Deluxe Day Saturday

July’s Deluxe Day is Saturday July 20. Deluxe Members will be able to log in and visit Today’s Activities in order to receive a special prize: Lake Flooring!
Also on the Today’s Activity schedule, there’s an entire day of fun and activities for Deluxe Members to enjoy!


  1. littleleaf32 (ylime32) said,

    July 19, 2019 @ 3:13 pm

    Pirate Doubloon

  2. 2 Dixiecup said,

    July 19, 2019 @ 3:40 pm

    Oh COME ON, how did it get to be the 20th already?? Summer’s almost half over and we haven’t seen the sun in over three weeks, here!
    My backyard is so wet that my dogs refuse to go out any more :roll: walking back there is like walking in muskeg! It MOVES when you walk on it! :O
    Thanks for the code, littleleaf <3

  3. 3 april1013 (wwid: zeker1013) said,

    July 19, 2019 @ 6:57 pm

    I love this Deluxe Day gift!

    Oh Dixie, that sounds awful! I hope for some sunshine for you. All I can offer to send you is some jungle weather. You walk outside here and you’re instantly sweating and it’s hard to breathe.

    gaga—Mist’s room was in the previous room design post…
    Her room is Canadian Spring. We haven’t tried the sprinkler yet. It’s too hot to be outside for more than a few minutes. Hopefully this weekend.

    Thanks for the code LL!

  4. 4 gagagee said,

    July 20, 2019 @ 6:27 am

    Good Morning All !
    Happy Saturday and Deluxe Day !
    littleleaf… thanks for posting the code ..
    Dixiecup… stormy morning here but has been hot and sunny… Wish I could send you some of our sunshine ! Was so hot yesterday that I had NO birds at the feeders all day…very unusual…
    april…thanks for the link to Mist’s Room… very nice room… thought it was posted yesterday with WKN new pictures.. Do you want an extra Deluxe Day floor ??
    Lurker… was curious … the Mystery Seed boxes did not disappear from your dock did they ??? Was really disappointed very you… Was planning to get a few… but I guess I will have to wait until they fix the glitch..
    Where is everyone ?? Was really quiet here yesterday !
    Hope all is well with everyone…
    Queen of Sheeba … Are you still around ?? Your Dad OK ??

  5. 5 dee said,

    July 20, 2019 @ 8:53 am

    good morning peeps

    hot hot hot

    something bit me and left a blister. it itches like mad!!!
    i googled and maybe a fire ant bite? either that or brown recluse spider, but there are no teeth marks…………….aaaaaaaaaggggggggh

    thinking ant………..did not know we had fire ants in these parts tho

  6. 6 dee said,

    July 20, 2019 @ 8:54 am

    my internet was out for a bit…………they called and said it was a network problem………………then eight hours later called to say resolved….so

    i think network problem is code for squirrel getting into wires


  7. 7 gagagee said,

    July 20, 2019 @ 9:14 am

    dee hope it is not a brown recluse ! sometimes cool compresses..baking soda paste applied to area .. OTC benadryl ( might make you drowsy) Calamine caladryl…
    Don’t know anything about fire ants….
    Comment about the squirrel made me LOL !

  8. 8 april1013 (wwid: zeker1013) said,

    July 20, 2019 @ 10:52 am

    gaga—That is so sweet of you to offer! But I do have a couple of deluxe accts. and I’m having trouble just keep up lately, let alone finding time to decorate. :) Sometimes Stella gets me up early. The birds are so vocal at that time, so many just chirping away. Not lately…too hot. I have to change out the humming bird nectar every other day now. It gets too hot and gross. I make a big batch and keep in the fridge. Plus then I have ‘weak’ simple syrup for summer time cocktails. :)

    Oh dee—That sounds awful! Dh got a nasty spider bite a while back. Blistered up a good inch across. It looked so bad that I was googling when to go to doc for a spider bite. I asked him if he was having trouble breathing, he said no, so we didn’t go. Took about a month for it to go away. gaga—I’ll keep the baking soda paste in mind if it happens again.
    Squirrel :lol:

    I missed saying HI to Ruby! Hope everything is going well with the new job and dd is having a fun summer and looking forward to her second year of college! I too am a little concerned about webkinz. If they don’t come out with the mac desktop app before the end of the year I’m worried I won’t be able to do anything but the phone app.

    Stay cool and hydrated everyone!

  9. littleleaf32 (ylime32) said,

    July 20, 2019 @ 11:31 am

    Dragon Treasure Pile

  10. 10 littleleaf32 (ylime32) said,

    July 20, 2019 @ 12:11 pm

    I got a leaping llama trophy after only four times of playing it!!!!!! :)

  11. 11 Queen of Sheba (WWID: Royalmajesty) said,

    July 20, 2019 @ 12:57 pm

    Good afternoon!

    As far as tile towers, I wish we could have at least one more shuffle! And I’d rather play tile towers than leaping llama any day! Good for you, littleleaf, on winning a leaping llama trophy! You must be pretty good! Thanks for the codes, too!

    I hope that I can vote on the Halloween Theme before I leave town. I may be too busy to get online.

    Dee – sorry about that bite! I’m super sensitive to bites,so I probably would be in ER. I carry epi-pen for bee stings (even sweat bee stings). But I hate to use epipen. I just bought my epipen (2 in pkg) for $375. Crazy price! I could not find a coupon for it. I used to only pay $30.

    Got my deluxe gift! Hoping the deluxe gift for August is after the 8th.

    Gaga – I’m still around. Haven’t heard results of dad’s biopsy. We leave on the 24th for our trip. I have a girlfriend coming over today to help me with packing. Not that I need help, but it will be more fun. Our company just left about an hour ago, so I’m unwinding a bit by checking in here and on my webbies.

    Dixie – We have the opposite problem here! It is SO dry! I think my dh’s flowers will be all withered up by the time he comes home later this month. I won’t be here to water them. Hoping for some rain.

  12. 12 Dixiecup said,

    July 20, 2019 @ 2:31 pm

    Just letting you all know that if you have saved up some Sophie Mayor boxes, they are already giving out the new items. I got 2 barriers :)

  13. 13 gagagee said,

    July 20, 2019 @ 2:45 pm

    littleleaf… Congrats on winning the Leaping Llama trophy !! Took me many attempts at that game.. but finally won one .
    Sheeba…If you need anything from WW while you are away… let me know.. and I and sure everyone would like to help you..Will have extras of Deluxe and probably anything else that comes up…
    Love the Trick or Treat Street Theme… really hope it wins… I must have poor taste or something because my favorite never wins !!
    Thoughts are with you and your Dad as you wait for the results of his biopsy..Hope everything comes back normal…
    Have a great time !

  14. 14 littleleaf32 (ylime32) said,

    July 20, 2019 @ 4:38 pm

    Gaga- My favourite theme is the trick or treat street theme too.

  15. 15 dee said,

    July 20, 2019 @ 6:04 pm

    wooo doggie
    i am sweating!
    nothing like 103 temps and grilling!

    granted there is a slight breeze, but it is a 100 degree breeze……..

    so no one has a pool?

  16. 16 gagagee said,

    July 20, 2019 @ 6:54 pm

    dee… how is your spider/bug bite ?? Hope it is better !
    Don’t have a pool or access to one other than city pool….mostly staying inside except for necessary Saturday errands.1
    Planning on grilling steaks tomorrow… Temperature here right now is only 95 degrees !!! May ask to borrow Stella’s dog sprinkler !

  17. 17 littleleaf32 (ylime32) said,

    July 20, 2019 @ 8:18 pm

    Dee- No pool here either, but I wouldn’t have wanted to be in one today. It was cool and rainy all day. No hot weather today, but we had been having weather in the 80’s.

  18. 18 Queen of Sheba (WWID: Royalmajesty) said,

    July 21, 2019 @ 12:12 am

    I’m fine with any of the Halloween themes, but my favorite is also the trick or treat street theme, too. We don’t have anything like that one. Hopefully, I will remember to vote! That is the day I leave on my big trip!

  19. 19 gagagee said,

    July 21, 2019 @ 12:39 am

    Sheeba . Have a safe and fun trip with your Dad !!

  20. 20 gagagee said,

    July 21, 2019 @ 7:58 am

    Good Morning All !
    Temperature here is forecast to be in the 80’s today with less humidity.. A
    welcome change ! Much better for grilling… even the birds are returning to the feeders…
    Sunday gatherings with my nephew are winding down….I am already feeling kind of sad about his going off to school…. I can’t believe he is already talking about reapplying to CWRU next year ! I really thought he had put that behind him… But I know so much can happen in a year… and maybe he will love where he is at !
    DIxiecup .. thanks for the tip about Mayor Sophie’s box… had a few leftover and I think I was able to get almost one of each new item…
    littleleaf… we could use a little rain here .. everything is very dry… T storms predicted for later today… Hoping for some rain .
    April… I hope you get some relief from the heat… I am sure Stella wants to try out her new sprinkler !
    Trying to get my Sunday more chores done before I head over to my Mom’ s for Sunday “linner” !
    dee… How is your bug/spider bit this morning ??
    Hope all is well with everyone…. Have a nice day with family and friends !

  21. 21 TheLoopyLurker said,

    July 21, 2019 @ 8:45 am

    Morning Gymbonians!

    gaga, the two boxes that I have on two accounts did not disappear. They’re merely sitting in my dock ticking me off, lol. Thank goodness I only logged in two of the codes. Each day since I logged the codes in, I try to open the boxes even though I know they won’t work, because I’m stubborn that way. Ganz could at least tell us what is in the boxes. That’s what makes it so frustrating…I want to know if my guess as to what’s in the boxes is correct! :mrgreen:

  22. 22 dee said,

    July 21, 2019 @ 1:48 pm

    hello folks
    hope all are well……..usual boring sunday here
    and i like it like that

  23. 23 dee said,

    July 21, 2019 @ 1:49 pm

    sounds like you need one of them airport xray machines

  24. 24 dee said,

    July 21, 2019 @ 5:45 pm

    and nurse gaga
    yesterday it was about half dollar size pink, with the pus looking thing in the middle……….internet said to put cortisone stuff on it. so i bought some and goobed it on overnite…….today it is just a teeny red, but still has the blister looking thing………..thankfully no more itch……….

    AND – i have started shaking my clothes before i put them on!
    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  25. 25 dee said,

    July 21, 2019 @ 6:35 pm

    guess i am the only one peeking in today
    everybody better be outside having some super duper fun

    we are having leftover grilled corn and hot dogs tonite with pasta salad

    went to blaze for lunch…….amazing that dh eats a WHOLE pizza!
    he is one of them skinny guys who eats all he wants………..grrrr

    gonna do ribs tomorrow or next day………….have a new love seat being delivered tomorrow, so i am trying, trying, trying to clean out the space it will go…………………need help lifting old one and dh is mowing………….

    and we have to put it a curb………..garbage man will pickup withing fifteen days………..yeah……….neighbors gonna be hating on us! ha ha ha ha

  26. 26 dee said,

    July 21, 2019 @ 6:36 pm

    and fyi
    old one is so broke and repaired that i would not want to donate
    we have given old furniture in the past………..but this puppy is a wreck

  27. 27 momskinz (WWID: momsownkinz) said,

    July 21, 2019 @ 7:17 pm

    dh decided he would go ahead & put in the new modem and now every light is blinking – the phone isn’t working – but it seems i have internet & cable again, so at least he finally got some of it working LOL

    how is everyone else doing?!

  28. 28 Queen of Sheba (WWID: Royalmajesty) said,

    July 21, 2019 @ 8:38 pm

    Wow! A whole pizza, Dee? That is amazing! Youngest dd just cooked up a delicious veggie dish! Yum! I was glad to have a break from cooking. (Ha ha! I bought a sausage biscuit for breakfast & a sub sandwich for lunch!)

    Glad you have internet & cable again, Moms! Hope the phone is working by now!

    I’m making my final rounds with the collection event. Actually, did two rounds with most of them, but will finish 3x on my account. Will finish dd’s on Wed. the day I leave for the trip! But if I forget, it isn’t a big deal since I have extra accounts. I don’t know how I got behind on her account! Probably forgot to request on certain days.

    Packed all my clothes for the big trip last night. But then today I remembered some clothes that need to be laundered that I want to take. And I remembered a beautiful navy top at the mall…….so now I have unpacked my suitcase again. Clothes strewn all over my bed. Two NEW tops instead of just the navy….(How did that happen! Ha ha!) Anyway, I discovered that one of my new pairs of shoes is a NO GO! Disappointed, but they just aren’t going to break in easily! I take an old trusty pair instead.

    Glad your bite is better, Dee! I got a little bite tonight somehow! Quite annoying, but definitely not what you went through.

    Loopy – patience! Just kidding! I understand why you are frustrated! I hope it is worth the wait!

  29. 29 Queen of Sheba (WWID: Royalmajesty) said,

    July 21, 2019 @ 8:40 pm

    Btw, Dee, I’m staying inside! Way too hot outside!

    Enjoy the new chair!

  30. 30 littleleaf32 (ylime32) said,

    July 21, 2019 @ 9:02 pm

    I was curious about when I since first started commenting on the blog, so I had to look it up. Turns out my first ever comment was, “Cool! Hi!” on June 1st, 2009. I was so lame back then. Since then I’ve commented over 7,600 times. Wow.

  31. 31 momskinz (WWID: momsownkinz) said,

    July 21, 2019 @ 9:51 pm

    QoS – it sounds like you are really excited – so happy for you!!! good choice on the trusty shoes & the new tops ;-)

    LL – goodness gracious, i don’t want to think about how many times i have commented ROFL

  32. 32 momskinz (WWID: momsownkinz) said,

    July 21, 2019 @ 9:58 pm

    new post:

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