RubyCubes’ (WWID: clm88) wish list

Last updated: 10/21/18

RubyCubes’ (WWID: clm88) wish list.  DOB: 4/18

Bio: My daughter was 4 months old when her dad and I split up. Since she was a baby, she has had two homes, going back and forth from week to week. Half time with one family, half with the other. In 2007, when she was 5-years-old, a family member on her dad’s side gave her a Webkinz chocolate lab and introduced her to the online world of Webkinz. Some time later, she came back to my house and told me about it. She wanted to show me her room and how she was able to decorate it. She wanted to play games. So I let her show me around Webkinz World. For a few months, we casually played on her account, and the more we played, the more we looked forward to it.

That Christmas, I had a gift under the tree from her. I had remarried, and my husband helped her pick it out. It was a Webkinz charcoal cat. I suggested that we register it to her account, but she said no. She wanted to get the cat for me so that I could register my own account, “that way, when I’m at Dad’s house, we can still play together.” In January, 2008 my daughter helped me create my account.

For 5 years, my daughter and I played regularly together. On weeks that she was with me, we had our computers set up side by side. On weeks when she was with her dad, she would ask her dad if she could play Webkinz. Then she would call me and tell me to log on, and we would play Supermodelz (her favorite game) or visit each other’s houses or hang out in the trading room together. Webkinz was more than just a game for us. It was an activity that kept us connected even when she was staying in another house. As my daughter  became a preteen, she lost interest in playing, and now she and I have other common interests that keep us connected. She thinks I’m a weirdo because I still play this “little kid’s game,” but I don’t care. I still love Webkinz!

Wish list: 

Estore points

Pet Codes



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