Chococat663’s Trading List (WWID chococat663)

Updated 11/15/18

I started playing Webkinz in later 2007, but stopped around 2010/2011. I got back into it earlier this year and I’m having a lot of fun with it, however, I traded away/gave away a lot of stuff when I stopped playing, so now I’m trying to get my webkinz house back in order. They’ve also added a lot of cool stuff while I was gone! I go to the trading room a lot so it would be pointless for me to list what I have to offer since it changes so much, but I do have quite a bit, so just ask!

This is what I’m currently looking for:

Click to Win

  • Spring Fling Dress
  • Snow Fort Slide
  • Pile of Snowballs

Adventure Park

  • Crocodile Lantern


  • Panoramic City Window (Sig. Racoon)
  • Harvest Hammock x2 (Turkey)
  • Noble Stone Monument (Sig. Siamese Cat)
  • Healthy Harvest Dining Table (Gobbler Turkey)
  • Amazing Acorn Armoire (Gray Squirrel)
  • Forest Treasures Safe (Opal Owl)
  • Prehistoric Stove (Cocoa Dinosaur)


  • Cozy Christmas Sofa
  • Winter Wreath Window (x2)
  • Holly Jolly Bed
  • Holiday Cheer Bookshelf
  • Silent Night Christmas Tree
  • Zany Reindeer Sweater


  • Coffee Table Tomb


  • Northern Cottage
  • Peacock Topiary
  • Pilgrim Scarecrow

Clubhouse Events

  • Spooky Stained Glass Window

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