WebkinzRUs Wish List (WW ID: 2peanuts)

Last updated Aug 11, 2017 @ 20:55:42

Thanks for stopping by..

Helping Paws: I would really love the the club carpet, club spa, lamp, vase, window and wall hanging.
Also need club jacket, sneakers, club pants.

Fall Picnic Bed, Autumn Leaves Chair, Cornucopia Chair, Fall Flair Bed, Autumn Climbing Tree

Silver Menorah

Pink Pom Pom Panda Cap
Mind Reader’s Shoes

Estore mini themes:
Puppy Control Puppy Control Station Mini Theme -— Puppy Control helicopter
Secret Treehouse Mini Theme — Beanbag Chair
Wicked Wizard Mini Theme — Torch, Orb Fountain and Spell Station
Dark Pine Grove Mini Theme–Acorn Ottoman

Enchanted Lighthouse Wallpaper

Rockerz: retired bass case and  groupie face stickers

Gemsters: Amethyst, Aquamarine, Sapphire

PSI Dream List: Fiesta Dining Table, Knight’s Stable, Holiday Light Up Car, Cryptic Crystal Ball, Any Color Sweet Wagon Bed

Other PSI: Deluxe Grooming Chair, Glorious Garden Patch, Slippery Water Slide, Peridot Table and lamps, Pearl Sideboard and placemats, Puppet Theater, Mind Readers Shoes only (I have the hat and robe)

Trophies — Silver cooking (regular or deluxe), Gold running (regular or deluxe), Silver running (regular or deluxe), any of the New Polar Plunge trophies (bronze, silver, gold)

Virtual Figures List: Hoops Dream Seal, Swashbuclin Snuszer

Hamster Globe: Flag Hamlet, Gem, Matching Pairs, Zum

Zumwhere: Rainbow Hologram, Zumwhere Coat of Arms

Count the Sailboats: Sailor Shoes, Sea Capt’n Blazer, Sea Capt’n Trouser, Sea Capt’n Belt, Sea Capt’n Shoes

Black and White Cat Costume Pieces: Hat, Feet, Shirt, Pants

Thanks for taking the time to look!



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