Mist’s wish list (WWID sunshinepaws) Last update August 17❤️ Bday- Nov. 10

Last updated August 17, 2017 @ 13:06:44

This list is long, I’m sorry :/ I’ve been working on a lot of rooms

Hello! I am known as Mist in the trade rooms on WW :) I started playing webkinz Nov 18, 2007 when my friend bought me a pink poodle webkinz. I had never heard of webkinz before. We were already in our twenties :D. I was a bit hesitant at first since it just seemed like a little kid game, but soon after starting I became a total addict and I even got my grandma hooked too haha 😄 Although I miss the old webkinz, I love to collect mystery clothing, any promos I can afford, patio plants/dispensers, cars (I LOVE cars) plants (psi, promo, etc.) and psi I can decorate with. ❤️

Old seasonal Kinz Style Outlet:

Puffy winter jacket…It looks like they made this eStore >:(


Mystery clothing:

Silver glam sandals

pink flower pixie barrette

Goldfish gown

awesome Alyssa wings

cozy slippers

Vine belt***

Alyssa slippers

magical unicorn hood and feet


‘Priceless’/retired clothing:

scuba belt

Pink explorer shirt

V-Neck Cardigan


Rockerz items:

stadium security headset*********************************

Rockerz leather jacket

Rockerz flower power sandals, braided headband, flower power dress

Rockerz superstar sunglasses, superstar top

White tassel cowboy boots

sleeveless black leather jacket

Black high heel boots

glam rock face stickers



Cozy carrot couch

long neck deck chair

Honeycomb closet

Finest Fl0ral Wardrobe

homemade helicopter*****

Piñata rocking horse

Windy moors den

Purple spring breeze plane

Yellow spring breeze plane

Greenhouse gazebo

Desert tree sunning station

Lovely acacia tree

Playful pond

Secluded garden cellar

Endangered Island Getaway

Secret garden bench

Tall tree hideaway*****

Cozy snow burrow bed

Fox glove bed*****

Remote rainforest*****

Beach side gazebo

Moonlit evergreen*****

sunflower cottage*****

Sunflower Spa


Cars (I love the cars!)

Purple Heart mobile*****

home made helicopter*****

Hamster ball mobile*****

Villa flower tricycle*****



sunflower wardrobe*****

Big pile of Kinz cash wardrobe

Cheerful burrow mini theme❤️

Coconut pineapple smoothie maker

Finest FlOral Windows*****

Orchid waterfall*****

Tyrannical trex sandbox

Tree log hideaway

Winter wishes ice cottage

Toadstool Tall Cottage

Spring mystery Zingoz Musical Fountain

i LOVE trees❤️❤️❤️


Movie promo items:

pink cotton candy lorax trees (were there other colors?)


Dispensers/ patio plants❤️❤️❤️

Pumpkin patio plant

Cat mint patio plant

Cranberry patio plant

Fall harvest cookie dispenser*****

Patio cherry plant

Patio pear plant

Sugared eucalyptus leaf tree

Spring cookie dispenser

valentine cookie dispenser

Winter elf cookie dispenser

Watermelon Patio Plant


Adventure park items:

unless platforms (need a bunch)

Blooming tree

rope bundle shirt

Rafi plush toy

Blue crystal flower

pink crystal rock clusters

Blue crystal rock clusters


Retired Exclusives:


Toadstool tables*****

undersea portholes***

sparkle plants ❤️


Pets:  Obviously I won’t get all these but just wanted to put it out there❤️

Border Collie!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Cheeky cat and dog (GL right lol)

Tartan Terrier (I have promo pets to trade for this. Its for my Grandma <3)

Leopard cub (not the promo one)



Tropical island puppy

blushing fawn

Choco vanilla pony

Tuxedo chihuahua

Golden langur

New release chipmunk

New release Hedgehog (he’s just too cute)


Irish Setter

Brown Cow



Thank you for looking!! ❤️


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