), Snowman Cupcake (2012), Holiday Wreath Cake Pop (2013), Peppermint Truffles (2013), Festive Sidewalk Tree (2011), Snowy Holiday Fence (x2), White Christmas Centerpiece (2012)

Halloween/Thanksgiving Items/Food
Fizzy Fuzzles (2014), Vampire Pop (2014), Colorful Corn Display (2010)

Trying to Finish Rare/Retired Themes
Webkinz Bouncy Bed, Invisible Car
Ancient Civ: Ancient Emperor Statue, Emperor’s Settee
Aztec Theme
: Aztec Artisan’s Toy Box
Beautiful Game
: Hat Trick Soccer Dresser
Blue Striped: Blue Striped Chair, Blue Striped Dining Table, Blue Striped Floor Lamp, Blue Striped Toy Box
Lily Pad: Buzzy Coffee Table, Hoppity Sofa, Ribbity Reed Television, Lily Pad Flooring, Will ‘O the Wisp Floor Lamp
Palace Princess: Palace Princess Flooring, Palace Princess Wallpaper
Persian: Golden Oil Lamp of Persia, (Persian Swing)
Quizzy’s Corner: Quizzy’s Contestant Podium, Quizzy’s Floor Light, Quizzy’s Scoreboard, Quizzy’s TV Set Camera, Quizzy’s TV Set Light
Space Theme: Space Dresser
Webkinz Newz Glam: Webkinz Newz Glam Boutique Chair, Webkinz Newz Glam Boutique Lamp, Webkinz Newz Glam Boutique Side Table
Whimsical Wonderland: Mad Hatter Chair, (Afternoon Tea Lamp)

Exclusive Items I’m Working On
Blue Fall Season Window, Giant Rafflesia Plant, Green Oak Leaf Chair, Millie’s Slide, Wild Water Ski, Wooden Garden Archway; Retired: Neo Gothic Piano

Collection Events I Missed
CampKinz Library Bookshelf, Wild Flower Gazebo, Baby Buttercups Plant 

Clubhouse Events I Missed
Lucky Leprechaun: Lucky Leprechaun Coin Pond, Golden Pot of Coins Fridge, Leprechaun Statue

Peek-a-Newz Items I Missed
Mod Dining Chair, Alexandrite Mosaic Tile, Sapphire Mosaic Tile, Ruby Mosaic Tile, Diamond Mosaic Tile,

Jumbleberry Prizes I’m Working On
Berry Good Flat Bed, Farmhouse Cabinet, Jug of Pickleberry Juice, Weathered Well

Spree Prizes I’m Working On
Drum Set, Elephant Kinzbanz Wall Art, Monkey Kinzbanz Wall Art, Sand Castle Sofa, Yoga Ball Bed

Deluxe Items
Powerful Pedestal, Super Star Carpet, Golden Stone Path Corner, Yummy Deluxe Lollipop, Golden Mirror

Helping Paws Club Collection
Bouquet, candles, carpet, column, lamp, neon sign, tapestry, vase, wall sconce, patio door, dress, glasses

Food Prizes
Misc: Fan Favorite Cupcake

Zodiac Air Costume (Hat, Top, Bottom); Zodiac Fire Costume (Shoes); Zodiac Water Costume (Top)

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