Dixiecup’s Wishlist

I am Dixiecup, Amaridy, Bonssai and Bensidhe, The three main accounts are Deluxe and I do share with others.

I am trying to recover my Granddaughter’s account. She deleted it, just after the delete feature came about.

I have a few of the pets I know she had (who were named for her childhood friends)

and I think, for the most part I can recreate her account.

It was our only means of communication after she was ‘adopted’ by another family.

Her First pet on her account was a Chihuahua named Articho (she was only 5 when she named him)

Next was a Pink Poodle named Pepsi

original Golden Retriever named Memo

A black Bear named Memphis

a Cheeky monkey named Jorga

a Whimsy Dragon named Amber (her best friend in K)

orange and white kitten named Tia

Goldfish named Goldie

Striped Alley cat  named Tiger

Skunk named Notkitty

lil kinz pig named Pinky

Pink Pony named Pinker Belle

Polka Back fish named Pokey

a Grey Arabian named licorice

Hop Bunny named Hershey

Decade Dragon named Birthday (now you know when her birthday is)

Ribbon Yorkie named Surprise

Lil white Persian named Winter

The struck through pets I have already, There were three others that she adopted, herself. I think they might be currently available in the estore and I will be getting them, myself.

The really good thing about this account is that I won’t have a monstrous map to deal with.

She made a new room every time she logged in when she was little. I may need some help with just general furniture when I get it up and running. I am hoping they allow me to use her name, ‘Chickup1′



other than this, I can recreate some of her rooms, pretty well. I have a lot of the same items she did.

I missed a lot of the 2016 year’s items. Every now and again I will catch a glimpse of something and think it would be nice to have, but it goes away when I start my own wish list.

For the most part I know eventually I come across this stuff.

My big wish? Anything from the Mazin’ Mall.

Arte’s Curio Shop and Walls

The Red Mauna Loa Lava Lamp

Anything nifty from the estore


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