The Wheel of Wow has brand-new Mini Egg Seeds that you can plant in your yard and grow Mini Eggs that your can feed to your pet! The seeds have been added to the Wheel of WOW on the Webkinz Classic Desktop App and the Webkinz Classic Mobile App, giving you two chances to win one every day until 4/11/23!

Fun to be Young theme – added to the Curio Shop as the latest rare room theme. This former Deluxe monthly room theme is now available to everyone and will appear randomly in the Curio Shop rotation of rares.

SPREE mall 3 new items: Kinzville Spa Shelf, Kinzville Spa Pedicure Chair, Space Fighter Ride

St. Patrick’s Day – log in to Webkinz Classic Friday, March 17 to receive a Golden Leprechaun Window

Wacky Weekend Event Friday, March 17 – Sunday, March 19 – look for floating Wacky Gummies, click on them to collect them. Each time you feed your pet Wacky Gummies, there’s a chance you’ll win some Wacky Cupcake Tree Seeds.

March’s Deluxe Day Saturday, March 18th – visit the Today’s Activities on the Webkinz Classic desktop app to get the March prize: Ice Floe Flooring

Chocolate Penguin Candy Tree in the Kinzville Park Saturday, March 18 & Sunday, March 19 – click on it to collect Dark Chocolate Penguins

Player Appreciation Day on Classic AND Next Tuesday, March 28 – prize for March: Soft Spring Dots Egg Hat (cannot be sent, traded, or sold)

Chocolate Egg event Wednesday, March 29 – Sunday, April 9
2023 Milk Chocolate Egg prizes: previous Bucket of Tulips, or Dolphin Bubble Blower, or random NEW spring-themed prize!

2023 White Chocolate Eggs spring-themed items that go together with the 2023 Milk Chocolate Eggs or there’s also a chance you’ll win 1 of 2 GRAND PRIZES: a 2023 White Chocolate Cottage or a 2023 Milk Chocolate Cottage


  1. momskinz (WWID: momsownkinz) said,

    March 16, 2023 @ 12:16 am

    I focused on things happening this month

  2. 2 dee said,

    March 16, 2023 @ 7:11 am


  3. 3 gagagee said,

    March 16, 2023 @ 7:38 am

    Good Morning All !

    Farmers Day !
    No luck with treasure chest !
    Love the new seeds on the Wheel of WOW ! Hopefully with be able to win a few !

    Appliance guy here yesterday… Changed out lightbulbs.. Inspected everything.
    He said that they don’t make them like these anymore… suggested I just wait and see what happens.. Moved the fridge .. vacuumed coils…and even washed the floor where fridge was … despite my protest.. said he felt bad for having to charge me to change the bulbs ! So I guess I will start looking around but no hurry for now.

    Hope you all can listen to the song dee linked on previous posts…Just touched my heart so much.

    dee… checked out the link about fashion week… Seems like all of the clothes are previously released…any thoughts on it ?

    moms… The new seeds are right up your alley ! Flowers are really cute !
    No word from traveler… Think he is headed for Scotland today… Home on Sunday.. I just hope he is having some fun ! He is kind of an intense kid…
    will have to wait until he gets home to hear about his adventure.

    Sheba.. How are you liking your new car ? Unfortunately I am hearing in CLE that those are a hot commodity with thieves right now…

    Miracle… Hope you are doing OK through your treatment… thoughts are with you each day ! ( hearts )

    cmpets… Hearing the weather is cool down there … but sure it will warm up soon !

    April.. Hope your plumbing project going well.. Are they finished ?
    New most popular dog breed… French bulldog… After 31 years they say labs are no longer the most popular.. Have to check out the Cadbury list to see who is in the running this Easter… The only pet I know is a little rabbit who has lost an ear due to abuse… I think it is from OH… Will let you know.

    Heading out to get my haircut ! So happy it always provides a mental boost !
    Hope you all are well and have a good day !
    Good luck finding the sides of WOW !

  4. momskinz (WWID: momsownkinz) said,

    March 16, 2023 @ 9:35 am

    gaga – i hope himself is having some fun on his trip – not too “intense” that he cannot enjoy it :)

    i’m going to try to spin the wheel on as many accounts as possible because i LOVE the seeds! totally my kind of thing!

    congrats on your hair appointment!

    a few of our neighbors have french bulldogs – they’re cute, but do they have all the same breathing stuff as pugs??? my bil has pugs – they’re silly little potatoes

  5. 5 Queen of Sheba (WWID: Royalmajesty) said,

    March 16, 2023 @ 9:57 am

    Good morning!

    Nice to read all the news on here!

    Gaga – Anxious to hear about himself’s trip! And wow! I didn’t realize that I bought a hot commodity. Sigh! And I don’t have a CD player either. Which may help in my situation, otherwise my dh might want to switch vehicles. LOL! He has a CD player in his CRV that he uses all the time.

    I was exposed to Covid at church on Sunday, which I found out at the end of the work day on Monday. Just waiting it out…no symptoms, but one of the people that I was with tested positive today.

    Having a hard time keeping up with my Webbies! I hope they are not feeling too neglected.

    Moms – Do you need the Aztec Coffee Table? I have extra!

    How do you all feel about the Aztec being retired and a Deluxe Theme being put into the Curio Shop? It kinda’ takes away the specialness of being Deluxe, yet on the other hand, I’m happy that others can have the chance.

    My thoughts are that they retired the Aztec theme hoping that people will want to collect Aztec on NEXT to send to Classic.

    As far as hair….I seriously need to get a hair cut.

  6. 6 dee said,

    March 16, 2023 @ 3:32 pm

    i am sure someone else already figured this out
    and by no means did i use scientific methods
    but for me………..the ghost shows up every twenty minutes

  7. 7 Topazz said,

    March 16, 2023 @ 4:39 pm

    So happy with the seeds. I have one already. I hope they are easier to get than the window. I finally got a few last month but I want as many seeds as possible.

    Not happy about the deluxe theme in the curio shop either. It was a lame theme to start with. I wouldn’t mind as much if there were more rares available to deluxe members. I wish it was more than once a day.

  8. momskinz (WWID: momsownkinz) said,

    March 16, 2023 @ 4:54 pm

    i thought it takes away a little from the deluxe benefit too – it would have been cool if it had been a deluxe only rare imo – then we could buy extra pieces if we wanted or even gift them to other people via kinzpost or trading but still give us some sort of advantage for being deluxe . . .

  9. momskinz (WWID: momsownkinz) said,

    March 16, 2023 @ 4:55 pm

    w24u qd27 zkm6 n2yg shamrock plushy

    exp 5/31/23

    from printable coloring sheet

    Community Codes Page

  10. 10 momskinz (WWID: momsownkinz) said,

    March 16, 2023 @ 5:06 pm

    who watches a million little things? i have something i don’t understand . . .

  11. 11 Queen of Sheba (WWID: Royalmajesty) said,

    March 16, 2023 @ 6:50 pm

    Can’t help with the million little things, moms!

    Saw the ghost in the mine and followed him around for over 10 minutes. Others were not able to see him! I don’t get it. I tried to help but they couldn’t see. Meanwhile I was right next to him and following him all around.

  12. 12 Queen of Sheba (WWID: Royalmajesty) said,

    March 16, 2023 @ 6:50 pm

    I rarely find the ghost, Dee!

  13. 13 gagagee said,

    March 16, 2023 @ 7:41 pm

    Things are very glitchy in NEXT right now…. Extra Wheel is saying that you are out of spins… logged out and back in but still doesn’t work.. also don’t think I received three prizes from leprechaun and it said…

    moms… I watch a million little things ! I love the show and am sorry that this is the last season. Do you have a question.. maybe I can help.
    One able to get one packet of seeds despite many attempts. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

    Sheba… Hopefully will remain negative despite being exposed. I think I missed your two invitations in NEXT… I was in the middle of trying to complete the Wacky Challenge… Still need to work on Smoothie Moves !

    Hope you all enjoy the evening.

  14. 14 momskinz (WWID: momsownkinz) said,

    March 16, 2023 @ 9:01 pm

    i finally got 1 pack of seeds

    hopefully we will all get many more

  15. 15 Queen of Sheba (WWID: Royalmajesty) said,

    March 16, 2023 @ 10:00 pm

    Gaga – I haven’t even started Smoothie Moves! I did a few Wacky’s today….six games but only 3 met the point requirement.

    I need to log into Classic yet. Haven’t gotten the seeds yet.

    Anyone following the NCAA tournament? asks the one who doesn’t follow sports! LOL! I actually made my predictions and I love to see how my stats play out against the other family members in our group!

  16. 16 gagagee said,

    March 17, 2023 @ 7:43 am

    First post Internal Server Error !
    Will try again

  17. 17 gagagee said,

    March 17, 2023 @ 8:00 am


    Very soggy rainy day here ! The best day for a parade but I am sure there are many hardy Irish who won’t let the weather dampen their fun !
    Seeds are very tricky to get… the only seeds I was able to get were from the one free account I have which I rarely play on and of coarse you cannot kinzpost from a free account ( Ahhggg) ! Seems like it is nearly impossible to get the new really good prizes… but there is lots of time so we’ll see.

    Sheba..I I do follow the NCAA Tournament but usually wait until Elite Eight before I pick my team… This year I am cheering for Xavier University and Kent State… ( GA brother and two nieces are Alums ) and Kent State as herself graduated from there a couple of years ago. What teams are you pulling for ?
    Hope you are feeling well and not showing any symptoms of getting sick !

    moms.. Happy you were able to win a packet of seeds ! They really are cute and I know how much you like flowers ! Sent a text off to himself this morning to wish him a Happy Saint Patrick’s Day.. I don’t expect a response but so hoping he is having fun in Scotland ! I can’t believe he will be graduating early May… past four years went by in the blink of an eye !

    dee.. Have you decided on your menu for today ? I need to go to the grocery store and hopefully something with inspire me… I may just get a pizza later !
    Saw ghost first thing this morning… trying to finish up the gem challenge.

    Topazz… Hope you get many more seeds too !

    Hey to April cmpets and Miracle… and all I missed !
    Have a good day ! Luck of the Irish in winning the seeds !

  18. 18 dee said,

    March 17, 2023 @ 8:07 am

    i already have the tree


  19. 19 dee said,

    March 17, 2023 @ 8:07 am


  20. 20 Queen of Sheba (WWID: Royalmajesty) said,

    March 17, 2023 @ 10:14 am

    Good morning! Happy St. Patrick’s Day! This is one year that I’m not planning anything special. (Not that I ever do, but I generally put more thought into it).

    Gaga – No particular teams that I’m rooting for now. UVA would be my team and they lost already. 2nd would be Maryland and we will see how they do. But I looked at all the stats and determined my picks by that! So I am the only one in my family that has Alabama winning the whole thing. Houston seems to be favored from what I see on the internet. But there are always surprises. The nice thing about not being too much of a follower is that it doesn’t affect my demeanor if a certain team loses, like some other people that I know in my family. Ha ha!

    I love the wacky tree! I probably have plenty already, though!

    I only got one seed pack from the wheels so far. And Gaga, when I had five free accounts to my five regular and/or Deluxe accounts the cool prizes always seem to show up on the free. Hmmm…….makes you wonder.

  21. 21 momskinz (WWID: momsownkinz) said,

    March 17, 2023 @ 11:32 am

    Happy St. Patty’s Day!

    not sure why they are giving us another one of those Golden Leprechaun Windows, but it’s pretty, so *shrugs*

    rainy blah meh here too

    i love the safe – hope it’s as special in room

  22. 22 momskinz (WWID: momsownkinz) said,

    March 17, 2023 @ 12:07 pm

    my mom is “off” – definitely seeing some decline since she had covid, but also just seeing a cognitive difference this week – ugh . . . this stuff is hard, & i’m definitely feeling what everyone else has talked about with caring for loved ones – it’s nice to know so many of you “get it”, makes these moments feel much less lonely . . .

  23. 23 momskinz (WWID: momsownkinz) said,

    March 17, 2023 @ 2:19 pm

    Remember to visit the Leprechaun in the Kinzville Park today for the Lucky Coin Safe!!!

  24. 24 Queen of Sheba (WWID: Royalmajesty) said,

    March 17, 2023 @ 2:28 pm

    Moms – So sorry to hear about the decline you are seeing with your mom! That is so hard!

  25. 25 dee said,

    March 17, 2023 @ 3:52 pm

    dh is making corned beef and cabbage with yukon taters and carrots
    he has never made it before (nor have i)………..he is doing it totally different than how i would
    i am having a patty melt…………i saw that you get dispensation for today

    and the southern potato salad that i made……….dh had some with his lunch and said it was good………i have not tried yet…………..just weird with pickles in it

  26. 26 dee said,

    March 17, 2023 @ 3:54 pm

    re 23
    i totally forgot about that………..logged in and got my winder….and then had to go back
    oh well
    i did win some seeds and sent them to a dear dear friend

    i am not as seedy as all of you, so i will share what i can

  27. 27 dee said,

    March 17, 2023 @ 3:58 pm

    oh yeah
    two locks – spyglass

    two locks – goblet

  28. 28 dee said,

    March 17, 2023 @ 4:12 pm


  29. 29 momskinz (WWID: momsownkinz) said,

    March 18, 2023 @ 12:08 am

    Wacky Weekend Event Friday, March 17 – Sunday, March 19 – look for floating Wacky Gummies, click on them to collect them. Each time you feed your pet Wacky Gummies, there’s a chance you’ll win some Wacky Cupcake Tree Seeds.

    March’s Deluxe Day Saturday, March 18th – visit the Today’s Activities on the Webkinz Classic desktop app to get the March prize: Ice Floe Flooring

    Chocolate Penguin Candy Tree in the Kinzville Park Saturday, March 18 & Sunday, March 19 – click on it to collect Dark Chocolate Penguins

  30. 30 gagagee said,

    March 18, 2023 @ 6:03 am

    Good Morning All !
    Back to winter weather here today ! Expected some snow tonight and into Sunday morning !

    moms… It is so difficult to see our loved ones decline.. know that you have all of our love and support to help you through the rough times. I know how close you are and how much you do for your mom and a daily basis..

    dee… Nice that your dh can help out with the cooking ! Gives you an opportunity to step back and enjoy a meal that you didn’t slave over the kitchen stove for… although probably not as good as yours !
    I ended up picking up a pizza ! Was really good and dispensation was a good gesture so those who wanted could do so and not feel guilty.
    I am sure your dear friend loves the seeds and is very thoughtful of you !

    Sheba… I think Maryland won yesterday ! Xavier won and Kent State did not beat the Hoosiers… My nephew is CT reminded me to cheer for Gonzaga as that was his first choice when he was looking at schools… My sister said too far ! but his heart is still with them !

    April… Hopefully your plumbing project is finished !
    Hearing that Baker was traded to Tampa Bay ! He will have to “try out ” for starting position so will keep an eye on him..
    Hope you and Stella are doing well !

    Hey to all .. Hope you all are well and have a good day !
    No ghost yet today but did finish the Smoothie Moves portion of the challenge !

  31. 31 gagagee said,

    March 18, 2023 @ 7:43 am

    dee.. thanks for the heads up on the ghost ! Got one !

  32. 32 Miracle (pet4mom/ghost rainforest 1) said,

    March 18, 2023 @ 9:01 am

    Good morning! Happy Saturday!

    Sorry I’ve been AWOL … super busy time for me. They couldn’t have scheduled radiation at a worse time, but it’s my journey, so I’m walking the path. :) Only 2 left, so almost finished. I’ve wondered, too, Topaz, if I’m oversharing, but I was grateful to read your previous comment and remember I’m not the only one out there. It does really help to network with others. I’ve taken my doctor’s instructions more seriously since you mentioned having a bad reaction. So far, doing okay … like a light sunburn … in a strange place … where you don’t usually get a sunburn. LOL. So, it’s definitely a new experience.

    My biggest work deadline for the year is Monday, and I just finished publications for school competition yesterday, and I committed myself to help at the public library book sale today, so the weekend is shot. But fun stuff. I’m just praying that my energy holds out, because there will be late nights every night until that project gets finished. Then I’m taking some time off.

    So the shamrock plushie is adorably cute! Thank you so much for posting that code, Momz, because I’d already missed it. So cool that your nephew got to be in Scotland around St. Patrick’s Day, gaga. I wonder if they celebrate it the same way we do.

    Thank you all for your many kind comments, thoughts, and prayers. I’m always amazed at the support I get from this group. My online friends that I’ve never met. Kinda strange, but it works! :)

    Have a great weekend!

  33. 33 dee said,

    March 18, 2023 @ 9:27 am

    we are off to a pancake breakfast and then flea marketing
    see ya later alligators

  34. 34 cmpets said,

    March 18, 2023 @ 12:36 pm

    moms- Sorry your Mom is showing signs of decline. I think most of us here have dealt with or are dealing with that. Not an easy process, but glad we have a community of support as I am sure you also have in “real life”.

    Boy, you were not kidding when you said they celebrate St. Patrick’s Day big here. The parade was over 4 hours long. Read it’s the second largest behind NY. It was beautiful weather wise, in between a super cold day Thursday and rainy here this morning, so luck was on their side. We had a great time walking around and taking it all in. I think we walked over 7 miles. Tons of people down by the river, which was fun to see.

    miracle-Thanks for the update and continued prayers for you.

    We are heading out to walk around the Bonaventure Cemetery today now that it has stopped raining.

    Hello to everyone else and hope you all are enjoying the day. Will check in later,

  35. 35 april1013 (wwid: zeker1013) said,

    March 18, 2023 @ 3:18 pm

    Hello all! Happy Saturday.

    gaga—Sorry I’ve been out of the loop. Long week. The shower is almost done. It’s all put back together, we are just waiting on the plumber to come back (hopefully Monday) and put the plate and handle on. Oh, I will have to go check out the Cadbury animals. I think a one eared bunny would be perfect. Hope himself is loving the trip. I bet you can’t wait to talk to him. I’ve been trying to keep up on everything this week. I’ve fallen asleep at night doing the daily stuff on Next and hit myself in the face with my phone. LOL One of my nieces turned 18 on St. Patrick’s Day. I cannot believe it, where does the time go? Had a fun chat with her. I saw that about Baker too. Crazy trades going on with NFL. I hope Baker does well with TB. Stella is good. She was napping on the couch earlier with her head on the throw pillow. LOL

    moms—I’m so sorry to hear about your mom declining. It’s most definitely hard and you feel a little lost sometimes not knowing what or the right thing to do. Like cmpets said, it’s not an easy process, but having friends/family support makes all difference. <3

    sheba—I hear ya. Trying to keep up this week with webbies was a challenge. It's a lot when there are two events at the same time in classic and next. I agree about them retiring Aztec. I think they are trying to get more people to next. Hope you will remain negative and not get sick.

    dee—My dh made corned beef too. We are having it tomorrow as it needs to brine another day. Congrats on the two locks! Hmmmm…pancakes.

    topazz—They were definitely stingy with the windows last month. Hope the eggs are easier.

    miracle—Thanks for the update! Happy to hear it's going okay and you are feeling pretty good. Glad to hear you will get to take some down time after Monday and your big project is finished. Will keep the prayers and good thoughts your way and hope the energy levels stay up for you.

    cmpets—Hope you continue to have fun on your adventure!

    It's taken me all day to write this post. If I don't send now I'll never get it sent. There are probably lots of typos as usual. :) Hi to all I missed and hope all have a good day!

  36. 36 dee said,

    March 18, 2023 @ 4:37 pm

    hey peeps

    spring is monday!!!!

    teens tonite and tomorrow nite tho

    bfast was good enough……..then we went to a flea market we do not normally go to a couple towns over……..i saw the most absolutely hideous cement rooster planter…………so i bought it for three bucks!
    it is so ugly that i love it!
    reminds of a joke a friend tells…………but gosh it is rear end ugly
    debating on whether to put hens and chicks in it or something very pretty. thinking pretty…………decent size too…………but gosh……poor thing
    it is pitiful

  37. 37 momskinz (WWID: momsownkinz) said,

    March 18, 2023 @ 6:23 pm

    cmpets – its a HUGE celebration (notorious drunk fest LOL)

    miracle – so glad to hear from you & that you are tolerating the radiation well, i don’t think it is over sharing – this is a whole “support group” for all things RL & Webkinz too :)

    hey dee & gaga – i slept late & then stayed in bed & cuddled kitties for a while this morning – that felt good

    i forgot to submit my comment this morning!

  38. 38 momskinz (WWID: momsownkinz) said,

    March 18, 2023 @ 6:25 pm

    dee – you got your own beyonce?! pics please!!!!

  39. 39 momskinz (WWID: momsownkinz) said,

    March 18, 2023 @ 6:26 pm

    i’m so tickled with that :lol:

    april – great to hear from you!!!

    i thought the baker trade stuff was interesting too – lots of movement this year – surprised how many changes the chiefs made

  40. 40 dee said,

    March 18, 2023 @ 7:02 pm

    if you were being very very very kind
    you would call it an early rustic primitive
    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    and just thinkin i need to send you a pic to post

  41. 41 momskinz (WWID: momsownkinz) said,

    March 18, 2023 @ 11:24 pm

    hi hi hi

    had a birthday dinner party to attend tonight – it was nicely done, pretty snazzy but also just well done . . .

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