Miracle’s Wish/Trade List (pet4mom)

Last Updated: 4/20/2018 – Thank you all so much for helping with my wish list!  
BD: July 25

Christmas Trees
Kinzville Snowy Cedar (2012)
Kinzville Snowy Bush (2012)

Winterfest/Christmas Items
Candy Cane Milkshake
Festive Sidewalk Tree
Happy Holidays Cupcake (2011)
Santakinz Sleigh Ride Coaster (2013)
Snowy Holiday Fence (x2)
White Christmas Centerpiece (2012)

Trying to Finish Rare/Retired Themes
Aztec Artisan’s Toy Box, Aztec Fire Pit, Turquoise Dining Table, Turquoise Dining Chair (x1), Ancient Emperor Statue, Emperor’s Settee, Grand Empire Chest, Exquisite Egyptian Obelisk, Ra’s Golden Bureau, Golden Oil Lamp of Persia, Jade Persian Rug, Mad Hatter Chair, Webkinz Bouncy Bed, Barrel of Berries Fridge, Berry Farm Scarecrow, Country Quilt, Modern Juicer, Jug of Pickleberry Juice, Earth Table, Moon Lamp, Space Dresser, Space Side Table, Space Light Projector, Buzzy Coffee Table, Hoppity Sofa, Ribbity Reed Television, Lily Pad Flooring, Will ‘O the Wisp Floor Lamp, ANYTHING from the Beautiful Game Theme (love this, and so sad I missed this one, and that they haven’t brought it back!)

Collection Events I Missed
Healthy Heart Blender, Camping BBQ, Camp Tent, CampKinz Backpack, CampKinz Library Bookshelf, CampKinz Lantern Tree, Campkinz Platform Tent, Bloomin’ Garden Divider, Spring Blooms Fountain, Wild Flower Gazebo, Baby Buttercups Plant, Framed Adventure Park Map, Fiery Dragon Wings, Dragon Egg Music Box, CampKinz Pool, Flowery Greenhouse 

Wheel of Wow/Wheel of Deluxe Items I Missed
Webkinz Stadium Cap

Academy/Recess Items
Food – Loose Leaf Sandwich, Prepperoni Pizza

Spree Prizes I’m Still Working On
Boy’s Bunk Bed, Captain’s Wardrobe, Designer purse, Drum Set, Electric Keyboard, Elegant Column, Elephant Kinzbanz Wall Art, Girl’s Bunk Bed, Gold Leaf Coffee Table, Kinzville Mall Fountain, Kinzville Mall Security Booth, Luxury Airliner, Majestic Mirror, Monkey Kinzbanz Wall Art, Pink Scooter, Raziel Topiary, Sand Castle Sofa, Yoga Ball Bed, Zingoz Switcherooz Arcade Unit

Lava Lamps: Electric Blue Mauna Loa Lamp, Vibrant Green Mauna Loa Lamp



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