Acorn Collection ’23

Complete this year’s Acorn Collection by September 30, to win the grand prize:Β  Friendly Froggy Fireplace that was designed to match the rest of the items included in the Friendly Froggy room theme!

The Acorn Collection Prizes this year are the Friendly Froggy Shelf (10), Coffee Table (20), Pantry (30), Stove (40), & Fireplace (50). Click here to view all of the Friendly Froggy Theme items on the Webkinz Picture Guide.


  1. 1 dee said,

    September 4, 2023 @ 11:09 am

    did an early kroger run
    no one was there
    it was wonderful
    got behind some goober going 15 under the speed limit. I really wanted to pass them, but they kept driving into the other lane!

  2. momskinz (WWID: momsownkinz) said,

    September 4, 2023 @ 12:26 pm

    dee – who are these people who keep driving so dangerously around you???

    glad you got the early kroger run in today – i love when i feel like i have the store to myself

    gaga – enjoy the cookout today – dh still has a bit of a lingering cough, but he is finally feeling better thank goodness, but we didn’t make any plans to give him time to recover & to make sure we are germ free. i haven’t gotten symptoms, so i assume i am okay to be around my mom again – i’ve just been wearing a mask & dropping off stuff from a distance

  3. 3 dee said,

    September 4, 2023 @ 3:19 pm

    dh is home

  4. 4 dee said,

    September 4, 2023 @ 4:55 pm

    cough cough cough cough

    wife of the year award goes to…….

  5. 5 dee said,

    September 4, 2023 @ 4:57 pm

    made the paula deen meatloaf (with my modifications)
    home made mashed potatoes (not that hard)
    and green beans

    i wanted to bake something, but could not decide on what
    for the stellar award, i could have baked bread, had a dessert and been wearing a negligee (sp?)

  6. 6 gagagee said,

    September 5, 2023 @ 7:18 am

    Good Morning !

    Farmers Day !
    A couple of newer items available in Sheldons’s Shack if anyone wants to check it out
    NEW NEXT WEEK for those of you who are interested…

    moms.. Happy your dh is feeling better ! Hopefully you won’t get it !
    Cookout was really nice and the burger was delicious ! She is focused on upcoming extensive back surgery and and getting organized so she can return home and not recover elsewhere.

    dee.. Happy your dh is home safely ! I am sure he appreciated all you had planned upon his return.
    Had trouble playing Cake Off yesterday… wasn’t registering the ingredients that I was collecting… So I gave up ! Hope you win the trophy ! Seems like you are well on your way.

    Out to lunch today !
    Busy day planned and looking forward to a couple new shows tonight.

    Hey to all ! enjoy your day !

  7. momskinz (WWID: momsownkinz) said,

    September 5, 2023 @ 9:17 am

    dee – wow! you really made up for dodging that phone call πŸ˜†

    definitely wife of the year!

  8. momskinz (WWID: momsownkinz) said,

    September 5, 2023 @ 9:18 am

    today is TUESDAY – going to see the farmer

  9. 9 dee said,

    September 5, 2023 @ 10:05 am

    was just gonna say it is tuesday

  10. 10 momskinz (WWID: momsownkinz) said,

    September 5, 2023 @ 5:45 pm

    dee – i knew we probably both needed the reminder πŸ˜†

  11. 11 momskinz (WWID: momsownkinz) said,

    September 5, 2023 @ 9:32 pm

    i think i must have gotten on dee’s account & sent myself a sweet note in kinzpost in my sleep . . . sleepkinzing???

  12. 12 gagagee said,

    September 6, 2023 @ 6:52 am

    Good Morning !

    Pretty quiet few days around here !

    dee.. I am giving up on the Cake Off challenge… I will continue to join in when I can but have decided not to get myself crazed about it… I will be pulling for you to win the trophy !! I am sure you are glad to have dh home safely.
    No competition vegetable yet for the Season Challenge… maybe tomorrow.

    moms… Hopefully your dh is better and you have remained healthy ! Seems like Covid cases are on the rise again around here. I hate the thought of masking up again but I will when going into stores and wherever… Will be having lunch with the girls in the cafeteria today and am anxious to hear if hospital is making any changes in their policy. One of my good friends in the department turned in her notice that she is leaving…last day is coming up. ( Nurse manager also turned her notice in as well ) many changes .

    Hey to all !
    Deluxe Wednesday has new fall clothing bags if anyone is interested !
    Enjoy your day !

  13. 13 gagagee said,

    September 6, 2023 @ 7:08 am

    ll… THANK YOU and whoever else is keeping the Webkinz Picture Guide updated !
    It was nice to see what is available in the Fall Clothing Bags ! Love the Bow !

  14. 14 dee said,

    September 6, 2023 @ 7:39 am

    today is wednesday

  15. 15 dee said,

    September 6, 2023 @ 9:58 am

  16. 16 momskinz (WWID: momsownkinz) said,

    September 6, 2023 @ 10:27 am

    good morning!

    gaga – sounds like lots of changes at the hospital! we have an increased number of flu & covid cases locally from what i am hearing – dh is much better, the occasional cough is lingering, but he has improved enough to go back to work

    i am fine thankfully!

    i went & spent some time with my mom yesterday since it has been a week of me just dropping off stuff wearing a mask & waving – brought her some things, did some chores for her, she seems much better since i adjusted the meds back – thank goodness!

  17. 17 dee said,

    September 6, 2023 @ 1:05 pm

    deluxe appreciation day 13 sep at estore
    bunny hat

  18. 18 gagagee said,

    September 6, 2023 @ 2:28 pm

    Just getting home… Seems like NEXT has been down for maintenance since this morning ! We missed the Wheel for the challenge .
    moms.. Happy you were able to visit your mom in person and spend some some with her.. Waving just doesn’t seem to work for the elderly..

  19. 19 dee said,

    September 6, 2023 @ 4:42 pm

    the pinball is fun!
    did not win anything other than kc, but still fun
    thankfully dh left so i got to use desktop
    i kept hitting my wrists on laptop and opening things while playing!

    got a mixer and a coat today…………and not trying for the trophy
    do not need it, can not sell it………..i just like seeing my name up there!

    dh is making deer burgers tomorrow……….not sure what i am doing. either chicken fajitas from our fave mex or make oven baked chicken tenders. they turned out really good last time i made them. hoping to fish on friday

  20. 20 momskinz (WWID: momsownkinz) said,

    September 6, 2023 @ 4:49 pm

    i made that goulash stuff today for dinner, but i put the macaroni in too early, so i’m afraid it’s going to be mushy

  21. 21 dee said,

    September 6, 2023 @ 5:13 pm

    what goulash stuff?
    i made the fancy hungarian one once……….once
    neither of us was impressed………..even with sour cream!

    but now i can not get them chicken tenders off my brain!!!!’mmm mmm

    i only did one lady part at the time…………would have been good on a salad!

  22. 22 Cassie (WWID: SillyGoose9) said,

    September 6, 2023 @ 7:14 pm

    Hey, guys! Sorry I’m never on anymore. I work night shift, 11 pm to 7 am most days, and I just started school again so I’ve been busy. I hope you’re all doing well.

    gaga – Someone posted like an hour ago that Next is back up. πŸ™‚

  23. 23 momskinz (WWID: momsownkinz) said,

    September 6, 2023 @ 9:49 pm

    it was a little mushy but oh well – it tasted pretty good anyway

  24. 24 momskinz (WWID: momsownkinz) said,

    September 6, 2023 @ 9:49 pm

    i was on next tonight – they added the voice thing

  25. 25 momskinz (WWID: momsownkinz) said,

    September 6, 2023 @ 9:49 pm

    i didn’t try it, i just noticed it when i went on to do my treasure chest

  26. 26 Otterkinz (WWID luna101217, FloppyBunny40110, BigTop71) said,

    September 7, 2023 @ 1:38 am

    Hi Gymbo’s friends!

    Thanks everyone for all the nice comments on the previous post! Though I will say I am a bit mortified to read back my post and see so many errors in my typing (I am sure none of you care, lol). I have to say, I think this is the first time I’ve ever really shared that beginning part of my life with anyone outside of doctors and family members who obviously knew one way or another… None of the friends I had as a young kid growing up knew there was ever anything wrong with me medically and I’ve just never really talked about it. The trauma of those years always manifests when I have to go to the doctor, but it is especially prevalent now since the space I am in presently mirrors the space I was in back then in a lot of ways. And unfortunately, I just have not had luck with doctors being compassionate, willing to listen, or taking my questions or concerns seriously–when I am in fact the one that has to endure these examinations and tests, all the side effects, etc. and I know my own body the best. It’s so incredibly frustrating, especially knowing my experience is not all that unique and there are so many people out in the world suffering from horrible chronic pain and illnesses that just aren’t being met with compassion or the patient’s experience in mind.

    Miracle – I hope your doctor’s appointment went okay or if it is still upcoming that it goes okay!! <3

    dee, gaga, Miracle, moms – Just… thank you <3

    moms – I am glad you are doing okay despite your dh being sick! Hope he's back to full health soon!

    Okay, all….. I think that's enough from me for now.



  27. 27 dee said,

    September 7, 2023 @ 5:42 am

  28. 28 Miracle (pet4mom/ghost rainforest 1) said,

    September 7, 2023 @ 7:33 am

    Happy Thursday!

    Otter <3 Hang in there. One day when dh ended up in the hospital with kidney stones, they asked who our primary care doctor was, we told them we just used urgent care. They told us we were too old for urgent care … LOL! So I had to do some doctor shopping. Although it took a couple of tries, I finally found one who would listen. It has made a world of difference. Don't give up. They are out there.

    I have a separate calendar that is just doctor's and physical therapy appointments. It is depressing when I look through it, but then encouraging in a weird way as I look at all the ones that I got through. πŸ™‚ Glass half full. This next year I want to focus more on some exercise, less sugar, and see if I can find out what I'm allergic to. Someone told me that sugar affects you quite a bit when going through health issues and reactions to medicine. So I'm going to find out!

    Carpal tunnel doctor this afternoon. Taking him MRI scans from my neck. We'll see what he says!

    Sorry for all the doctor talk! I am still doing my Webkinz every morning. Both of them! I had a treasure chest puzzle the other day I thought was impossible (two cannons, three locks), but at the last minute it worked. I think I got the crow's nest seat for that one. It's much worse when I solve a difficult one and get 100 kc. LOL

    On a completely different note … I'm thinking about letting my hair go gray. I have a decent mix of dark/gray at this point, and the last few times I've highlighted my hair, it gets lighter, and I think it makes me look older. Seems like going gray is a little more popular than it used to be. What do you all think?

    Off to teach kids. πŸ™‚ Such a good group this year! Have a great day!

  29. 29 gagagee said,

    September 7, 2023 @ 8:18 am

    Good Morning All !

    Otterkinz.. Sounds like you have had some very challenging issues in your glad you are able to come here for support and encouragement ! There are some f compassionate doctors out there who are willing to sit down and listen to what is happening with your health.. I am lucky to have found one but unfortunately if the need arises that require admission the trend is admissions are managed by a hospitalist… who doesn’t know you and relies on computer to get information ! I would much prefer my doctor who I have built trust in and we could work together on treatment plan… SO many changes in health care and not always the best options.

    Miracle..Good luck with your appointment today..You too have had significant health problems and are working through them and staying strong !! You go girl !
    I have debated about trying to grow gray gracefully ! ( LOL ) say that three times
    Some women have beautiful gray/silver/white hair with a great texture…and wonder what my hair would look like.. for now still thinking !
    I agree with you about the treasure chest… the very challenging ones that I am able to solve and get kc… so frustrating !

    dee.. Have tried the new Pinball game and liked it ! No prizes yet but continue to play and see what happens…
    Still need the Competition veggie for the challenge.. doesn’t seem like my garden is growing ! I wouldn’t be able to eat a venison burger either !

    moms…I had nice visit with the girls from work yesterday ! Caught up on all the news… They all seem to be struggling a bit with recent changes and dreading the upcoming new computer program ! Taking my friend to get her toes done tomorrow and she is so excited and thinking about having them designed in a Halloween theme…Flip flop weather will so be over so we’ll see if she wants to continue ..

    Cassie.. Night shift can be difficult trying to adjust and feel like you are getting enough sleep ! I worked nights for seven years when I started in Nursing and very much like the camaraderie I felt with less staff and not having administrators breathing down our necks !

    April… How are you and Stella doing ? Is your knee feeling better ? Are you planning on watching Lions/Chiefs game tonight ? Hope all is well !
    Received test from Castro’s mom.. she said all is well but our paths haven’t crossed on walk schedule !

    Farmers Day !

    Sheba… Hope you are doing well… I know you previously mentioned ? upcoming vacation. Have fun !

  30. 30 momskinz (WWID: momsownkinz) said,

    September 7, 2023 @ 12:24 pm

    hi everyone!

    otterkinz – so glad you can share here & hopefully find some comfort and support from us too!

    miracle – you are a miracle & love your “half full” outlook – look at what you’ve done & what you are overcoming! you go girl!!!

    my grandmother’s oncologist said cancer feeds on sugar & at the end when my grandmother’s cancer was spreading out of control, she craved sugar & all she wanted was candy, etc. at that point, it was whatever made her happy, but it did give a lot of merit to what the oncologist had told us years before . . . i know i eat too much sugar and need to watch that – i don’t know how dee resists all of her own good baking!

    i have kept my hair natural color – i have some white patches & many more to come, and i am okay with it but i think it’s easier for me because i have never colored it . . . everyone i know says once you start, it is hard to stop . . . i don’t want the maintenance

    gaga – so cute that your friend is thinking a halloween theme – maybe she should do a football theme now & save that for october?! whatever makes her happy! πŸ™‚ i’m planning on watching that game tonight – hoping to see jahmyr gibbs do great things for the lions, but i love a kelce too, so i’m not april’s favorite fan πŸ™‚

  31. 31 gagagee said,

    September 7, 2023 @ 4:39 pm

    moms… I wished I never started coloring my hair ! You are exactly right.. Once you start hard to give up… I feel like it should be time…don’t really go anywhere anymore and it is a pretty big expense…needs to be done every other month ! I am trying to age gracefully but so difficult… The other day I was unloading some groceries and my next door neighbor’s sister saw me and asked if she could help
    It was very nice of her however… made me feel like a little old lady !! ( LOL ) I did however reluctantly ask her to open a jar of fudge sauce which despite all my efforts the night before… could not get it opened !
    I eat too many things with sugar as well but have been making an effort to cut down but not out !

    I suggested to my friend to get Browns themed toes but she is still making up her mind… It changes daily !

  32. 32 dee said,

    September 7, 2023 @ 4:41 pm

    hey kids
    did my kroger run………..dh has his car taken apart in garage…
    not sure about fishing……… is more important
    i have only heard one bad word and he has been out there all day. so…..

    feels fally here today…… humidity……….
    supposedly farmers almanac says very cold and snow for us this winter
    woo hoo!
    have a couple of big projects i would like done before it gets crazy cold. but nothing too awful

    we get the hallmark channel free this month and they are showing psych!

    dd and i loved watching that show

  33. 33 Topazz said,

    September 7, 2023 @ 9:59 pm

    Sending good thoughts to everyone.

    I want to stop coloring my hair, then the white starts to bother me. I only do the roots because most of the white is down the middle. I will give it another year. My hair is really long so it will look terrible when I stop coloring it.

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