Mist’s wish list (WWID sunshinepaws) Last update October 17❤️ Bday- Nov. 10

Last updated October 17, 2017 @ 01:08:30

Hello! I am known as Mist in the trade rooms on WW :) I started playing webkinz Nov 18, 2007 when my friend bought me a pink poodle webkinz. I had never heard of webkinz before. We were already in our twenties :D. I was a bit hesitant at first since it just seemed like a little kid game, but soon after starting I became a total addict and I even got my grandma hooked too haha 😄 Although I miss the old webkinz, I love to collect mystery clothing, any promos I can afford, patio plants/dispensers, cars (I LOVE cars) plants (psi, promo, etc.) and psi I can decorate with. ❤️

Old seasonal Kinz Style Outlet:



Mystery clothing:

Cozy Slippers

Goldfish Gown

Magical Unicorn Hood

Pink Flower Pixie Barrette

Silver Glam Sandals

Vine Belt***


‘Priceless’/retired clothing:

V-Neck Cardigan


Rockerz items:

Rockerz Flower Power Sandals, Braided Headband, Flower Power Dress

Rockerz Superstar Top

Sleeveless Black Leather Jacket

White Tassel Cowboy Boots




Beach Side Gazebo

Cozy Snow Burrow Bed

Finest Fl0ral Wardrobe*****

Fox Glove Bed*****

Lovely Acacia Tree

Moonlit Evergreen*****

Piñata rocking horse

Purple Spring Breeze Plane

Secluded Garden Cellar

Windy moors den

Yellow spring breeze plane


Cars (I love the cars!)

Sparkling Toboggan*****



Big pile of Kinzcash Wardrobe

Carved Gem Tree

Cheerful Burrow mini theme

Chilly Crystal Spring

Fall Harvest Cottage

Fall Garden Fence

Fall Ivy Fence Pillar*****

Garden Pebble Tiles

Orchid waterfall*****

Red Antique Column

Spring Vine Fence Pieces*****

Spring Vine Fence Pillars*****

Tree log hideaway

Zingoz Musical Fountain


Helping Paws items:









Wall Sconce






Movie promo items:

pink cotton candy lorax trees (were there other colors?)


Dispensers/ patio plants❤️❤️❤️

Cat mint patio plant

Cranberry patio plant

Patio cherry plant

Patio pear plant

Spring Bunny Cookie Dispenser*****

Sugared Eucalyptus Leaf Tree


Adventure park items:

Dragon treasure piles

Rafi Plush Toy

Rope Bundle Shirt


Retired Exclusives:

Toadstool tables

Undersea Portholes***


Retired Super Beds: I have other retired super beds to trade for these❤️

Butterfly Dreams Bed

Flower Power Bed


Pets:  Obviously I won’t get all these but just wanted to put it out there❤️

Blushing Fawn

Choco Vanilla Pony***

Grey Wolf (retired)*****

Leopard Cub


Tropical Island Puppy

Tuxedo Chihuahua


Thank you for looking!! ❤️


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