Mist’s wish list (WWID sunshinepaws)❤️ Bday- Nov. 10

Last updated January 16, 2017 @ 2:00

Hello! I am known as Mist in the trade rooms on WW :) I started playing webkinz Nov 18, 2007 when my friend bought me a pink poodle webkinz. I had never heard of webkinz before. We were already in our twenties :D. I was a bit hesitant at first since it just seemed like a little kid game, but soon after starting I became a total addict and I even got my grandma hooked too 😄 Although I miss the old webkinz, I love to collect mystery clothing, any promos I can afford, patio plants/dispensers, cars (I LOVE cars) plants (psi, promo, etc.) and psi I can decorate with. ❤️

I have promo, psi, retired etc to trade for any items on my list❤️ Lmk what you need 🙂

*If you receive a gift from me please don’t feel you need to send a gift in return. I love to give!❤️ To those who have sent gifts I am very grateful! I just feel bad lol. I am more than willing to trade for items from my list❤️* (((Hugs)))


Mystery/Cracker clothing:




Dog Day Divan

Fairy Kinz Shower

Far Away Canopy Bed

Lazy Tree Swing

Leaf Litter Nest

Meadow Bridge

Northern Trails Dreamcatcher Chair

Oatmeal Cookie Trampoline

Ohh La La Cafe Table

Ohh La La Shower

Patchwork Pillow Bed

Playful Splash Pond

Quiet Time Reading Nook

Snowy Den

Snowy Hill Hideaway

Tranquility Spring*****

Tree Hollow Bed

Tree Top Cradle*****

Wheel Barrow Chair






Fall Garden Fence

Lazy Zum Rocker*****

Orchid waterfall*****

Summer Waterfall Pool

Zingoz Musical Fountain



Dispensers/ patio plants❤️❤️❤️

Fall Harvest Cookie Dispenser (code only)

Spring Bunny Cookie Dispenser



Pets:  Obviously I won’t get all these but just wanted to put it out there❤️

Black Wolf*****

Choco Vanilla Pony***

White Tiger



Thank you for looking!! ❤️

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