Foxblox’s Wish List

Last Updated: January 25, 2020

Hi. Thank you for taking time to help us all with our treasure hunts! This is the Wish List for foxblox. (Main ID: foxblox) I usually play with my scraggly old bear Houston if you’re looking for me online. Can’t remember when we started playing, but it must have been around 2008. You could still get WK plush in lots of stores and we used to go on marathon hunts for the ones we didn’t have yet.


Christmas Cabinet
Curio Shop Gingerbread House
Darling Garden Home
Festive Feast Dining Table
Festive Sidewalk Lamp <– added 1/23/2020
Festive Sidewalk Tree x2
Gingerbread Rug <– added 1/19/2020
Gingerbread Side Table x2
Holiday Cheer Bookshelf
Jolly Holiday Dining Table
Kinzville Academy Gingerbread House
Kinzville Gingerbread Clock Tower
Magical Holiday Wardrobe
North Pole Lamppost
Potted Pine Tree
Rubber Whale Toy
Santakinz Carousel
Santakinz Desk
Santakinz Helper Stool
Santakinz Helper Workbench
Santakinz’ Side Table
Santakinz’ Workshop Dresser
Santakinz’ Workshop Wall Lantern x2
Santakinz’ Workshop Walls
Santakinz’ Workshop Wide Window
Santakinz’ Workshop Window
Snowy Holiday Fence x2 <– added 1/23/2020
Steps to Santakinz Room Divider x2
Toy Drum Table x2
Wish Factory Gingerbread House


Berry Fest
Apple Basket
Apple Farm Floor Tile x4
Candy Apple Crate Fridge
Field of Daisies Floor Tile x4
Fire Log Basket
Fire Log Rack
Fresh Water Stream Tiles
Golden Delicious Apple Crate Fridge
Iron Wood Wagon
Potted Elm Tree
Veggie Garden Fence pieces
Weathered Stone Paths


Caesar’s Chair x4 <– added 1/22/2020
Royal Reign Rug x2 <– added 1/23/2020
Safari Print Screen <– added 1/22/2020
Whimsical Wonderland Flooring <– added 1/23/2020


Nafaria and Alyssa House
Alyssa House Thin Tapestries
Nafaria House Thin Tapestries

Trick or Treat
Spooky Stained Glass Window


Clover Patched Couch <– added 1/23/2020


Acorn Collection
Barn Door Book Shelves
Fall Fair Judge’s Booth
Fall Fair Sign
Fall Fair Snack Cart Fridge
Fall Fun Tree
Green Oak Tree Rug <– added 1/20/2020
Oak Tree Armchair x2
Oak Tree Fridge
Oak Tree Rug
Oak Tree Toy Box
Oak Tree Bed
Orange Oak Tree Rug

Candy Cane
Candy Cane Couch
Gingerbread Stove
Home for the Holidays Piano

Mod Patio Sofa
Mod Patio Sofa Extension
Playground Climbing Wall
Playground Dragon Rider
Playground Long Slide
Spring Blooms Fountain
Wildflower Gazebo

CampKinz Lantern Tree
Rocky Hot Springs
Rustic Desk Chair
Wicker Rocker

Chocolate Shop Neon Booth x2
Chocolate Shop Table x1
Chocolate Shop Window


Delightful Dresser
Family Dinner Table
Gargowl Gargoyle
Golden Leprechaun Hat Cannon
Golden Leprechaun Window
Hug Rug x2
Ocean Overlook Flooring
Ocean Overlook Wallpaper
Pineapple Plushy
Shallow Swimming Pond
Sunken Oceanliner Flooring


Fun to be Young
Fun to be Young Flooring
Fun to be Young Wallpaper
Lively Wardrobe
Modern Desk
Soccer Ball Rug
Toy Shelves


Cold Flames Cauldron
Cursed Cradle
Freaky Forest Floor Tile x4
Giant Spider Dining Table
Gothic Window x2
Halloween Costume Shop
Halloween Green Home
Halloween Orange Home
Halloween Purple Home
Horrifying Halloween Flooring
Horrifying Halloween Wallpaper
Mausoleum Television
Phantom Trophy Pedestal
Purple Pumpkin Chair x4
Tombstone Chair
Trick or Treat Street Bench
Trick or Treat Street Fence x4
Trick or Treat Street Hedge x4
Trick or Treat Street Tombstone
Witch’s Brew Stove


Berry Festival
Berry Market Fridge (2013)

Big City Mega Challenge
Snack Stand Fridge

Fall Fair
Bushel of Peaches (2014)
Fall Fair Stand Fridge (2014)

Haunted Hotel Elevator (2016)

Spring Fling
Inflatable Slide (2015)

Wacky Zingoz
WackyER Zingoz Arcade Unit (2015)
Zangoz Soda Machine Fridge (2016)

Hot Chocolate Display (2014)
Ice Palace Flooring (2016)
Ice Palace Wallpaper (2016)
Snow Fort (2017)

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