Webkinz Magic Mire Info

These are the Charms available:


These are the virtual charms you can find:



Here are the in game prizes: Alyssa Plush, Nafaria Plush, Charm Fairy Top, Charm Fairy Skirt, Bramble Circlet, Magic Mire Charm Candy

Grand Prize: Swirling Leaf Tiara


Charm Forest Flowers – 5th unlock
Charm Forest Mirror – 6th unlock
Charm Forest Rune Stone – 7th unlock
Charm Forest Sofa and Coffee Table – 8th Unlock


Charm Forest Window – prize for registering 16 charms. Magic Mire Marsh – prize for registering 24 charms

1 Comment

  1. Gymboutiques said,

    July 26, 2009 @ 11:11 pm

    many of you asked about the Magic Mire guide/info. we hope this helps. We are still gathering information about where to find the virtual charms within the game.

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