August 2018 Webkinz Events

There will be several Webkinz events in August, but none of them are new so far. However, Webkinz Newz has hinted that there might be a new Clubhouse room or dive in August. We do not currently know the new Webkinz for August.

This picture of the Webkinz August events is from Webkinz Newz.

Don’t forget to enter the Community Codes that expire on Tuesday, July 31st, before August begins if you haven’t entered them yet.

Please note that Webkinz will be updated on Wednesday, August 1st, and hopefully be back up around 10:00 AM Eastern Time.

The Wacky Zingoz Celebration will run from Wednesday, August 1st to Sunday, August 12th. More details are given in a post Momskinz made with the screenshots coming from Podkinz Episode 103 but some of the prizes are also shown in the July Fourth Webkinz updates post.

Deluxe Day will be on Saturday, August 11th.

The Super School Giveaway will run from Monday, August 13th to Friday, September 7th.

There is a spoiler about an outfit that might be given away during the Super School Giveaway after the read more. Please do NOT comment on the spoiler unless we find out more about the outfit while this post is still open for comments. TheSpoilerLurker first alerted us to this outfit in the July Fourth Webkinz updates post that is linked to above.

The Cuddle Cat will be the August Pet of the Month.


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