Miracle’s Wish/Trade List (pet4mom)

Last Updated: 10/16/17 – Most of my missing items are between 2010-2014 … always thankful for any help with my collection obsession!  
BD: July 25

MAZIN’ Hamsters food: Chili’s Chili Crockpot

Halloween Costumes
Ninja Shoes, X-Ray Costume, Angel Costume, Angel Halo, Angel Shoes, Cleopatra Costume, Cleopatra Costume Wig, Martian Costume, Martian Headband, Martian Space Boots, Goblin Costume Top, Goblin Costume Belt, Goblin Costume Pants, Goblin Boots, Ladybug Antenna, Ladybug Costume, Wacky Witch Hat, Electric Shock Wig, Alien Mask

Trying to Finish Superfan & Medieval Themes
Super Fan Fridge, Super Fan Hot Tub, Super Fan Stove, Regal Flame Lamp, Medieval Pig Coat of Arms

Wheel of Wow/Wheel of Deluxe Items I Missed
Cash Register, Frankenstein Movie Poster, Lovely Caring Bouquet, Mummy Movie Poster, Pink Hydrangeas, Police Chair, Vampire Movie Poster, Webkinz Stadium Cap

Academy/Recess Items
Food – Academy Cookies, Chocolate Chalk, Loose Leaf Sandwich, Goo-Goo Berry Pie, Prepperoni Pizza, White Chocolate Milk,
Prizes – READ Poster

Spring/Easter Items
Piled High Springtime Jellybeans (2010)
Spring Celebration Fascinator (2014)
Spring Celebration Place Setting (2014)

Fall Fest Items
Apple Basket (red) (2013)
Autumn Leaf Bed (2014)

Christmas Trees
Silver Christmas Tree (2005)
Bright Light Modern Tree (2006)
Red & Green Gem Christmas Tree (2006)
Kinzville Snowy Cedar (2012)
Kinzville Snowy Bush (2012)

Winterfest/Christmas Items
2011 Santakinz Snow Globe (2011)
Cozy Cinnamon Tea (2014)
Figgy Pudding
Ginger Bread Cheesecake (2011)
Hanging Mistletoe
Happy Holidays Cupcake (2011)
Holiday Wacky Cookies (2012)
Polarberry Jam Snowglobe (2013)
Rotating Festive Tree (2011)
Snowman Cookie (2014)
White Christmas Centerpiece (2012)
Winterfest Donut (2014)


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