RubyCubes’ (WWID: clm88) wish list

Last updated: 21 Oct 2017 00:49:22

RubyCubes’ (WWID: clm88) wish list.  DOB: 4/18

Bio: My daughter was 4 months old when her dad and I split up. Since she was a baby, she has had two homes, going back and forth from week to week. Half time with one family, half with the other. In 2007, when she was 5-years-old, a family member on her dad’s side gave her a Webkinz chocolate lab and introduced her to the online world of Webkinz. Some time later, she came back to my house and told me about it. She wanted to show me her room and how she was able to decorate it. She wanted to play games. So I let her show me around Webkinz World. For a few months, we casually played on her account, and the more we played, the more we looked forward to it.

That Christmas, I had a gift under the tree from her. I had remarried, and my husband helped her pick it out. It was a Webkinz charcoal cat. I suggested that we register it to her account, but she said no. She wanted to get the cat for me so that I could register my own account, “that way, when I’m at Dad’s house, we can still play together.” In January, 2008 my daughter helped me create my account.

For 5 years, my daughter and I played regularly together. On weeks that she was with me, we had our computers set up side by side. On weeks when she was with her dad, she would ask her dad if she could play Webkinz. Then she would call me and tell me to log on, and we would play Supermodelz (her favorite game) or visit each other’s houses or hang out in the trading room together. Webkinz was more than just a game for us. It was an activity that kept us connected even when she was staying in another house. As my daughter  became a preteen, she lost interest in playing, and now she and I have other common interests that keep us connected. She thinks I’m a weirdo because I still play this “little kid’s game,” but I don’t care. I still love Webkinz!

I have been collecting items and clothes for almost 10 years. All the items on my list are items that I don’t have. Once I receive it, I will remove it. I know the items on my list are valuable, and there are a lot! I don’t expect anything for free. I have items to trade, including PSI, mystery, promo, retired and priceless, plus many other items like challenge prizes, deluxe items, holiday items, etc. Please let me know what you need. If I don’t currently have it, I will try to trade for it in the trading room. Thank you for looking!

Promo Gem Wardrobes: Amethyst, Garnet, Topaz

General Promo: 1st Class Quarters bed, Bubblegum Bathtub, Cat Mint Patio Plant, Charming Ruins Bed, Chocolate Fondue Fountain, Cozy Cranberry Fireplace, Cranberry Patio Plant, Dancing Pumpkin Snowman, Darling Bed, Delectable Donut Chair, Dynamic Disc Display, Elegant Bath, Elegant Damask Bed, Entertaining Elm, Eucalyptus Bed, Fabulous Feathers Rug, Fairy Den Bed, Fairy Den Clock, Fairy Den Garden, Fairy Den Tent, Fairy Den Toy Box, Fairy Den Water Wheel Pond, Festive Holiday Wreath, Fluttering Helicopter, Golden Honey Comb Dispenser, Good as Golden Dishwasher, Grand Estate Chaise, Grand Estate Sofa, Grand Estate Wardrobe, Hanging Flower Chair, Harmony Piano, Heart-mobile, Holiday House Bed, Holiday Nutcracker Clock, Holiday Wishes Truck, Honeycombed Wardrobe, Just Peachy Car, Just Peachy Patio Plant, Kinz Air Cruise Car, Lavish Luxury Bed, Lovely Cottage, Lucky Clover Train, Lucky St. Patrick’s Day Window, Manic Magic Escape Tank, Meatball Launcher, Mosaic Park Fountain, Orchid Waterfall, Painted Egg Bed, Patio Blueberry Plant, Patio Cherry Plant, Patio Cherry Tomato Plant, Patio Lemon Plant, Patio Orange Tree, Patio Pumpkin Plant, Patio Raspberry Plant, Peppermint Carnation Wardrobe, Pineberry Patio Plant, Pine Cone Cottage, Polar Bear Dip Pond, Queen of Pop Closet, Red Rose Sofa, Red Rose Wardrobe, Red Sparkle Cottage, Rock Music Speakers, Rustic Couch, SantaKinz Gazebo, SantaKinz Helper Cottage, Satin Sofa, Shell Candy Table, Singing Snowmen, Snowflake Pond Bench, Snow Patrol Mobile, Soda Bottle Rainbow Fountain, Speedy Bobsled Track, Spring Bunny Cookie Dispenser, Spring Celebration Hot Air Balloon, Strawberry Cottage, Studio Loft Editing Suite, Sugar Rush Raft, Summer Picnic Truck, Summer Sofa, Sunflower Wardrobe, Sweet Stitched Trampoline, The Adolescent Zangoz, The Mona Ducka, The Poodle with the Pearl Earring, Three Cookie Fence, Tiger Lily Wardrobe, Tiki Swinging Chair, Time to Cool Off Fountain, Toothpaste Slide, Tree Log Hideaway, Underwater Treadmill, Valentine Cookie Dispenser, Valentine Gazebo, Violet Sofa, Wacky Performance Statue, Wind Up Zingoz, Winter Fun Zingoz Bopper, Woodland Fairy Bathing Pond, Woodland Fairy Fireplace, Woodland Fairy Sofa, Woodland Fairy Swing

Promo Themed Pack Items: Anything is Possible Wardrobe, Butterfly Meadow Flooring, Butterfly Meadow Window, Cheerful Burrow Flooring, Cheerful Burrow Wallpaper, Cozy Cranberry Bed, Cozy Cranberry, Vanity, Cozy Cranberry Flooring, Cozy Cranberry Wallpaper, Dark Wizard Flooring, Enchanted Cottage Window, Enchanted Cottage Flooring, Enchanted Cottage Wallpaper, Enchanted Pond Desk, Good Vibes Day Bed, Good Vibes Blue Flower Seat, Good Vibes Heart Seat, Good Vibes Peace Sign Seat, Good Vibes Pink Flower Seat, Good Vibes Star Seat, Good Vibes Flooring, Good Vibes Wallpaper, Grape Garden Arch Bench, Grape Garden Flooring, Kinz Lodge Rocking Chair, Kinz Lodge Flooring, Kinz Lodge Wallpaper, Puppy Patrol Barracks, Puppy Patrol Station Captain Desk, Puppy Patrol Station Flooring, Puppy Patrol Station Wallpaper, Quilted Hearts Wallpaper, Quilted Hearts Flooring, Quilted Hearts Wardrobe, Saltwater Reef Spa, Saltwater Reef Floor Tile, Saltwater Reef Wallpaper, Sleek Sequin Bed, Sleek Sequin Flooring, Sleek Sequin Wallpaper, Snug Bug Bed, Snug Bug Dresser, Snug Bug Flooring, Snug Bug Wallpaper, Special Celebration Table, Special Celebration Flooring, Sugar Plum Sparkle Wardrobe, Sugar Plum Sparkle Flooring, Sugar Plum Sparkle Wallpaper, Summer Strawberry Bed, Summer Strawberry Flooring, Summer Strawberry Wallpaper, Twinkling Rainbow Couch, Twinkling Rainbow Soda Fountain, Twinkling Rainbow Flooring, Twinkling Rainbow Wallpaper, Webkinz Shire Bed, Webkinz Shire Door, Webkinz Shire Flooring, Webkinz Shire Wallpaper, What Dreams Are Made of Bed,  When Pigs Fly Flooring, Wicked Wizard Torch, Wicked Wizard Tower Flooring, Woodland Fairy Lamp, Woodland Fairy Flooring, Woodland Fairy Wallpaper

Promo Clothes: Candy Cane Antlers, Gretel Bonnet, Gretel Dress, Gretel Shoes, Hansel Hat, Hansel Overalls, Hansel Shoes, Holiday Slippers, Holiday Spirit Belt, Silly Holiday Hat

Mystery Themed ?? Box Items: Cheerful Clinic Stool, Dark Queen Bed, Finest Floral Bed, Finest Floral Chair, Finest Floral Window, Finest Floral Table, Finest Floral Lounger, Juicy Watermelon Bed, Juicy Watermelon Window, Juicy Watermelon Rug, Nautical Navy Crib, Peaceful Forest Treehouse Bed, Peaceful Forest Log Lounger, Peaceful Forest Path Tile, Peaceful Forest Pond, Peaceful Forest Sacred Tree

Mother’s Day Gift Bag Clothing: Lilac Lace Wig

Mystery and Cracker Items: Autumn Bench, Autumn Climbing Tree, Autumn Curtains, Autumn Leaves Chair, Autumn Round Table,  Autumn Rug, Autumn Walnut Cottage, Blushing Willow, Carved Gem Bed, Carved Gem Tree, Charm Forest Arm Chair, Charm Forest Room Divider, Cozy Cranberry Dining Chair, Cozy Cranberry Dining Table, Crocus Chair, Fall Flair Bed, Fall Flair Dresser, Fall Flair Rug, Fall Flair Sofa, Fall Harvest Cottage, Fall Leaf Sunroom Wallpaper, Fall Picnic Bed, Fall Tree, Feels Like Fall Flooring, Feels Like Spring Trees, Floating Island Ride, Flower Pot Divider, Flower Topiary, Fuchsia Modern Loveseat, Garden Pebble Tile Happy Holidays Fence, Gerbera Daisy Table, Gift Tower Storage, Gift Wrapped Bed, Gingerbread Swing, Gold Glitter Cottage, Hideaway Nook, Holiday Cheer Fence, Holiday Hot Air Balloon, Holiday Ornaments Stained Glass Window, Holiday Presents House, Holiday Window Wallpaper, Holidays Window, Interlocking Brick Tile, Iridescent Rug, Jacaranda Tree, Miniature Village Table, Mosaic Park Floor Tile, Mosaic Park Stool, Nursery Naptime Cot, Peeking Zum Rocker, Pink Plaid Window, Quilted Holiday Bed, Red Glitter Ornament Car, Reindeer Car, Reindeer Lamp, Reindeer Wardrobe, Roasted Pumpkin Seed Stand, Rosy Table, Rubber Boot Garden, Rubber Ducky Floaty Ring, SantaKinz Bed, SantaKinz Fence Post, Santakinz Helper Workshop, SantaKinz Room Divider, SantaKinz Rug, Santakinz Village Workshop, SantaKinz Window, Serenity Blue Sidetable, Shaded Window, Snowflake Bed, Spring Balcony Window, Spring Flower Curtain, Spring Flower Rug, Spring Flowers Wallpaper, Spring Garden Gate, Spring View Window, Spring Vine Fence Piece, Spring Vine Fence Pillar, Springtime Bed, Springtime Curtains, Springtime Rug, Springtime Toybox, Springtime Wallpaper, Summer Patio Chair, Summer Patio Cook Station, Summer Patio Floor Tile, Summer Patio Sofa, Summer Patio Table, Summber Patio Umbrella, Summer Waterfall Pool, Super Fan Fridge, Strawberry Beanbag Chair, Sugar Cookie Alley Houses, Sugar Cookie Clock Tower, Sugar Plum Sparkle Chair, Summer Patio Chair, Summer Patio Cook Station, Summer Patio Floor Tile, Summer Patio Sofa, Summer Patio Table, Summer Patio Umbrella, Summer Waterfall Pool, Super Fan Hot Tub, Tiki Hut Paradise Lounger, Toadstool Hollow Lamp, Toadstool Hollow Short Cottage, Toadstool Hollow Tall Cottage, Tulip Garden Pond, Violet Wardrobe, Whimsical Autumn Wallpaper, Wild West Rug, Wild West Window, Winter Wishes Carriage, Winter Wishes Snowflake Ride, Winter Wishes Window, Wintery Village Model, Zingoz Musical Fountain

Mystery and Cracker Clothes: CandyKinz King Shoes, Colorful Party Mask, Delicate Dragonfly Dress, Dinosaur Costume Helmet, Festive Red Bow Necklace, Fuzzy Polar Bear Slippers, Golden Checkered Dress, Munchkinz Wig, Panda Slippers, Pink Flower Pixie Barrette, Pink Flower Pixie Shoes, Pink Pom Pom Panda Cap, Purple Polka Dot Socks, Rainbow Fairy Slippers & Socks, Red Rose Crown, Red-Nosed Reindeer Hat, Red-Nosed Reindeer Suit, Santakinz Bearded Hat, Spring Dots Egg Hat, Spring Swirls Egg Hat, Springtime Shirt Dress, Stoneage Sweetheart Wig, Trendy Baby Bonnet, Trendy Baby Soother, Webkinz Headband, Wicked Witch Feet, Yellow Ducky Baby Hood

Customer Appreciation Gifts: Dazzling Hairstyle Bow, Holiday Home Grandfather Clock, Lamp Shade Hat, Magic W Pajama Hat, Rainbow Bubbles Outfit, Soap and Sponge Shoes

PSI: Arctic ATV, Asteroid Armchair, Baby Bunny Buggy,  Blue Avenue Coupe Car, Brilliant Blue Bed, Building Blocks Toybox, Busy Bee Hive, Carousel Chariot Bench, Cheerful Barge Bed, Chocolate Loft Barn Bed, Color Changing Tree, Country Quilted Wardrobe, Cozy Mohair Bed, Cozy Snow Burrow Bed, Cute Quilted Tent, Decadent Dessert Display, Delightful Desserts Oven, Electric Purple Drum Set, Enchanting Winter Tower, Fancy Futon Couch, Fiesta Dining Table, Forest Hollow Cave, Foxglove Bed, Funky Moves Music Player, Getaway Car, Glorious Garden Patch, Green Leaf Trike, Greenhouse Gazebo, Hidden Treehouse Bed, Hide N Seek Peek, Holiday Hearts Bed, Homespun Stove, Knights Stable, Knitted Hammock, Lazy Days Hammock, Leafy Treat Retreat, Lovely Acacia Tree, Lovely Log Bed, Northern Nights Fireplace, Mini Biodome, Murky Fountain Perch, Ornate Cedar Chest, Ornate English Garden Gate, P. I. Pickup, Patchwork Pillow Bed, Playful Country Hedge, Playful Pup Ball Pit, Playful Slide, Polar Bear Cub Swimming Hole, Polar Peppermint Booth, Pretty Party Snack Table, Pretty Pink Pasture, Pumpkin Train, Puppy Sofa, Purple Toadstool Slide, Purple Spring Breeze Plane, Quirky Carnival Wagon Bed, Red Velvet Fridge, Roaming Gloaming Go-cart, Salt and Pepper Fridge, Secluded Garden Shed, Shiba Inu Soaker, Sleek Satin Bed, Sleepy Puppy Sofa, Slippery Water Slide, Space Shuttle, Sprocket Swing, Starry Car, Sunshine Stained Glass Window, Sweet Green Wagon Bed, Sweet Purple Wagon Bed, Sweet Spice Shop, Sweet Yellow Wagon Bed, Sweetheart Booth, Table For Two, Tinkerpunk Tuxedo Outfit, Totally Tangled Liana Swing, Tranquility Cottage, Treehouse Made For Two, Treetop Cradle, Twinkling Harp, Twinkling Rainbow Wardrobe, Victorian Icebox Fridge, Wheel Barrel Chair, Wild Outdoor Tent, Wishing Well Spa, Yellow Spring Breeze Plane, Yellow Spring Swing, Yuletide Pear Tree, Zany Wardrobe, Zebra Toybox

Plushies – Bunny Zangoz Plush (2015 egg prize), Rafi Plush Toy. I have lots of other plushies to trade for these, so please let me know if you’re missing any.

I know this is a lot! Again, I’m not looking for freebies. When I have time, I trade in the clubhouse, so my inventory supply and the items I need frequently change. I will update this regularly. Please let me know what you need. I would love to trade for any of the items on this list. Thank you for looking!

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