Mist’s wish list (WWID sunshinepaws)❤️

Last updated November 2, 2018

Hello! I am known as Mist in the trade rooms on WW :) I started playing in 2007 when a friend bought me a Webkinz pink poodle. Although I miss the old webkinz, I love to collect mystery clothing, promo, patio plants/dispensers, cars (I LOVE cars) plants (psi, promo, etc.) and psi I can decorate with. ❤️

I have promo, psi, etc to trade for any items on my list❤️ Lmk what you need 🙂

Bday- Nov. 10

Email- mistkinz@gmail.com



Mystery/Cracker/ Other…

Lilac Lace Wig


eStore points.. they are crazy expensive here for some reason.

Deluxe memberships…




Mod theme dining chairs

Topaz Gem Tile



Really Rainbow Couch

Sparkling Diamond Gazebo




Dispensers/ patio plants❤️❤️❤️

Fall Harvest Cookie Dispenser (code only)



Pets:  Obviously I won’t get all these but just wanted to put it out there❤️ I do have a few promo pet codes and would love to work out a deal for some of the plush pets like the Golden Pegasus, original Brown Horse and Tie Dyed Horse. I collect the Webkinz horse plushes and there are several I’m missing..

Fox (retired original)

Golden Pegasus 💛

Sherbet Bunny

Sparkling Pegasus

White Tiger

Wolf Pup*****


Thank you for looking!! ❤️

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