March Peek a Newz

The Peek a Newz on Webkinz Newz will return to normal this March.

You can win different prizes from the 2018 WKN March Gift Box each day you complete the Peek a Newz in March. (image taken from Webkinz Newz)

Possible prizes you can win from the 2018 WKN March Gift Box:

Aquamarine Mosaic Tile
Boomin’ Green Chair
Boomin’ Green Couch
Clover Patch
Mod Ebony Coffee Table
Shamrockin’ Bandana
Shamrockin’ Bottoms
Shamrockin’ Guitar
Shamrockin’ Microphone
Shamrockin’ Shirt
Silver Treasure Chest
St. Patty’s Jukebox

What prizes are you looking forward to the most? Do you think the Peek a Newz should have new Saint Patrick’s Day items, if so, what do you think they should be? How many days do you think you will do the Peek a Newz?


  1. 1 gagagee said,

    February 26, 2018 @ 9:04 am

    Good Morning !
    Can’t believe the weekend went so quickly !
    RubyCubes… Thanks for putting together the new contest ! Looks interesting but challenging…Will have to investigate recent figure skating events and see how much I can figure out ! Really hope you are feeling better.. as well as the rest of your family…
    Hope all of you who live in the flood zones are safe… looks terrible !
    dee.. Are you OK ? Watch the national news last night …some areas really hit hard by the storms..
    LIst of errands to run… Check back later !
    Have a good day ! Stay safe and get well to those of you who have recent illness and injury !


    February 28, 2018 @ 1:01 am

    Misunderstood you, sorry..that I can answer.. non toxic acrylic paints work well. I’ve used them to make paw prints from my dog and cats on christmas cards in the past…just hold tight if you do it or you’ll have prints all over the house….yuo, been there done

  3. 3 dee said,

    February 28, 2018 @ 8:35 am

    thanks chant……..saw kiddy watercolors work too…..i will have dh hold the critter

  4. 4 Kat said,

    March 1, 2018 @ 3:07 am


    How do I get my email to you for the pet code? Do I just post it here?

  5. 5 RubyCubes (WWID: clm88) said,

    March 1, 2018 @ 3:58 am

    Kat – I’m pretty sure you just email Moms with your email address. She will keep it confidential. I think her email address is public for this forum, but I don’t want to give it out just in case it’s not. I’m sure she will provide you with the means of emailing her.

    Moms – If I based my views of socialized medicine on the anecdotal experience of Japanese friends, I may be inclined to agree with you. Japan has a form of socialized medicine, and they often rank behind the U.S. in quality of care.

    My biggest problem with the U.S. healthcare system is the commodification of health care. It is big business. In my state of Kentucky, 5 of the top 10 for profit corporations are health care institutions, one of which is Humana. My last two full-time jobs have been for profit-based health care corporations, one of which was an insurance company. I disclose this, fully aware of my own hypocrisy. Even though I was in patient-centered positions, that allowed me to advocate for my patients rather than the corporation, the only reason my positions have existed is because they ultimately benefit the corporation. I am well aware of how much American healthcare corporations and insurance companies benefit from the adverse medical conditions of our citizens.

    For the most part, it’s the “working poor’ and “lower middle class” who are most negatively affected by our healthcare system. The very poor can often qualify for Medicaid, which is a form of socialized medicine. Those 65 and older can qualify for Medicare, which is another form of socialized healthcare. The upper middle and upper class can often get health insurance through their employers, and even if they have a relatively high deductible, most can afford to pay it.

    For the working poor who do not qualify for Medicaid and the lower middle class who may have health insurance with high deductibles, but who live paycheck to paycheck and can’t afford $2000-$3000 out of pocket every year for health care expenses, our system doesn’t work. This is where a large majority of our population are, and they will often avoid needed health care because of the expense.

    With regard to socialized medicine, it’s not a one-size-fits-all system, meaning that socialized medicine in one country, like Canada, is not exactly the same as socialized medicine in another country, like Germany. Each country’s system is determined by their own government and people. While Japan does use a form of socialized healthcare, they currently rank lower than the U.S. in terms of quality of care. However, the U.S. consistently ranks lower across the board in quality of care, efficiency of care, healthy living, access to care, equity, and mortality rates than 10 other industrialized countries, even though we spend far more on health care every year than any other industrialized countries.

    In other words, we are not getting what we pay for. Out of the top 11 industrialized countries studied, the U.K. currently ranks at the top in all of these categories, and they have a form of socialized healthcare. Many of the other countries who out perform the U.S. also have socialized healthcare. Canada ranks just above us in quality of care and other performance categories, but their system is, from my understanding (Canadians, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong), 100% socialized. It’s basically Medicare (in U.S. terms) for everyone. So they may not be at the top of the list in terms of quality, but nobody in their country is ever denied care, and they all pay the same thing, which is nothing for the healthcare itself. The healthcare is assumed by the government and paid for with taxes. And they still out perform us in quality of care.

    So we get worse health care in the U.S. and we’re paying out the a– for it. And many of our people simply won’t even pay for it. They will go without because… they prioritize things like food and rent above it, because that’s all they can afford.

    At this point, for me, if 10 other industrialized nations (Japan is not one of them) have pulled off healthcare much better than us, we’ve got no business claiming any superiority in healthcare. I haven’t looked into the specific systems of all 10 of those countries, but I’m pretty certain that most, if not all of them, have socialized healthcare, although the specifics of their systems may differ significantly. For example, even though the U.K. and Canada both have socialized healthcare systems, they differ considerably. And both of those systems differ from Germany’s system.

    Anecdotally, earlier this month I realized that I was running low on a prescription medication that I take, and I had no more refills. Law in my state dictates that I see my doctor every three months because I’m on this medication. Normally, when I’m there for an appointment, I go ahead and schedule my next appointment 3 months out. But last time I was there, I forgot. So I called my PCP to schedule an appointment for my medication refill. I only had 2 weeks of my medication left, but they were booked over a month out. I explained this to the receptionist scheduling my appointment, but she didn’t care at all. I asked her if the doctor could go ahead and send a refill to my pharmacy just for the 2.5 weeks until my next appointment, and she informed me that he was not legally allowed to do so. So I was like, “Really? What if this was a blood pressure medication or diabetes medication?” Ans she said, “You’ll have to discuss that with your doctor.” And I said, “Yes, but I can’t get in to see my doctor for more than 2 weeks after my medication runs out. Do you see the problem?” She had no clue. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to get the flu! So I made an appointment with a nurse practitioner who works with my doctor. She was nice enough to go ahead and reorder my meds for me, and while I was there I was SURE to schedule another appointment with my doctor in 3 months. Point is, one of the biggest complaints with socialized medicine is that it may take a month or more to get an appointment with your doctor. Unless you have an acute medical illness and are willing to see a NP on the fly, you may well wait a month or more to see your PCP in the U.S., with awesome insurance! That’s my own experience.

    I am in favor of socialized healthcare because, if you look at international studies over the past 10+ years, we are consistently ranked below many other countries in quality of care, while paying so much more than any of those countries for the poor care we receive. If healthcare is a commodity, we should get what we pay for, which means we should rank way above any other country in the world, and we don’t. Not even close.

    I hope that our country will eventually progress toward some system of socialized medicine, but I’ve been hoping that for a long time now, and it hasn’t happened. I’m lucky to have decent insurance coverage. Even when it changes next month and we have a fairly high deductible. at least my husband makes enough that we can afford an HSA account to pay for it. He has some chronic illnesses, and we almost always meet our yearly deductible. But I have cared for so many people who end up in medical crises because they couldn’t afford the premiums, deductibles, and copays to obtain preventative care and early treatment. And many of them are very hard working Americans. It makes me sick. No working American should have to worry about their credit tanking because they were having a heart attack, or broke their leg, or are going into labor and they had no choice but to go to the hospital. This happens every single day. There are so many better options out there.

  6. 6 RubyCubes (WWID: clm88) said,

    March 1, 2018 @ 3:58 am

    Could someone fish my comment out of the trash? Thanks again! :)

  7. 7 RubyCubes (WWID: clm88) said,

    March 1, 2018 @ 4:00 am

    Kat – I don’t think you have to post your personal email here. I think Moms has a public email that she can post here for you to email privately, but I’m not certain. I’ll let her respond.

  8. 8 dee said,

    March 1, 2018 @ 8:59 am

    is this where we are posting now? sorry, but i get very confused when more than one is open…….

    someone asked about apples. i only use granny smiths for baking….dh and dds fave
    for fruit salads, i will use some sweet ones….my fave for just eating is honeycrisp

  9. momskinz (WWID: momsownkinz) said,

    March 1, 2018 @ 9:36 am

    hey kat – you used a gmail address on your comments that i can see “behind the scenes” – should i send to that one a***yst********** ???

  10. 10 momskinz (WWID: momsownkinz) said,

    March 1, 2018 @ 9:36 am

    dee – i scheduled this post to open when the other one was closing i thought??? what else is open???

  11. 11 dee said,

    March 1, 2018 @ 9:59 am

    yesterday or day before there were two open…..
    you know me……..i get lost so easy

  12. 12 Stella said,

    March 1, 2018 @ 10:53 am

    Hi everyone! I got an email from Webkinz about Sophie’s Specials and it had a free item code in it. I got a Rainbow Root Beer. W247-7T8Y-6ASV-5UUS

  13. 13 zingyginger said,

    March 1, 2018 @ 12:58 pm

    Just a flyby (sorry gotta work) but I did fish out your comment, Ruby. Also, try to see if you can find out the secure email access to your doc if he/she has one. They’ve been trying to get MDs to use electronic health records and that’s a feature of EHRs. You can therefore try to reach the doc directly to ask for refills if the front office staff is not helpful. Alternatively, ask to speak to the office manager to get your meds until your appointment.

  14. 14 Kat said,

    March 1, 2018 @ 1:04 pm

    Thank you, that makes sense

    Yes that one is correct, thank you!

  15. 15 dee said,

    March 1, 2018 @ 5:54 pm

    is the pet of the month the regular dolphin? meaning is it the old one that my dd has? ha ha ha
    i mean 2008 or 09? maybe 10……….

  16. 16 momskinz (WWID: momsownkinz) said,

    March 1, 2018 @ 7:06 pm

    i think our government is incapable of running healthcare at this point – they can’t operate anything on a budget, but we are always careful not to engage in political discussions here, so I’m going to stop with this :)

    no dee – not the regular dolphin – it’s the Blue Bay Dolphin

  17. 17 momskinz (WWID: momsownkinz) said,

    March 1, 2018 @ 7:27 pm

    new post:

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