WebkinzRUs Wish List (WW ID: 2peanuts)

Last updated Aug 11, 2017 @ 20:55:42

Thanks for stopping by..and to all those who have shared such amazing gifts..your generosity is much appreciated!

Helping Paws: *club skirt*, club carpet, window, wall hanging, dining chairs, candles

Weathered Hot Air Balloon!

*Puppy Playhouse*

*Mount Kinzmore Alyssa Sculpture and Mount Kinzmore Fluffington Sculpture–would love to finish my mountain* :)

Polar Bear Dip Pond

Winter Wishes Snowflake Ride

Ice Princess Shoes

Fall Flair Window, Fall Flair Bed

Keen Green Theme: Bed

Picnic Bed

Rafi Plush

PSI: *Reindeer Calf Northern Light Seat* *Northern Trails Dreamcatcher Chair*
Frozen River Slide, Teddy Bear Piano, Enchanted Pond Desk, Mysterious Ruins Bed, Mysterious Ruins Tree, Woodland Fairy Lamp, Knight’s Stable, Any Color Sweet Wagon Bed, Polar PJ Bed, Partridge Wall Divider, Puppy Bed, Frozen Food Cache, Rock Ledge Lookout, Color Changing Tree, Tree Hollow Bed, Leaf Litter Nest, Mythical Tapestry, Snowy Den, Festive Holiday Lights, Daytime Rest Chamber, Sparkling Toboggoon

Cinnamon Chocolate Fridge

Butterfly Meadow Window, Fairy Den Waterwheel, Monkey Pet Lamp, Speedy Bobsled Track, Snugbug Bed, Snugbug Window, Snugbed Dresser, Snugbug Wall, Snugbug Floor, Little One Nest Bed, Little One Sofa, Garden View Window

Gingerbread Train

Sagittarius Stargazing Telescope

Estore Clothing: Prince of the North pants, shirt, boots, Cactus hat, Cactus Outfit, Tinkerpunk Tuxedo Outfit

Hamster Globe: Flag Hamlet, Gem, Matching Pairs, Zum

Thanks for taking the time to look!



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