Miracle’s Wish/Trade List (pet4mom)

Last Updated: 09/19/2020 – Thank you all so much for helping with my wish list!  
BD: July 25

I started re-collecting PSF (Pet Specific Foods) about a year ago. I posted a list of what I don’t have (at the bottom of my wish list), but it is so LONG, and I still need a lot of them. But I love WW food, and thankfully, it is cheap, so if you have some to donate, I’m happy to swap! :)

Also, happy to swap dispenser foods! 

Holiday Items/Food (Old Stuff)
Colorful Corn Display (2010)
Candy Cane Cocoa-plain white cup? (2012)
Gifts Galore Gingerbread Cookies (2010)
Hovering Menorah (2010)
Leprechaun Statue
Magnificent Menorah (2009)
Peppermint Truffles (2013)
Snowman Cupcake (2012)
White Christmas Centerpiece (2012)
2011 Be My Valentine Bouquet and Roses in Crystal Vase (pink, red, white, light pink, yellow)

Winterfest/Cookie Items I missed
Adventure Scouts Snowmobile
Fancy Frozen Piano
Frozen Floor Tile
Ice Prince Crown
Ice Prince Pants
Ice Prince Shoes
Ice Prince Top
Royal Ice Sleigh
Royal Ice Bed
Ski Slopes Wallpaper
Snowy Oak Tree
Snowy Waterfall
White Lamp Post
Winterfest Pyjama Pants

Fall Fest/Soda Items I missed
Apple Farm Barn
Barn Owl Plushy
Countryside Creek Bridge
Cantaloupe Seeds
Fall Fest Side Table
Fall Log Hideaway
Giant Oak Tree
Ironwood Wagon

Trying to Finish Rare/Retired Themes
Football: Football Fridge, Football Grill, Football Locker, Football Trophy Stand, Football Tub, Football Water Cooler, Stadium Lighting Lamp
Mod Theme: Mod Dining Chair (x3), Mod Ebony Low Bed
Palace Princess: Palace Princess Flooring, Palace Princess Wallpaper (these used to be estore?)
Webkinz Newz Glam: Webkinz Newz Glam Boutique Chair, Webkinz Newz Glam Boutique Lamp
Random: Aquamarine Glasses, Purple Crystal Rock Cluster

Newz Items I Missed
Blue Flower Lamp
Classic Movie Studio Slate
Cookie Jar Fridge
Kinectimals Island ATV

Berry Prizes I Missed
Country Party Dress
Farmer’s Boots
Farmer’s Hat

Spree Prizes I Missed
Drum Set
Elephant Kinzbanz Wall Art
Monkey Kinzbanz Wall Art

Academy Items
Academy P.E. Uniform Shoes
Hopscotch Floor Tile
Wacky Student Plush

Animal Totem Pole
Creepy Cauldron
Dory Cookie
Elf Cookie
Gingerbread Elf
Hank Cookie
Hotel Pool
Island ATV
Robot Flower
Silver Tiara
Smiling Watermelon Slices
Truffula Tree Painting
Wacky Zingoz Jeans

Helping Paws Club Collection
Bouquet, candles, carpet, column, lamp, neon sign, tapestry, vase, wall sconce, patio door, dining chair (I have jacket and pants to swap)

Webkinz Friends Prizes
Alyssa’s Assistant Hoody
Family Framed Drawing
Family Photo Album
Forest First Aid Kit
Goobers Bowling Trophy
Henrietta Hippo Poster
Nafaria’s Assistant Hoody
Posh Designer Purse
Rockerz Ticket Booth
Tabby’s Desk
The Azure Zingoz Throne
Webkinz FB Friends Hat
Webkinz Friends Birthday Statue
WKF Calming Candles
WKF Drum Snare

Exclusive Items I’m Working On
Giant Gladiolus Garden
Wildflower Gazebo

Dispenser Recipes (or the Dispenser Foods that make them)
(Are all of these ingredients tradable?)

Chocolate Caramel Mousse (Dark Chocolate Caramels, Double Chocolate Holiday Fudge)
Gazpacho Soup (Countryside Sweet Pepper, Veggie Slice, Self Serve Salad)
Chocolate Brioche (Chocolate and Cream Cookies, Damond Ring Donut)
Chocolate Rainbow Waffles (Honey Maple Lollipop, Rainbow Cookie Bark, White Chocolate Pretzel)
Club Sandwich (Fresh Cut Fries, Cucumber Tea Sandwich, The Works Potato)
Bumbleberry Pie (Berry Gummy Grub, Simple Apple Sauce, Strawberry Sensation Cupcake Pop)
Coconut Cream Pie (Celebration Cream Puff, Coconut Truffle, Vanilla Ice Cream Cone)
Dreamy Caramel Tart (Caramel Drizzle Candy, Cash Cow Milk Bottle, Rock Candy)

PSF Foods (in order by Pet)
After Run Bun (Fox Terrier)
Algae Apple Pie (Blue Tang)
Apple Blossom Tarts (Purple Floral Fawn)
Apricot Fruit Leather (Apricot Schnoodle Puppy)
Artsy Appetizers (Papillon Dog)
Bamboo Berry Tea (Pewter Panda)
Bamboo Bruschetta (Pretty Panda)
Bamboo Tofu (Red Panda)
Banana Breakfast Roll (Good Fortune Hedgehog)
Bangers and Monster Mash (Trick or Treat Troll)
Beans on Toast (British Bulldog)
Beguiling Bagel (Enchanted Goat)
Big Game Bacon Nachos (Bulldog Puppy)
Birch Branch Breadsticks (Beaver, Signature)
Black Bean Soup (Black Labrador)
Black Licorice Sorbet (Black Cocker Spaniel)
Black Pudding and Mash (Sheepdog)
Blue Marzipan Truffles (Lil Blue Piglet)
Booberry Gumball (Friendly Monster)
Boppin’ Blueberry Shake (Groovy Gorilla)
Bountiful Bread Table (Pioneer Pony)
Bow Wow Chow Mein (Shih Tzu)
Bubble and Squeak Puppy Pie (Bullmastiff Puppy)
Bulls Eye Biscuits (Bull Terrier)
Bullseye Meat Pie (Sagittarius Buck)
Burger and Bun (Mutt)
Butterscotch Beatles (Bushbaby)
Camo Corn (Camo Cow)
Campfire Cone (Blue Bison Calf)
Candied Carousel Corn Dogs (Carousel Horse)
Candied Crickets (Chameleon (2017))
Candied Orange (Olympus Phoenix)
Candy Catnip (Calico Cat)
Canine Carat Cake (Golden Retriever, Small Signature)
Capricorn on the Cob (Capricorn Goat)
Caramel Ice Pop (Cocoa Lab)
Carnival Candies (Quirky Carnival Cub)
Carrot Bisque (English Spot Bunny, Signature)
Carrot Cake Crepes (Carrots Bunny)
Carrot Candy Slices (Chocolate Bunny)
Carrot Cream Cone (Holland Lop Bunny)
Cedar Tree Tea (Blue Ribbon Goat)
Celery Slabs (Pebble Horse)
Champion Treats (Boxer)
Charming Caviar (Lady Ostrich)
Charming Crepes (Elegant French Bulldog)
Cheesy Pasta Bake (Wooly Piglet)
Chewy Cashew Chips (Chipmunk (2017))
Chic Croissant (French Bulldog)
ChiChi Cinnamon French Toast (French Poodle)
ChiChi Coleslaw (French Hen)
Chilled Shrimp Cocktail (Chillin’ Sea Lion)
Chilly Chocolate Float (Pot Bellied Pig)
Chocolate Bar (Cat[4])
Chocolate Chimp Pancakes (Chimpanzee, Small Signature)
Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwich (Spotted Spaniel)
Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich (Ice Cream Pup)
Chocolate Mice (Magical Hippogriff)
Chopped Safari Salad (Denim & Lace Giraffe)
Cinna-Bones (Cinnamon Dachshund)
Cinnabark Bites (Cinnamon Beagle)
Cinnamon Strudel (German Shorthaired Pointer, Signature)
Clam Shell Cookies (Otter Pup)
Classy Creme Brulee (Glitzy Dragon)
Clockwork Cookie (Tinker Chimera)
Cloud Nine Custard (Snow Soft Kitty)
Cod Casserole (Northern Trails Eagle)
Coiled Curly Fries (Rainforest Boa)
Copabanana Split (Sock Monkey)
Corn on the Cob Pop (Blue Ribbon Cow)
Cornbread ‘n Beans (Rockabilly Rooster)
Cosmic Coral Kabob (Pisces Fish)
Country Biscuit Sandwich (Homespun Polar Bear)
Covert Cookies (Curious Mouse)
Crayfish Cocktail (FrooFroo Fox)
Cream of Collieflower Soup (Border Collie)
Cream Soda Slushy (Pink Dalmatian)
Creamy Carrot Soup (Lop Bunny, Signature)
Creamy Cherry Cheesecake (Cherry Soda Pup)
Crispy Hay Squares (Lamb, Small Signature)
Crunch Cereal Cup (Chow Chow Puppy)
Crunchy Bark Bites (Sleepy Woodland Dragon)
Crunchy Carrot Chutney (Angora Bunny)
Crunchy Chip Cookies (Polka Dot Cow)
Crunchy Leaf Coleslaw (Ladybug)
Cursed Cherry Soda (Vampire Bat)
Cycad Caesar (Apatosaurus)
Darkness Dipped Cookies (Nightfall Dragon)
Dazzling Danishes (Sequin Fox)
Dazzling Dumplings (Brilliant Penguin)
Decadent Doggie Dish (ChiChi Chihuahua)
Delectable Insectables (Opossum)
Delightful Dumplings (Raccutie)
Desert Dessert (Wild Bactrian Camel, Signature)
Dignified Dim Sum (Elegant Dino)
Disco Ball Cereal (Rockerz Poodle)
Disguise Pops (Undercover Cat)
Disguised Fries (Camo Rhino)
Donut Sandwich (Donut Pup)
Dragon Hero Burger (Sea Dragon)
Duck a L’Orange (Orange Tabby, Signature)
Electric Purple Drum Set (Plum Porcupine)
Elegant English Muffins (Airedale Terrier)
Emerald Jewel Pop (Emerald Dragon)
Enchanted Cheese (Charming Rat)
Eucalyptus Tea (Cuddly Koala)
Evergreen Ice Cream (Giraffe, Signature)
Ewe Stew (Welsh Corgi Dog)
Exquisite Eucalyptea (Koala, Signature)
Fairy Bread Triangles (Sugar Coated Kitty)
Fancy Beans on Toast (Morkie Puppy)
Fancy Fig Smoothie (Orangutan)
Fandango Fries (Fiesta Chihuahua)
Fantastic Jurassic Smoothie (Spotty Dinosaur)
Far-Fetched Fajitas (Flutter Pig)
Far Out Fudge (White Cosmic Bear)
Festive Cheese Fondue (Mistletoe Mouse)
First Blush Forb Broth (Hoppy Floppy Bunny)
Fish Fillet Flambe (Sizzling Swan)
Fishy Finger Cakes (Pretty Kitty)
Five Fruit Frozen Yogurt (Sugar Glider)
Fizzy Lemonade (Rainbow Sparkle Fawn)
Flaming Smores Sundae (Dawn Dragon)
Flan Flambe (Sequin Peacock)
Flatfish Fritters (Narwhal (2018))
Flickering Fondue (Fire Bear)
Florescent Frozen Yogurt (Neon Pallas Cat)
Flower Chips and Dip (Dandy Lion)
Flower Flapjacks (Earth Fawn)
Flower Petal Porridge (Pretty Peacock)
Flower Powdered Sugar Cookies (Rockerz Cow)
Flower Tart (Rose Lion)
Flowerbed Flapjacks (Purple Floral Fox)
Flowery Flutterpie (Renaissance Palace Butterfly)
Flutter Nutter Pie (Violetwing Butterfly)
Folklore Smores (Jackalope)
Foxy Falafels (Rockerz Fox)
Fresh Flower Cocktail (Tropical Island Pup)
Fresh Garden Salad (Cauliflower Sheep)
Freshly Frozen Nuggets (Glacial Fox)
Fried Apple Rings (Denim & Lace Pony)
Friendly Dragon Fruit Soarbet (Friendly Dragon)
Friendship Fortune Cookies (Lovely Panda)
Frightening Fritter (Zombie Bloodhound)
Frosted Candy Flowers (Neon Winged Zebra)
Frosted Fossil Flakes (Prehistoric Mammoth[3])
Frosted Mug Cake (Iceberg Bear)
Frosted Strawberry Pop (Pink Iced Penguin)
Frosty Sardine Sandwich (Chillaxin Penguin)
Frozen Fish and Chips (Arctic Fox, Signature)
Frozen Fruit Cocktail (Ice Swan)
Fruity Flakes (Strawberry Cow)
Fruity Oat Cereal (Tie Dyed Pony)
Funky Monkey Split (Mohawk Monkey)
Garden Fresh Veggies (Petal Puppy)
Garden Veggies and Dip (Storybook Rabbit)
Glam Hors D’Oeuvres (Glamorous Gorilla)
Glitter Gumdrops (Sparkling Puppy)
Glitzy Jelly Beans (Brilliant Pegasus)
Gold Encrusted Meat Pie (Golden Winged Tiger)
Gold Wrapped Truffles (Turtle Dove)
Golden Ossilily (Collie, Signature)
Golden Syrup Pancakes (Golden Retriever, Signature)
Gourmet Dog Biscuits (Pug, Small Signature)
Grandiose Griddle Cakes (Black and White Friesian)
Grape Pupsicle (Misty Puppy)
Grapefruit Symphony (Spring Songbird)
Grass Glazed Donut (Pink Hippo)
Grasslands Griddlecakes (Longhorn Steer)
Grazed Glazed Greens (Fleecy Sheep)
Grazing Gazpacho (South African Springbok)
Great Puppy Poundcake (English Bulldog, Signature)
Green Magic Mint Smoothie (Green Peppermint Unicorn)
Green Marzipan Truffles (Lil Green Piglet)
Green Mint Shortbread (Holidoodle)
Green Petrifying Parfait (Lil Green Goblin)
Gummy Honey on Toast (Polar Gummy)
Ham & Cheese Pinwheel (Cairn Terrier)
Hand Knit Hamburger (Sock Bear)
Haystack Sleeping Nook (Pioneer Pig)
Heavy Metal Meatballs (Rockerz Lion)
Highland Haggis (West Highland Terrier, Signature)
Holiday Helper Sundae (Holiday Helper Dragon)
Holiday Party Cookies (Jolly Jubilee Reindeer)
Homemade Apple Crisp (Oatmeal Pup)
Honeycomb Porridge (Yellow Fluffy Cub)
Hot Cinnamon Acorns (Sweetheart Chipmunk)
Hunk-a-Hunk of P.B.&J. (Hound Dog)
Ice Cream Cupcakes (Cotton Candy Puppy)
Jeweled Eggs Benedict (Opal Owl)
Jumpin’ Juice Box (Music N’ Dance Pup)
Kibble Cookie Dough Cone (Wheaten Terrier Puppy)
Kinz Air Pilot Outfit (Winged Tiger)
Kitten Caboodle Strudel (Calico Cat, Signature)
Labracadabra Chow (Labradoodle, Signature)
Lazy Daisy Cupcake (Daisy Lion)
Lazy Leaf Lasagna (Panama Sloth)
Lemon Sundrops (Sunflower Lion)
Licorice Linguini (Ribbon Lion)
Lightning Lemonade (Firefly)
Locust Jerky (Ostrich)
Lost City Throne (Shark)
Lovely Eucalyptus Lasagna (Misty Koala)
Lovely Leaf Frittata (Enchanted Giraffe)
Lucky Irish Omelet (Pine Marten)
Lucky Steak Medallion (Clover Lion)
Mackerel Macaroni (Seaspray Dolphin)
Mammoth Burger (Dire Wolf)
Marbled Ice Cream (Brown Sugar Puppy)
Marvelous Macaroni (Mystical Purple Hedgehog)
Marvelous Mech-aroni (Tinker Jackalope)
Masked Meatballs (Raccoon, Signature)
Melon Moons (Aquarius Retriever)
Messy Mud Pie (Cockapoo)
Midnight Macaroni (Twilight Dragon)
Midnight Snack (Dreamy Sheep)
Milkshake Mirage (Curly Camel)
Milky Way Milkshake (Scorpio Snake)
Mince and Tatties (Scottish Terrier)
Mini Goulash Dish (Snow Leopard Cub)
Mini Maltese Marshmallows (Maltese Puppy)
Mini Meatball Sandwich (Cheetah Cub)
Mini Meatballs (Spaniel Pup)
Mini Meatballs (Black Lab, Small Signature)
Minnow Meat Pies (Pinktastic Peacock)
Minty Fresh Fudge (Mint Chocolate Cow)
Monstrous Milkshake (Sweetheart Monster)
Moon Rock Candy (Cosmic Bear)
Moonberry Yogurt (Mystic Moon Bear)
Moonlight Casserole (Moonlight Wolf)
Moonlight Meringues (Midnight Marten)
Mosh Pitatoes (Rockerz Bulldog)
Mountain Smokehouse Sandwich (White Dire Wolf Pup)
Mutton Cutlets (Blue Persian Kitten)
Mythical Milkshake (Ice Dragon)
Nighttime Nibbles (Midnight Owl)
Noble Nachos (King Charles Spaniel)
Oasis Iced Tea (Springbok)
Off the Truck Tacos (Rascally Raccoon)
Orange Petrifying Parfait (Lil Orange Goblin)
Orange Spring Rolls (Lil Orange Goat)
Organic Veggie Burger (Peace ‘n Love Puppy)
P.I. Pie (Bloodhound Pup)
Pachamanchilla (Chinchilla)
Pampered Pudding (Whooo La La Owl)
Papyrus Papayas (Phoenix)
Passion Fruit Salad (Love Spaniel)
Patterned Pastry (Patchwork Cow)
PB&J Popcorn (Lil Peanut Pup)
Peach Macaron (Lil Orange Spring Bunny)
Peaches and Cream (English Cream Retriever)
Pepper Pot Pie (Salt and Pepper Dalmatian)
Peppermint Pinecone (Red Squirrel)
Perfect Purple Punch (Brilliant Tuxedo Kitty)
Pesto Pasta (Upbeat Chic Giraffe)
Petal Pastry (Blossom Giraffe)
Petrifying Popcorn (Candy Corn Mouse)
Pig Out Pizza (Pot Bellied Pig, Signature)
Pine Sap Gummies (Pine Wolf)
Pink Playful Jelly Eggs (Lil Pink Spring Corgi)
Pink Uni-Cone (Lil Pink Spring Unicorn)
Pinkberry Punch (Pizzazzy Puppy)
Piquant Cod Canapes (Cuddle Cat)
Pixie Puff Pastries (Fairykinz Raccoon)
Plum Dumplings (Pumi Puppy)
Poached Persimmon (Pretty Elephant)
Polarberry Pop (Lollipop Pup)
Polka Dot Cookies (Lots of Dots Rhino)
Polka Dot Cream Puffs (Pom Pom Dino)
Pom Pom Pasta (Pom Pom Chinchilla)
Pop Soda (Rockerz Papillon)
Popcorn Snowball Treats (Jolly Jubilee Otter)
Prairie Berry Muffins (Prairie Dog)
Prairie Grass Pudding (Northern Trails Buffalo)
Precious Puppy Tart (Sheltie Puppy)
Prehistoric Pizza (Diggity Dino)
Pressed Petal Tea (Petal Print Giraffe)
Pretty Popcorn (Merry Go Round Pony)
Priceless Pate (Purple Persian Kitten)
Primitive Pan Pizza (Stegosaurus)
Pterrific Pterodactyl Ptoast (Pterodactyl)
Puffy Pedigree Pastry (Chow Chow)
Pumpkin Parfait (Harvest Sheep)
Purple Candy Pieces (Polka-Dot Puppy)
Purple Marzipan Truffles (Lil Purple Piglet)
Purple Passion Fruities (Lil Purple Lamb)
Purple Petrifying Parfait (Lil Purple Goblin)
Purple Playful Jelly Eggs (Lil Purple Spring Corgi)
Purple Spring Rolls (Lil Purple Goat)
Purple Uni-Cone (Lil Purple Spring Unicorn)
Purple Velvet Glam Cakes (Rockerz Raccoon)
Purrfect Parfait (Sweet Corn Tiger)
Quilted Cake (Patchwork Leopard)
Quirky Quesadillas (Fiesta Bull)
Rainbow Spaghetti Bowl (Colorsplash Tiger)
Rainbow Sprinkle Meringues (Olympus Pegasus)
Rainforest Roti (Black Panther Cub)
Rancher’s Roast Beef (Australian Shepherd, Signature)
Ready? Set? Go Gelato! (Pink Greyhound)
Red Hot Habaneros (Night Mare)
Red Magic Mint Smoothie (Red Peppermint Unicorn)
Red Velvet Carrot Cake (Red Velvet Fawn)
Red Velvet Pancakes (Red Velvet Rabbit)
Reptile Ravioli (Iberian Lynx, Endangered)
Ribboned Pop (Striped Cheeky Cat)
Ritzy Rice Balls (Poshy Poodle)
Rivet and Ratchet Ragout (Tinkercat)
Roaring Steak Tartare (White Tiger)
Roasted Chestnut Candy Kebab (Marshmallow Chipmunk)
Roasted Pear Salad (Be Merry Fawn)
Rocky Rib Rack (Lynx)
Rocky Rodent Mice Cream (Barred Owl)
Rodent Ravioli (Caracal Kitten)
Roots and Shoots Platter (Woolly Mammoth)
Rosemint Tea (Stone Lion)
Royal Supper (Pomeranian, Signature)
Runny Honey Sundae (Sun Bear)
Saltwater Snow Chips (Sparkle Harp Seal)
Sauced Meatballs (Cougar Cub)
Savory Greens Stir-Fry (Quokka)
Savory Seed Chowder (Upbeat Chic Owl)
Savory Smokies (West Highland Terrier)
Savory Sunflower Seeds (Earthly Fox)
Scrumptious T-Bone Steak (Labradoodle)
Sea Sponge Cake (Blossom Sea Turtle)
Seared Scallops (Ragdoll Cat, Signature)
Seared Seed Buns (Fire Songbird)
Seared Seed Sautee (Silk Sparrow)
Seaside Crab Cakes (Maine Coon Cat)
Secluded Garden Granola (Pixie Fox)
Shimmering Soda (Stormy Dragon)
Short Grass Samosas (Hippopotamus, Signature)
Shrimp Pad Thai (Siamese Cat, Signature)
Silky Smooth Sorbet (Rosy Satin Guinea Pig)
Sing Along Snacks (Fabled Goose)
Skillfully Skewered Shrimp (Swordfish)
Slug Sucker (Countryside Hedgehog)
Smoked Salmon Sandwich (Northern Trails Bear)
Snickerfadoodles (Doodle Fadoodle)
Snow Dusted Brownie (Polar Penguin)
Snowflake Frosted Cookies (Snowflake Pup)
Snowshoe Pear (Snow Lynx)
Soaring Sizzling Scallops (Golden Eagle)
Soaring Star Sorbet (Celestial Unicorn)
Sour Bone Treats (Sour Watermelon Hound)
Sour Grape Moon Chews (Purple Panther)
Sparkling Pork Chops (Razzle Dazzle Dog)
Sparkling Seafood Supper (Sparkle Penguin)
Sparkling Sundae (Darling Dino)
Spicy Carrot Soup (Ginger Bunny)
Spicy Chicken and Rice (Rockerz Dog)
Spicy Seaweed Salsa (Surfin’ Turtle)
Spooky Chese Plate (Vampire Rat)
Spotty Biscotti (Shimmer Bunny)
Spring Sprouts (Sweet Spring Lamb)
Sprinkles and Cream Waffles (Ice Cream Scoop Snail)
Sprout Salad (Homespun Groundhog)
Squid Sushi (Fur Seal Pup)
Squiggly Pasta (Scribbles Pup)
Stardusted Donuts (Mystical Otter)
Starry Snacks (Starry Stallion)
Stratus Steak (Cloud Lion)
Street Meat (Scruffy Puppy)
Stuffed Figs (Desert Monkey)
Sub-Saharan Sandwich (Hyena)
Sunflower Seed Sorbet (Silkie Chicken)
Sunny Smoothie (African Black Rhino)
Super Sweet Tarts (Waffle Wallaby)
Supreme Sundae (Sleepover Cub)
Surreal Sushi Platter (Mystical Crab)
Swamp Chomp Stew (Toadstool Frog)
Sweet and Sour Roasted Beets (Donkey Foal)
Sweet Blue Pretzel (Lil Blue Sweetheart Cow)
Sweet Custard Tart (Cinnamon Guinea Pig)
Sweet Leaf Salad (Sloth)
Sweet Nectar Slushy (Sugar Rush Butterfly)
Sweet Pink Punch (You and Me Puppy)
Sweet Purple Pretzel (Lil Purple Sweetheart Cow)
Sweet Springtime Green Custard (Lil Green Duckling)
Sweet Springtime Purple Custard (Lil Purple Duckling)
Sweet Springtime Yellow Custard (Lil Yellow Duckling)
Sweet Waffle Cookie (Keeshond Puppy)
Swiss Apple Quiche (Bernese Mountain Dog, Signature)
Swordfish and Chips (Pirate Parrot)
Tasmanian Tree Tarts (Wombat)
Tasty Trail Mix (Teal Zebra)
Tickled Pink Salmon (Tickled Pink Cat)
Tiny Hotdog Sliders (Mini Dachshund, Signature)
Tiny Tea Scones (Teacup Yorkie)
Toffee Scone (Scottish Fold Cat)
Toffee Toadstools (Pixie Bunny)
Ton o’ Fun Peanuts (Ten Ton Elephant)
Tricker Treats (Pumpkin Puppy)
Triple Top Hat Cake (Tuxedo Cat)
Tropical Fruit Candy (Colorblock Monkey)
Tropical Fruit Frenzy (Gelato Parrot)
Tropical Trail Mix (Cotton Top Tamarin)
Trough Toffee (Daisy Pig)
Tuna Melt Medley (Sterling Cheeky Cat)
Twiggy Pudding (Sunset Giraffe)
Twinkling Tiramisu (Green Shimmer Snake)
Twinkly Wing Waffles (Sparkling Pegasus)
Twisted Candy Apple (Quirky Carnival Unicorn)
Udderly Delicious Sundae (Holstein Cow)
Unburied Bones (Spooky Puppy)
Vanilla Cannoli (Blonde Dachschund)
Velvety Strawberry Smoothie (Rosy Satin Cow)
Wanderer’s Trail Mix (Northern Trails Wolf)
Water Buffalo Wings (Majestic Tiger)
Water Lily Wrap (Beaver (2017))
Waterlily Puffs (Powder Puff Porcupine)
Watermelon Gazpacho (Tranquility Hippo)
Waxworm Wontons (Rainforest Frog)
Well-Balanced Breakfast (Libra Eagle)
Whimsical Wontons (Luck Dragon)
Wild Apricot Preserves (Pebble Giraffe)
Wild Berry Sundae (Woodland Raccoon, Signature)
Wild Egg Omelet (Fennec Fox)
Wild Flower Wrap (Petal Print Skunk)
Wild Grain Granola Bar (Mallard Duck)
Wild Herbal Tea (Earth Dragon)
Wildflower Nectar (Golden Lion Tamarin)
Winged Wet Food (Airborne Puppy)
Wintermint Pastry (Wintermint Reindeer)
Wolf Pack Snack (Snowy Summit Wolf)
Yellow Candy Corn Feed (Yellow Springtime Chick)
Yellow Playful Jelly Eggs (Lil Yellow Spring Corgi)
Yorkshire Curd Tart (Long-Haired Yorkie)
Yorkshire Fish and Chips (Ribbon Yorkie)
Zen Dragon Fruit Soarbet (Zen Dragon)
Zig-Zag Ziti (Baby Zebra)

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