PumaPardus’ Trading list (WWID PumaPardus)

Last Updated: 12/4/2018

Daily Kinz Care Prizes (multiples appreciated- I have many condos to decorate)

-Calming Candles

-Fine Cuisine pots

-KinzPost Postcard Collection


Deluxe Day Prizes

-Country Kitchen Pantry

-Modern Stone Fireplace

-Winter Coat Rack


Thank you, everyone for helping me get ALL my Fall wishes granted!!



Previous Collection Events:

-Rocky Perch

-Rocky Hot Springs

-Rocky Ledge

-Rocky Rest Stop


Previous Click-To-Win Events (as categorized here: http://www.webkinzinsider.com/wiki/(Picture_Gallery)_Click-to-Win_Items) I know many of these are pretty spectacular, and certainly highly sought after. If any of these are hilariously and embarrassingly impossible to come by nowadays, let me know and I’ll remove them. :)

-Autumn Leaf Bed

-Bowl of Apples

-Countryside Creek Bridge

-Iron Wood Bench

-Iron Wood Side Table

-Whimsical Winter Candle


Old Christmas

-Cozy Christmas Sofa

-Cozy Christmas Armchair

-Cozy Christmas Ottoman

-Christmas Cabinet

-Holiday Cheer Bookshelf

-Home For The Holidays Fireplace

-Holly Jolly Bed

-Winter Wreath Window



-Luxury Hot Tub



-Blue Sweater and Scarf


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