Cassie’s Wish List (wwid: SillyGoose9)

Created: 1/8/20
Updated daily

Birthday: March 9

This is going to be a very long list. I like to have complete collections if I’m going to spend time looking for items. This is also going to be an ongoing list, so it’ll be updated quite frequently. After 13 years of game play and deciding to take a break for 2 of those years really makes you realize how much you missed out on. I really like collecting clothes and seasonal food that I don’t have.

I didn’t realize I’d been accidentally collecting dispenser foods and I’d like to continue. I don’t have a whole lot, so anything is appreciated. (also any of the food that comes from seeds) This is the picture list for the dispenser and seed foods.

Quick tip: if you don’t know what these items are this is a fantastic website and it’s beautifully organized.

  1. Garnet, Aqua, Zircon Gemstone Windows
  2. Emerald, Ruby, Peridot, Sapphire, Rose Zircon Mosaic Tiles
  3. Any of the Birthstone Glasses (Amethyst, Aquamarine, Diamond, Alexandrite, Garnet, Rose Zircon)
  4. Wacky Food:
    Playtime Popcorn
  5. Neo Gothic Piano (retired Adoption)
  6. Winterfest:
    Snowflake Rug (2009)
    Snowy Face Stickers (2012)
    Rink Side Bleachers (2017)
    Arctic Fox Cub Plushy (2018)
    Chalet Ski Rack (2018)
    Black Ski Pants x1 (2019)
    Neon Pink Jacket (2019)
    Rescue Team Pet Pack (2019)
    Adventure Scouts Goggles (2020)
    Snowy Waterfall (2020)
  7. Fall Fest:
    Corn Husk Doll (2007)
    Harvest Fruit Hat (2007)
    Box of Maple Donuts (2012)
    Fall Leaves (2012)
    Gopher Toy (2017)
    Veggie Garden Fence (as many as anyone can spare, 2018)
    Barn Owl Plushy (2019)
    Fall Fest Side Table (2019)
    Growing Garden Cantaloupe Seeds (2019)
    Iron Wood Wagon (2019)
  8. Spring Celebration:
    Bunny Top Hat (2011)
    Celebrate Spring Teapot, Teacup (2011)
    Spring Celebration Eggs (2011)
    Garden Windmill Spinner (2012)
    Spring Celebration Egg Candles (2012)
    Coconut Bunny Cake (2013)
    Jelly Bean Wreath (2013)
    Rainbow Jelly Eggs (2013)
    Spring Umbrella Wall Hanging (2013)
    Wacky Easter Gnome (2013)
    Growing Garden Dress (2014)
    Jelly Bean Smoothie (2014)
    Pretty Bow Centerpiece (2014)
    Spring Celebration Fascinator (2014)
    Spring Celebration Ornament (2014)
    Spring Celebration Place Setting x2 (2014)
    Sprinkle Egg Cookies (2014)
    Tulip Wreath (2014)
    Bunny Zangoz Plush (2015)
    Spring Celebration Card Display (2015)
    Spring Egg Bouquet (2015)
    Blue Wildflowers (2016)
    Bunny Zingoz Plushy (2016)
    Purple Wildflowers (2016)
    Springtime Meadow Tile (2016)
    Sunny Springtime Window x2 (2016)
    Playful Butterflies (2017)
    Purple Lilac Tree (2017)
    Rain Washed Meadow (2017)
    White Flowering Hedge (2017)
    Wild Blue, Pink, White Rose Bush (2018)
    Rainbow Road Tile (2019)
    Rainbow Curvy Road Tile (2019)
    Baby Skunk Plushy (2019)
    Mixed, Pink, Purple Crocus Flowers (2019)
  9. Berry Fest:
    Sour Goo-Goo Berry, Polarberry Seeds
  10. Doc McStuffins Promo:
    Water Bowl
  11. Arthur Movie Promo:
    Elf Training Kit
    Hover Sleigh
    Emergency Cracker
    High Tech Stocking Stuffer
    Elf Patrol Goggles
    Elf Cookie
    Gingerbread Elf
    Wintermint Candy Cane
    Red, Gold, Blue, Silver, Green Bow Gift Boxes (are they decorations or do they disappear like most gift boxes?
  12. Lego Friends Promo:
    Pink Star Tank
    Fuchsia Flip Flops
  13. Lorax Promo:
    Woolly Mustache
    Pink Cotton Candy Tree
    Cuddly Bear Plush
  14. Mirror, Mirror:
    Candied Apple
    Elegant Ball Gown
    Enchanted Tiara
    Enchanted Vanity
    Fabled Top Hat
    Magnolia Tree
    Winged Queen Throne
  15. St. Patrick’s Day:
    Shamrock Fudge
    Catch the Leprechaun Pot of Gold
    Lucky Leprechaun Coin Pond
    Golden Pot of Coins Fridge
    Emerald Treasure Chest
    Leprechaun Statue
    Shamrock Root Beer
    Golden Chocolate Brick
    Shamrock Headband
  16. Halloween:
    PB&J Chocowich
    Wacky Gum Drops
    2009, 10, 11, 13, 14 Jack O’Lanterns
    Haunted Dungeon Gate
    All Hallow’s Stove
    Spooky Cobweb Bed
    Monster Claws Door
    Frightening Fireplace
    Any of the items from 2005 – 2006
    Halloween Hat
    Jack-O-Lantern Hat
    Phantom Pop
    Wacky Witch Hat
    Electric Shock Wig
  17. Christmas:
    Jolly Top Hat (2017)
    Festive Dance Tutu (2014)
    Holiday Gift Centerpiece (2014)
    Holiday Onesie (2014)
    Holiday Rocking Reindeer (2014)
    Home for the Holidays Rug (2014)
    Amanda Panda Holiday Plush (2013)
    Holiday Light Hat (2013)
    KinzVille Academy Gingerbread House (2013)
    Peppermint Truffles (2013)
    Polarberry Jam Snowglobe (2013)
    Red Festive Holiday Wreath (2013)
    Snowflake Glasses (2013)
    Soft Holiday Moccasins (2013)
    Candy Cane Cocoa (2012)
    Jingle Bell Slippers (2012)
    Jingle Jester Hat (2012)
    Reindeer Glasses (2012)
    Santakinz Toy Train (2012)
    Wish Factory Gingerbread House (2012)
    Webkinz Wool Cap (2011)
    Rubber Whale Toy (2010)
    Black Socks (2010)
    Building Blocks Tower (2010)
    Amanda Panda Plush (2009)
    Dancing Toy Robot (2009)
    Gingerbread Reindeer Cookies (2009)
    Hanging Mistletoe (2009)
    Kinzville Gingerbread House (2009)
    Kinzville Station Train (2009)
    Magic W White Socks (2009)
    Santakinz (small) Nutcracker (2009)
    Santakinz Snow Globe (2009)
    Christmas Items (by year):

    Christmas Gifts:
  18. Kinzville Academy:
    KVA Confetti Cannon
    Book Cart
    Classroom Window
    Homework Floor Tile
    Hopscotch Floor Tile
    Lab Safety Poster
    Math is Fun Poster
    READ Poster
    Superintendent Portrait
    Wacky Student Plush
    A+ Teacher’s Bouquet
    Silver Cymbals
    Chocolate Chalk
    Field Berry Smoothie
    Loose Leaf Sandwich
    Prepperoni Pizza
    A+ Cookie
    A+ Soda (I think I have one but I can’t find it right now)
    Clever Cheese Crackers
    Grad Wrap
    Hopscotch Gummies
    Kindergarden Salad
  19. Valentine’s Day:
    Pink Roll Cake
    Red Velvet Cake Pops
    Valentine’s Day Truffles
    Valentine’s Bouquet
    Fancy Chocolate Heart
    Forever You Rose
    I Heart U Masquerade Mask
    I Love Chocolate Cake
    Cupid’s Wings
    Cinnamon Chocolate Hat
  20. Thanksgiving:
    Thanksgiving Dinner
    Thanksgiving Platter
    Bowl of Cranberries
    Cornucopia Chair
    Floral Pilgrim Bonnet
    Flower Pumpkin Centerpiece
    Zangoz Thanksgiving Plushy
    Floral Pilgrim Dress
  21. Easter:
    Bunny Ears
    Fuzzy Pink Bunny Ears
    Marshmallow Bunnies
    Chocolate Egg Area Rug (2009, 2010)
    Springtime Jelly Beans
    Egg Holder Love Seat
    Caramel Bunny
    Chocolate Egg Fridge
    Chocolate Wacky
    Spring Flower Chair
    Spring Chocolate Strawberries
    Chocolate Covered Carrot
    Egg Painting Station
    Chocolate Egg Cake Pop
    Spring Nest Donut
    Spring Egg Car
  22. Webkinz Votes (I missed the 2014 Election):
    Vote Cowabelle, Dex, Doe, Von Meow Caps
    Webkinz Votes 2014 Poster
  23. Cars 3 Promo:
    Cruz Ramirez Toy Car
    Jackson Storm Toy Car
    Lightning McQueen Toy Car
    Racetrack Curvy Floor Tile
    Racetrack Floor Straight Tile


Welcome Back Mat
Dream in Pink CD Cover
Cash Cow 2 Poster
Lime Green Dresser
Magical Amulet
Webkinz Clubhouse Welcome Sign
Blue Bean Bag Chair
Nakamas Poster
Tiger Cub Poster
White Tiger Cub Plushy
Carrot Spring Chair
Loony Round Rug
Fishing Derby Trophy
Go Go Go Googles Wall Print
Skunk Misunderstood Poster
Rescue Team Certificate (2019)
Pink Crystal Paperweight
Mother’s Day Potted Tiger Lily
2011 Back Country Road Trip Poster
2011 Road Trip Pop Art Poster
2011 Road Trip Pop Art Print
Blue W Pattern Wallpaper
Cash Cow 2 Poster
Classic Movie Studio Light
Flashing Sign
Golden Dragon Statue
Green Stage Light
Griffin Emblem Rug
Information Sand Castle
Invisible Car
Portable Picnic Table
Pretty Pink Roses
Sparkle Springs Tree
Sounds of Spring Stereo
Sweet Superstar Mic
Sweetheart Bed
Flower Powered Wind Turbine

Stylish City Boots
Webkinz Newz Skirt
Amethyst Tiara
Huggy Hoodie
Martian Helmet
Good to Be the King Dress
Tropical Party Sandals (Estore Customer Appreciation Gift)

Sour Grape Atom
Blue Tang, Shark Cookies (Dory Promo)
Go Play Sandwich, Smiling Watermelon Slices


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