Queen of Sheba’s Wish List

WW id: Royalmajesty

Updated on 5/26/20

E-mail: shebamqueen@gmail.com

Helping Paws Club items

Large Box Items: Armchair, Couch, Dining Chair x 4, Flooring, Room Divider, Spa, Wallpaper

Medium Box Items: Bouquet, Candles, Carpet, Club Columns x 4, Lamp, Neon Sign, Tapestry, Vase, Wall Sconce x 4, Patio Door

Small Box Items: Blouse, Cap, Dress, Flats, Glasses, Jacket, Pants, Skirt, Sneakers

Kinzville Academy Recess Prizes

READ Poster x 2


Football Fridge x 1

Football Grill x 1

Stadium Lighting Lamp x 2

Thanks to all who sent items that I was missing!


Mod Dining Chair x 3 ( pink)

Mod Raspberry Lounger x 2

Mod Ebony side table x 2


Designer High Heels

Designer Glasses

Backwards Ball Cap

Yoga Outfit x 2

Movie Theatre Usher Outfit x 2

Security Guard Uniform

Scooter Helmet

Cafe Fireplace x 2

Gold Leaf Dining Table

Golden Leaf Dining Chair x 3 (not the Gold Leaf Dining Chairs, but the more recent version)

Leather Armchair

Fun Floor Trampoline

Zum Kinzbanz

Wacky Painting

Cinder Plushy

Kiwi Bird Plushy

Swing Set x 4

Pink Scooter

Summer Carriage

Rainbow Racer

Dragon Racer

Pile of Pizza

Birthday Cake Platter




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